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  1. Banned IP

    ok reset router didnt work and besides i cant find that whitelisting thred on forum :/
  2. Banned IP

    Ok ty for fast reply. Thats a pity that i dont have my laptop with me so i cant log via gsm network and explain whole situation via pm ingame - so all thats left is waiting but ty for explaining situation
  3. Banned IP

    Hi Today i came back home after over week (last time played from home was all ok) in meantime i was log few times via mobile network and all was ok, but now when i back home i cant log on and get info that my ip was banned. So i dont understand whats happen but i dont think that was my fault so please add me to whitelist if it is possible - my nickname ingame is Gorzki best greetings Gorzki P.S english isnt my native language so sorry for misteakes
  4. petition for attributes cap

    Hi all as ive seen the main arguments to cap is "coz now are player wich you cant kill" "coz fight system is sic" and so on and so on. but 2 things: 1:they develop their char as they will that is their decision - you can do this the same 2:i dont care about pk and im not alone wich dont care - i care for example about 10emu(sic!) gypsum and max 960 emu i really dont care to kill players, i play for fun and why i need to get pp in for example magic nexus when i hate crafting?? why do i need coord reasoning when i dont fight?? i need max p to get max emu and when i will kill some monsters and i repeat monsters not players then i need big p. When i will kill some players just go to pk server thats for it? or not? thats the reasons why i voted no in first and in second topic best greets - gorzki
  5. Gorzki-Banned

    Hi all First i want to say that English isnt my strong side so sorry for misteakes Than to the point: i write this post from a few reasons - the first and most importand reason is i want to sorry all who feels bad when reads what i wrote yesterday. i never want to insult anyone - that was not my point. i was just angry (everyone can be sometimes). Especially i want to say sorry to Aislinn - and other Mod like Molime or Aduard coz they had the biggest trouble with me yesterday the second reason of this post: my yesterdays behavior provoke mod to see me closer and they found that i breake the rule No5. Yes thats right i had few char - becouse i want to know the game better so i played sometimes as fighter sometimes as crafter/manuer. that was the way to see game from all sides every trade between chars was with mutual benefits. i dont play to make high lvl with 1 char. when i was boring fight i relogs and do some manu - ok but thats nevermind - all i want to say that i broke the rule, i know that i do wrong. Sorry to everyone who feels cheated and have trouble from that reason I play EL about 2 years and know what punishment is for breaking rulez. but got small hope that everyone gets his second chance and my main char will be unbanned (i regreat that manu 42 on 2nd char but if that must be so let it be so) In sum: ive break the rulezz and im sorry for that - i know ive make bad. obviously if ill be unbann that will be my only char once more: sorry all who feels insult best regrets - Gorzki hope my english wasnt so bad and all have understand what i mean
  6. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    ok i say that: i dont need to win a contest, i can loose all my hard earning stuff but 1 i can say I NEVER CHANGE THE FIGHT RULES amd mod do this so :/ sorry why do you want from new players to stay with the rules if mod cant that ?? Edit: @kheres zgadza sie ze spierdzieliles ale to niech mnie inni modzi nie staraja sie przekonac ze jest inaczej sam contest byl ok super fajna zabawa ale smoki ?????? przesada tym bardziej ze bylo mowione ze na tej mapce tylko potworki ktore tu wystepuja
  7. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    no thats not right - you really cant uderstand what i mean????? mod - mean player who is over all and if mod dont need to keep rulez so why new player must ???
  8. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    may be 100 or 10000 or 1000000 giants and thats will be all ok wityh rules but 1 dragon was against the rules ---- or not ???
  9. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    hmm wait a second when mod makes quest than i trust him and dont breake the rulezzz - was say iron set max and not to use summon stones that i dont use summ sto0ne but MOD breaks his own rules and "summon" the dragon so who break the rues????
  10. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    Actually the same 'change of rules' that made some dragons were invaded, made that your team could win more easily than was really intended. hmm if i say thats i dont care about win or loose?? i play contest for fun but when i want to play i agreee to rules and that rules was changed during contest - thats ok ?????? if you think so thats werid imho
  11. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    ok that was first and last contest wich im on - i hate ppl who change rules during fight. changing rules when contest on is rediculus
  12. Ancient wisdom in Thelinor

    why on that contest was dragon on ??? thats all what want to know
  13. cavern wall

    Hi @SharkBite How long you must wait for caven walls to "kill" others?? especially when they will gain reduce damage and not whole what you gain?? (you get cw for 30 and naerby players for 10%) dont you think they will be fast back from afk than you kill them?? how often do you have a cavern wall? I dont want to make PK arenas from all harvesting arenas, just make that lovley cavern wall animation more realistic Greets all - Gorzki P.S @Jio yes you spammer and every second stone and bless belong to me as a tribute :PP we will stay in touch best greets to you
  14. cavern wall

    Hi all!! I know you will hate me for this but I have an idea since update i just love the animation of falling cavern walls but shouldn't this falling stones make a dam for nearby players?? not only to that who currently is "under cavern wall attacks"?? for example 2 "squares" from sitting player in each direction. That will be more realistic and fun Whats your opinion? Thanks - and greets to all - Gorzki
  15. SMS notification!

    Hi i got an idea: it is checked, that you can apply game status into any messenger, like icq or skype i.e., you just need to create an account, everyone could add this account to their messenger, so they could see the game status of course it's free, so no one needs to pay for it greets - gorzki