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  1. Any ideas for new bot functions?

    hi, i have this bot that does..er...nothing. well, he does a BIT: name ideas too o_0 PMs people(with PM <user> <msg> command) o_0 Tells statistics(# of logins, time online, etc.) o_0 sits/stands on command o_0 Moves o_0 Talks in channels,local,GM,PM,ig o_0 Posts his ad(defined in ad.txt) lists Admins Tells you about him, and the guild gives random facts(on request, PM) tells a joke every once in a while or by command key: = anyone = idea posted here o_0 = Admins so i have that, but its kinda BORING. any ideas for st00f he could do? also, please no donation/trade/etc. ideas, as i dont want to pay for him. {Note: this is MY thread, not jaxbot's, its MY BOT, not Jaxbots. PM my bot(netwizzie) INFO..youll see..} {Note: hes on test server alot, his names netWizzie, and hes at beam} THANKS!!
  2. Any help with a store bot?

    Hi! after my success with netWizzie(hes on alot on the testserver, PM him ) i wanted to make a storebot. Edit: does anyone know of an editable store-bot that WORKS? oh, and fixed some spelling errors. but ive found a few problems first of all, how do you tell what quantity of item opponent put on the trade? other then that, hes pretty good Thanks for your help, Netdude2(on testserver, NeTdudE on mainserver) What ive got so far: *trade with user(almost..) *come up with the right price needed for item *list items
  3. Any ideas for new bot functions?

    cmoon people Hes still kinda lacking features, though i still havent implemented insult browser or GameShow. i dont know how i'd do gameshow, though, id have to use a seprate thread(impossible in PHP).
  4. RAoK Is Recruiting!

    Hi! sorry ive been gone from EL so long..go to our site.. >>CLICK HERE<< ..register, go to forums(button appears when you register), and see post in ANNOUNCEMENTS forum. Thanks.
  5. Are you a programmer?

    freeone provided a hosting/design service as long as he was in our guild. "if you were an elite programmer you wouldnt play EL for more then 5 minutes". have you seen me on EL in the past 2 weeks? and if you're that elite of a programmer, why are you still here? Why is everyone angry at me because i started a guild for programmers?? i like programming, and i like EL(not anymore, thanks to you guys, though i still do develop bots), so i combine the two and make a guild for programmers. am i so evil?
  6. Selling ISOF

    <HTML <2CENTS> The most you can get for them now is 20K, if youre extremely lucky. </2CENTS></HTML> oh, if i may ask, where the jamesladd did you get a ISOF? theyre outdated
  7. I do jobs!

    1) i think this is against game rules ? 2) not suspicious at all 3) Eh..16har? im not paying someone to harvest 2 red roses an hour for me
  8. Any help with a store bot?

    Heres my BUY code sofar: f function buy($sender, $object) { $items = Array("Raw Meat", "Brown rabbit fur"); $prices = Array(5,8); $this->sendPrivateMessage($sender, "Great!"); $this->send($SERVER_COMMANDS["TRADE_WITH"], $sender); $this->sendPrivateMessage($sender, "Trade me and ill sell it to you!"); // canculate $ammount if($object == $items[0]) { $ammount = $prices[0]; } if($object == $items[1]) { $ammount = $prices[1]; } if($ammount == 0) { //if ammount has not been set(e.g. item not exist). $this->sendPrivateMessage($sender, "Sorry, i dont sell that!"); $this->send($SERVER_COMMANDS["EXIT_TRADE"], ""); } $this->sendPrivateMessage($sender, "That will cost you " . $ammount . " gc!"); $this->send($SERVER_COMMANDS["PUT_ITEM_ON_TRADE"], $object); //Once other person puts item on trade; accept, wait 30, accept again }
  9. One ban after another, plus a WiFi network macroed?

    I see. its a block file. just not onmy computer. on YOURS(The server). Darn . LOLOLOLOLOLOL.
  10. One ban after another, plus a WiFi network macroed?

    Hmm? no block file? i think not. Heres why: When i log in as netdude, nothing happenes. no server message, nothing. when i log in as netdud(took off the e), i get a YOU_DONT_EXIST. Therefore i can almost proove a block file exists. now i just have to search my computer. C:/WINDOWS/? Really hidden folders? but its a multi-platofrm game. therefore, it is most likely in a place all platforms have. <install dir>? prehaps dedguised as a ELM? where to search..where to search..
  11. Bot questions...

