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  1. NMT breakable poll

    voted to stay unbreakable well for ppl who train on yetis/high_lvl_monsters have the chance to find 1 , they dont mind make them breakable ..... but well those who train ogre/cyc well all know how many day u need to harvest/alc/pot/manu/slave for 400k ?? well how about make it dropable only for trolls .....its about economy right ? ... lets see what they will say now .. or make it manuable only :> and about if NMT is breakable ..... pk will increase ? how come ? ....if people want to train they train (NMT or not) , but they will spend more money on armor in training ==> so less pk , if people got pickpoint .... they will spend it ..... its not that NMT make every 1 save pp .. who said that i like the idea about make an NPC that buy it .... maybe the NPC in WSC that sell capes anyway ,thats why i voted no ..... thats all
  2. blast from the past!

    My 1st chimi ..... was high 30s a/d btw me in lots , about 8~9 month ago , with a pk event with ewol \ / Pk with Blue cape kk ? was also high 30s a/d , well i cant pr0f 100% that its true , but it is (well anthro and desmond was fighting each other b4 i show up ) ele was ~1k if u wana ask .... Finally , well thats not that old ... maybe 3~4 month ? we ^v^ own kf in a pk event , /slimy morts summon giants , nobody won btw ...... FMA
  3. What was your first guild?

    LotS ..... stayed there for tooo long , then all left the guild/game made my own guild 110% <------ omg pr0 name , but didnt last for more than a week or 2 then ^v^ and now \a/
  4. Old style PK vote

    Here's my feedback: I strongly urge you to reconsider making RoT old style PK. There is no game control or ethic among the player base against lopsided PKs. In fact, discouraging lopsided PKs was specifically rejected when crafting the PK ranking system on the theory that "f you are weaker and get killed, it is your fault, you shouldn't have been there in the first place." Fair enough. But the implication is that making a map PK effectively means that any "weaker" player (which is the vast bulk of the player base) shouldn't be there in the first place. This is especially true if its a PK area where rostogol stones don't work. RoT was a valuable map to me for reasons already discussed in this thread, and as a "weaker" player, I resent RoT becoming a map where I "shouldn't have been in the first place." Thank you for considering my feedback. huh? *whisper to omg* :"he is Role-Playing " on the topic : i gone to Rot and searched there for pk , and fought with F.chim .... healed a lot of time ... which make the fight last more .... very cool .... i guess the pk style there is nice , but to be honest a lot of Chims there , cant pk freely there , if u make it in TD map , or get rid of the chims there to anouther map .. that would be cool P.S. Zami is one of the best ebul PKers , she dont have to be #1 to take her post into considration FMA
  5. Old style PK vote

    voted Tahraji Desert & 1 sec nice , with that map , i might have a chance with high a/d ppl :> ..... i guess 1 sec is good .... fights gona change now ..... i wonder how ppl will die ...... when there SRs & HEs are finished ? ... but that mean long fights Great idea !
  6. What's a newb PKer to do?

    i guess an arena of 70~90 would be cool .... coz really this lvl that u talk about are increasing in the game , and take a lot of time to train , so why lower lvl can have a good pk but 70s~80s cant .... i guess all we can do is being top_pklose in the new pk points am near ur lvl ..... most of the time i just heal 3~5 time then diss/tele from high a/d ppl .... or simply die :> ... or just kill low a/d fast IF they came to kf/nc cave ... but usually they dont .. dp & naralik arena r best for them a new arena might be cool .... even if it was in c2 ... it might be more active than other arenas FMA
  7. Did you have fun on no drop day?

    Co0oL day .... the 1st no drop day that i kill a nice amount of ppl ... most of the time i just die a lot more than i kill .... SoM r0x
  8. A challange to everyone!

    this video really r0x .... Good directing man
  9. Restoration spell change

    restoration spell change ?? who told u that its too strong ? so now u need 75+ lvl of magic to pk ? to be honest thats really is a bad idea .... so now u need to pay a lot / play a lot (am not gona say IRL ppl thingy as entropy think ) but really ... what is your chance if u fight with 40s magic (and 40s magic is not an easy thing) , and u heal 100 or 150 each restore .... omg who will benefit from that ?? n00bs will not pk (and will die from traning a lot) and pr0s will walk in an empty pk maps ... and there is 44% say they want that lolz wtg ppl put it in test server or an main server (for a week) and see what will happend .... it will be the end of fighting in this game .... and we all will be peacefull-harmless-cute-harvest0rs Long Fight ==> Better Fight ....... some other games have restoration on mana ( now i guess a mod will remind me to go play them .. well am just mentioning it )
  10. How old are you?

    am 22
  11. Method of redistributing some attributes and nexuses

    so u mean that some 1 will take godless/antisocial , put the 18pp in coor , and after a while he will buy 18 coor removal stone and 2 perk removal and take them back ??, what a stratigy ....... that will cost millions of gc dude ... lvling oa with this gc is way better ..... these stones will not be cheap u know .... am with the idea of perk removal stones (on some or all perks) , i guess there price will be more expinsive than nex/attribute removal stone , and more rare than them ... FMA
  12. Method of redistributing some attributes and nexuses

    voted yes. radu u r0x kktybye and i agree about the one stone that give u free fate (from nathanstenzel post) ... but if not its ok too FMA
  13. Discuss the different visibility system here

    That is having one of your characters helping another and will get you into big trouble with the mods! We have locked & banned chars for things like that, even just having an alt watch the entrance to KF while the main is logged off on the other side. i know its illegal , i was just pointing an abuse that might been there , coz afaik haveing an alt playing in the same map @ the same time is not illegal .... and training spwns are very widespread ..... but anyway , am training on big ugly smelly one eye cyclope for a while .... if we played hide and seek , i will own k
  14. Discuss the different visibility system here

    13+ perception ?? thats 22 pp "i guess" in resoning or instic ...... most newbies ppl dont have that on phy or coor ..... i guess 8~9 must be maximum * or even 7 as u have * am afraid that if it was like u said ..... ppl will start making alt characters as an "scout"... to help them in training "with an mm cape in a non-pk map" FMA
  15. funny LOTR pic

    hehehheehe the "Horn of Gondor" lolz