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  1. Valentine’s Hyerpbag Hunt!

    Number 19 IOTF [163,94] 2 tiger lilly, 3 red rose, 2 blue star flower, 2 blue lupine, 1 sunflower and 2 mums I am LovelyKillerBee
  2. EL research, if you want to participate, post here

    Yes, I'm in. In game and on forums, I am: LovelyKillerBee In game and in real life, I am: female Though, I'm not all that interesting....
  3. Post your video card info here

    Video card: Intel 915G Vendor ID: Intel OpenGL Version: 1.4.0 - Build problems Driver File Version:
  4. Poison antidote book

    I will buy now for 50k
  5. Sound FX bug reports

    Hi I didn't see that anyone posted this specifically but in Palon Vertas, the bridge to the west and south of storage at 166,123 has water sounds instead of stone sounds on most squares. (166,123 to 125) and (166,120 to 130) are all water sounds and the remaining few are stone sounds. I also have the water sounds on the dock at PV storage. I found another: In the Dra Syn area of the Trassian map at 39,122 there are water sounds while walking over an icy cliff like area with a small water area down below it. LKB
  6. Birthday contest

    My guess is 172 Happy Birthday drkhwk! ~LKB
  7. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    I voted yes but only because my husband and I both play and I'm half afraid to be in the same map as him for fear we get hit up for multiplaying. We have been questioned by mods about this already. I do have an alt but have no need to interact with her (though it would be nice to be able to give her some of my cheap armor I no longer use). My husband also has an alt but has no need to interact between them either. Besides this reason, my answer would be no.
  8. The Release Candidate is here!

    Ok, I went and re-installed everything because I trusted my husband to do it for me (he's supposedly more tech savvy than I am) and he did it wrong. It's all working fine now. Sorry for taking up your time.
  9. Want to test the engineering and the new harvesting?

    No, it's because I trusted my husband to install it for me. Never again... I redid everything and it is good. Sorry.
  10. Want to test the engineering and the new harvesting?

    I'm getting a couple of odd things that I wasn't getting earlier on the test server - the newer potions (extracts) are not showing up in my storage properly and the ashes are doing the same thing.
  11. The Release Candidate is here!

    No, I don't see them when somebody else casts it.
  12. The Release Candidate is here!

    No worries. I just figured that maybe since others can see them but I can't, there might be a fix for it. Somebody in-game suggested it may my graphics card. Not sure, but thanks anyhow.
  13. The Release Candidate is here!

    It was already on. I turned off and back on and still nothing.
  14. The Release Candidate is here!

    I seem to be having a problem with some of the spell effects. I cannot see effects for heal, restore, shield, and magic protection (I also don't see anything for life drain, but I don't know if there is one) - but I can see the effects for remote heal, harm, poison. I've checked my settings and did them around other people and they saw the effect from my spells. I don't know about anything higher than life drain because that's as high as I can go. Thanks
  15. Today's Invasion

    W00t! Two in one day! Awesome. I got to play almost to the very end of this one. Thanks! those chimmies were a bit rough on me though... Ouch.