    1) 7 bots? O.o, but if they dont trade, no. if they DO trade: $100 for 506 or 504 p/c, and permission for it. YOU CANNOT USE THIS BOT TO FIGHT AFTER YOU PAY FOR THIS. just a note OR $20 for no bonus, but you can use it. 2) it has to be bug free, and not spam peoples screens with 'Kalis Was eaten my a grue(Lagged Out)!' 3) whats with your siggie? thats still W.I.P, we decided not to use it.
  12. Any ideas for new bot functions?

    Thanks. ill think of implementing something like this.. GRR!!!! i TOLD you to keep our site closed until its done!! it gives people a bad impression of our guild!!!!!!!!
  13. Options

    w00t! FINALLY someone gets it... just choose an empty PK map.. say.. *CO* hideout...people like atmos/citizen/options/asgn dont go there because its ===EMPTY===.
  14. I bagjumped....bad me

    **Added you to StoreBot blacklist **ig ignored **redtagged hmm..what else... BAD
  15. jamesladd

    look. we all hate jamesladd. lets just get a mod in here. MOD: <walks up to jamesladd> #god #bc jamesladd is liar/scammer/bagjumper!! #mute jamesladd /jamesladd MWUAHAHAHAH! /jamesladd i win. #ban jamesladd <sniggers and walks away> also, im not sure if #mod is mod PM but i got a 'youre not allowed to do that!' so i just used normal pm
  16. Netdude is Annoy and lied callin people scammer

    Nice one! i wouldnta fell for the 'ol localhost trick. and whats wrong with: 1) i make a bot 2) it logs in(SW33T!) 3) dude expects it to be a SuperAnt + adarah + lots 4) i get angry ?
  17. Trying to make a Bot

    hi, i mmaking a bot. he basically sits there and (later) i'll improove him to take basic commands and play a raffle. i got him to connect to eternal-lands.network-studio.com on port 2001... unfortinately, i cant get him to login. any help? this is the packet im sending: printf($conect,"140NetWizard\0passworddd\0"); i AM, however, getting YOU_DONT_EXIST, bu that might jsut be a random case thingy that happens if teh CASE variable($cmd) doesnth ave a value. if ANYONE has any ideas(especially admins/devs)..PLEASE post!!! <?php define($host,"eternal-lands.network-studio.com"); define($port,2000); define($username,"NetWizard"); define($password,"passorddd"); define($forever,1); define($cmd, ""); echo("Connecting to server\n"); $conect = fsockopen("eternal-lands.network-studio.com", 2001, $errno, $errstr, 120); fwrite($conect,"60"); if($conect !== FALSE) { echo("Connection established.\n"); } else { echo("Sorry, failed to connect to server.\n"); } echo("Logging in...\n"); printf($conect, '\0'); sleep(2); //printf($conect,"1409NetWizard0passworddd0"); printf($conect,"140NetWizard\0passworddd\0"); echo("Logged in to NetWizard(or atleast we THINK he is..)\n"); while($forever = 1) { //$cmd = scanf($conect); echo("$cmd"); //this for testing purposes. $cmd2 = ord(substr($cmd, 0, 1)); switch($cmd2) { case(250); echo("LOG_IN_OKAY. your good."); case(251); echo("LOG_IN_NOT_OK... sorry. wrong pass"); case(0); // process raw text. case(60); printf($conect,"60"); case(247); echo("YOU_DONT_EXIST. Wrong username"); } } function logout() { printf($conect,'BYE'); fclose($conect); } ?> Thanks for your support!! Dude Ingame Netdude
  18. Trying to make a Bot

    oklol..got it to work..see "any new function idead ofr bot?" or something. its market with a smilie and near top of forum.
  19. Disconnecting every 15 minutes

    One thing that is a common mistake with bots is send too much text, like in a PM. If you send more then the normal client does, you will be disconnected from the server without warning. isnt the the thing with EVERYTHING? make a spelling error and youre disconnected? **all sarcasm in playfulness**
  20. Disconnecting every 15 minutes

    this happens with my bot sometimes. i think it is a stay-alive packet being lost, but the best way to deal with it is build a module that will re-start the bot if it dies. my bot isnt foolproof, so i use auto-restarters to make it come back online if it lags out. i've never had a problem with my bot 'dieing' since. (a word of advice, everything can go wrong if you dont sleep for about ten seconds after your bot dies to re-start it)
  21. Bots...

    er...didnt we get it working this morning?
  22. Trying to make a Bot

    you got it to log in? cool. i tried crusadingknight's idea..but it didnt work.
  23. Trying to make a Bot

    TY!!!!!!1111111~ lol oh, whats the IP ADDESS of teh EL server? im converting it to JAVA so i can test it without apache. thanks!
  24. Trying to make a Bot

    thanks for your help..but,can i have an example packet? i mnot exactly the brightest bulb in the box!