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  1. Kill the post above

    Band: Kingston Trio Song: Merry Minuet
  2. Three word story

    Maybe it's me?
  3. Questions about starting a bot

    Since for the most part you aren't really desperate to return a particular piece of information, I would make the code fairly task specific, rather than general. In other words, instead of marking that you are looking for a message, mark that you are looking to complete a particular task. In a simplistic pseudocode I'm thinking of something like While ('exit) { Message = ReadFromSocket(Message,nonBlocking,bytesRcvd) If bytesRcvd>0 { MessageStruct=ConstructStruct(Message) I (MessageStruct.Type="RAW_TEXT")&contains(MessageStruct.Text,"my health") { addToArray(getHealthPlayers,MessageStruct.Speaker) sendMessage(SEND_ME_MY_ACTORS) } I (MessageStruct.Type="ADD_NEW_ENHANCED_ACTOR")&(arrayHas(getHealthPlayers,MessageStruct.NewActorID)) { Actor=getActorDef(MessageStruct) sendMessage(RAW_TEXT,"/"_Actor.Name_" your health is "_Actor.Health) removeFromArray(getHealthPlayers,Actor.Name) } } } Edit: Closed my code tag.
  4. Drops

    Excellent suggestion, IMO.
  5. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    My guess is that it's a question of resources. Entropy classed it as a bug, which means that it was having some kind of detrimental affect most likely. I would imagine that every item is kept track of individually, and that having large amounts of vials just sitting around was starting to waste resources that didn't need to be wasted. This is particularly true since the number of vials would always increase rather than flatten out, or decrease. Objects were entering the game which were *never* leaving.
  6. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Why do you think the newbee will sell the vials if he can make mana/healt potions himself (no requirements, remember). I would just buy the first batch and then keep on making these potions for myself... since there is no vial loss. You're thinking like an experienced player, not a newbie. Why would a newbie want to sit around making potions? Most newbies aren't going to look through the encyclopedia and realize they can make the potions themselves. Even if they realize the *can*, that doesn't mean they'll want to spend the time and effort making them. Edit: Fixed grammar
  7. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I do. As a newbie, one of your best sources of healing can be through these potions. This gives the newbie who uses these potions a chance to sell something back to the potioner whos making FPs for the manufacturer. It sounds like a winner to me. Edit to add: Also, cooldown should have a big effect on whether people move to mana potions vs. Srs. If this is a problem, I'm sure Ent can adjust the cooldown to make SR seem more attractive.
  8. I voted Yes. I think that accidental misclick should be one of the perils of a frey. "Friendly fire" should always be a danger when fighting, IMO.
  9. Branch of Destruction

    Because Ent thought it was a good idea at the time. Maybe he wanted to add some variety. Maybe he thought it would give lower level PKers a better chance against higher level PKers. Only he can answer what its purpose is/was.
  10. Branch of Destruction

    Now don't start that again! Particularly when you only partially mean it.
  11. Branch of Destruction

    And what if they like to destroy items? If they have an option in branch to do so, why wouldn't they use it I wonder... The branch must be here for a purpose, why else would it be here... And why is bagjumping designed into the game, and why is scamming designed into the game... This is the same line of argument that we had in the honorable PK thread. Just because the *game* allows you to accomplish something doesn't mean its not dishonorable and possibly outlaw. I find it ironic that Lorck and I seem to be on the same side of the argument this time. And again to rehash the same idea from that thread, the outlaw forum is also designed to post no-good doers in, which could include branch users, so why wouldn't someone use it to report them.
  12. solo11

    For quick references sake, he came up here as a potential bag-jumper and second incarnation of solo12. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=25301
  13. Assasin

    About 160gc for diss+ring ? Doesn't get you much iron, now does it?
  14. Assasin

    Would you provide protection service in NC at an hourly rate + expenses?