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  1. A place to cook raw meat....

    if you really want cooked meat you can buy it :roll:
  2. new hedge maze

    yeah would be cool if they could change it once every so often but as learner said a lot of work, after going through it a couple of times it's not a maze its just time consuming :oops:
  3. Better Graphics...

    Good graphics el has thats one of the things i like about the game
  4. people don't like my name

    not that i want to question a mod but i thought if you paid ent 5 USD he would change your name and you keep your stats? or isnt this the case anymore.
  5. when situation is bad, nothin beats Beatles

    lol great song how long did it take you to get the words most likely be moved to offtopic conversation :roll:
  6. Olny psot if you can raed tihs

    is that sig really necessary :?: :?:
  7. I Died what out a reason ?

    #suicide should kill you, you type #suicide you go to hell it doesnt wipe your account, #kill me yes wipes your account but im not sure if that command is working.
  8. WIpe of guilds?

    i believe it's already been sorted and that guilds will stay, suppose they could wipe some of the inactive guilds :wink:
  9. The Knights (RECRUITING)

    yes old topic, i was in the knightz till it fell apart.
  10. ~*How Funny Is This*~

    good set of teeth on him
  11. im from england i didnt see the pictures but i heard about it and i think it's just sick, what does it accomplish? (rethorical question)
  12. The Knights of Sorcery are OFFICIAL

    gratz on getting your guild up
  13. Can't get through cave at start?

    i've checked and everything seems fine
  14. stupid gob's

    if your defence is 21 they won't attack.