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  1. Gods of Eternal Lands

    YIPPEE!!! Thanks, Ent!!!
  2. Gods of Eternal Lands

    I think it would be perceived very positively if at least these three were coded and added to 170, if that is possible. I, for one, end up harvesting quite a bit while taking care of other things. What I'm not sure of, though, is if I serve Lucca, who will I have to renounce? ....decisions....decisions....(but that's also one of the things I love about EL - having lots of choices on how to develop my character) Phil...
  3. Warn about unknown book

    I've experienced the same both with the official 1.6.0 client and the 1.7.0 PreRC.
  4. egratia magic school

    Peino, you have provided us with another great chapter. What a shining talent. Thanks. A couple things caught my eyes as I was reading it. "experimenter" just did not seem to flow well. I wonder if you might like "experimental researcher" better? A couple other small corrections: Whitestone should be White Stone and where you said you have an extra article there. Keep up the great writing. I love it! Phil...
  5. egratia magic school

    Yet another good installment on your story. In a couple places, you had this combination of characters --> ?”, The comma is unnecessary and should be omitted. Keep up the good work - looking forward to the next installment.
  6. EL 170 Pre RC

    While sitting at the Turquoise harvest location in Arius, I was looking around using the First Person view. Kudos on the lovely skybox work! Well, I filled up my EMU, turned the camera and clicked on the cart. I then stood up, walked a few steps to the cart and the game crashed kicking me out. After logging back in, I was at the destination and no longer in First Person view. Wondering if this was a problem, I re-entered First Person view, walked to the next place and was able to use it without being kicked out of the program. After emptying the minerals into storage and still in First person view, I managed to return to the Turquoise harvest without getting kicked out of the game. I started harvesting again and when I was full again, still in First Person view, I clicked on the cart again and was kicked out of the game again. Thought you would want to know.
  7. All in a Dawn's Work

    Nicely written, Dunian! Interesting too. Looking forward to the rest of your story. Phil...
  8. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    I just created a new character and experienced the newly revised Tutorial quests and I have some spelling and grammar problems to point out. Both "it's" should be "its". It should read like this: "Before I go on, I will explain a few useful things to you." It should be "its" rather than "it's" and the comma is not needed after "with". It should look like this: "To return, just go back to the ship you came with and click on its flag." "fire camp" should be "camp fire" The correct spelling is "body restoration" and the encyclopedia is now a tab in the Help icon that appears as a question mark icon. I would recommend you change the wording to be this: "In your encyclopedia (ctrl+e) you can find..." It should say: "...or anything other than rabbits, beavers..." Thanks, Phil...
  9. egratia magic school

    Awesome story so far, Peino. Very nice! I'll try to wait patiently for the next installment. Phil...
  10. egratia magic school

    Peino, Your writing is as captivating as ever. I hope your life chores and distractions can be sorted enough to allow you the time to gain and maintain your rhythm. I am looking forward to your next installment in this story line. Phil...
  11. Tutorial quest poll

    I did the tutorial quests with my son when we were both checking out the game: him for the "fun" aspect and me for the safety aspect - EL being an online game, etc... Anyway, while we were doing the flowers, it was time to pick the Tiger Lilies. I clicked on the flower and instantly a message popped up that I had found a bag of gold! We were both stunned: "Did you see a bag of gold there?" "No!" "What should we do? Who's is it? Should we keep it?" "I guess. No way to tell who it belongs to..." So, as a suggestion, to help new players avoid costly psychological counseling (joking), perhaps with the harvest section of the new tutorials, a simple message that mother nature could punish or reward you for harvesting. Phil...
  12. egratia magic school

    Very nice work, Peino. I'm enjoying getting caught up in this one already! Only one thing worth mentioning caught my eye: "The Dwarf’s cleanliness made her all the more aware it." She would be aware OF it. Great job. Thanks... Phil...
  13. is this a bug?

    I don't know about others, but when I click on your image, it's still too small for me to view what you're trying to indicate.
  14. Fixed the 5000 line wrap bug in CVS

    I had the same problem until I made the console text smaller.
  15. 1.6.0 Map Bugs

    Entrance to the harvest cave says "Enjoy the harvest " but you're not teleported inside the cave. Coords are "You are in Trassian Caves - Our Special Cave. [397,447]" On the way back to the Iscal storage cave, I got this: "Warning! This is a PK cave! Enter at your own risk!" at these coords "You are in Trassian Caves - Our Special Cave. [322,448]" (edited to add the second message) [fixed]
  16. EL 1.6 final RC (also zip for Unix data)

    Nice job to the people who have been working so very hard on this update. Just an observation, not a bug or anything (I think). The knowledge list needs to be updated. On this final release, it does not list the medium and large land mine books I've read.
  17. global invasionmetter

    Part of the fun of an invasion is tracking down those few remaining monsters. It can become a race to see who finds the last one. While your suggestion would slightly narrow down the search, the same results can be accomplished with a little effort and patience.
  18. Skybox discussion

    While spending hours and hours harvesting, I have noticed that shadows during the day move from South to North, hence Draia's sun moves from North to South. It has never bothered me that Draia spins on East and West poles rather than North and South pole as on Earth. So, what I'm saying is, if the sun should not be in the North, as in your screenshot, than perhaps the direction the shadows move should also be reviewed. Phil...
  19. Pre RC 10

    UVP 1
  20. Pre rc9 fix for ati, nvidiago, s3, sis

    Don't know if mine is a "go" card, but I'm not experiencing any problems.
  21. Post your video card info here

    Video card: GeForce 8400 GS/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.1 no problems File version:
  22. Network issues

    Having trouble in KS. After you announced this thread, I checked and experienced no problems and the trace went through just fine. During this most recent outage, step 11 was 47 ms 55 ms 47 ms so-1-1-0.mpr1.lga5.us.above.net [] followed by: 12 * * * Request timed out. Steps 13-19 were identical to step 12. (edited to add this) On a previous trace, step 12 was so-1-0-0-.mpr1.ams1.nl.above.net [] 13 was so-0-0-0.mpr2.ams5.nl.above.net [] Hope this helps.
  23. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    I think "The bars react to the pitch it gives off" would make more sense, actually.
  24. Invasionmeter

    Thanks for the quick fix, Ent. You're awesome!! Made another one and got the Invasionmeter item. Thanks again.