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    Somewhere in Seridia.....Usually killing a cute helpless animal
  1. Thermal serp auction

  2. Thermal serp auction

    Auctioning my thermal serpent sword. Lasts until Friday 22:00 GMT Bids start at 950k (increments of 10k+ please) BIN is 1.15mil. Contact me in game / post here/ mail me here. Name is guidera
  3. What Services would you be willing to pay for ?

    This could work more if you only saved your "earned" pickpoints and not ones you bought, so if you are 120 oa with 4 bought PPs and you get this reset you just have 120 PPs to spend
  4. Manufacture itens.

    20 s2e's please
  5. Santa Hat

  6. Lara serping ogre spawn

    lara where can i buy your invisble serp?
  7. The Harvesting and Alchemy Store!

    7k iron ore for 14kgc please and perhaps another 7k when that batch is done?
  8. loooooot!

    crap 18 minutes late but 26k for warlock!
  9. Platinium Coins

    That exchange would be fine, however nowadays its 1100gc for buying 1 platinum and 900gc for selling one, which means 200gc difference on 1 coin, if it was i.e. 100 coins, its 20kgc and that awful. The reason the exchange rate is the way it is, the plan had been to have some things bought by plats only, and some monsters sometimes dropping a plat. Having an exchange rate like that simulates money changers fees and also encourages people to keep any plats they got as plats or trade them to other players. That's like these things called doubloons on a crap RPG called puzzle pirates oh hi EL
  10. EMP weapon

    sorry to make a second post but that's basically the exact same as destroying the item, a fur cape compared to a nmt is worth nothing.
  11. EMP weapon

    sounds like a brod for nubs that cant afford one :S i can seriously imagine people just annoying stronger players by casting a couple around them, maybe breaking a therm or nmt :S
  12. Collectors and their collections.

    ^^ razrobinson has a crazy amount of those and other drop books in her sto
  13. WTS 22 binding stones 8k ea

    It's a free makret, people are allowed to TRY to buy/sell for whatever prices they want to.
  14. my 18th birthday party

    Happy birthday 2cute don't worry i'ma working on a present