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  1. problems with glsl

    ok that fixed that problem. Now I'm having some other terrible problem. I'm not sure whats wrong, it was like it was working one minute and then the next it wasn't and I didn't save a backup copy. I don't know if I'm going to be able to finish it. I'll keep trying though I guess.
  2. problems with glsl

    Has anyone used glsl before? I have looked at tutorials and I'm to a point where I have the bump mapping code almost working, but there is one problem. I have this line at the beginning of the fragment shader, ... uniform sampler2D rock,rockNormal; I know that I am enabling both the rock and the rock normal textures correctly, but when I do the lookup into the rockNormal texture, (which is the texture rockNormal.rgb), its the same as the rock texture and it isn't the normal map texture. Is there something extra that I have to do to specify that I want the rock texture to be the first texture map and the rockNormal be the second texture map, and not have them both be the same one? In cg it would have looked something more like this uniform sampler2D rock : TEXUNIT0, // The whole rock texture map uniform sampler2D rockNormal : TEXUNIT1, // The whole normal map Does my question make sense? Josh
  3. new map format

    Now that you say that, I hadn't really thought of the reflections. I would have to research how to do the lookup in the texture. Maybe on second thought I had better leave that to someone else. For the ocean it was just going to be a sin wave that gets bigger as you get further from shore to a fixed maximum wave height and then gets very small as it gets near the coast. For when they step in the water I was going to pass in an array that tells where, and when they stepped in the water, and then it would basically be a dampened sin wave from their feet outward. But I don't want to make it look like crap, so maybe I'd better not do it.
  4. new map format

    oh well I guess that stuff doesn't really matter. I'll make the bump mapping code and let you guys figure out what you want to do with it I guess. I have another question, ... do you guys want to have an ocean, because I think it would be pretty easy to make a vertex shader that would make waves, ... as long as players won't be able to swim in the ocean. Will players be able to swim in the ocean? Josh
  5. new map format

    Since I'm going to take over on bump mapping, I have a few questions. First of all I'm a little confused about what the height map is used for. Is it just to make the terrain look more bumpy and if so then how is this going to affect the collision detection? Is the plan (for terrain) to make the normal map based on the height map? Also is the height map a per tile thing, or is it per a per area thing? Has anyone made height or normal maps, and can I get a copy of them? JOsh
  6. Client Programming needed

    I have one other question. Where are you guys storing your fragment and vertex programs? I don't see any fragment or vertex programs in the directory/subdirectories of where I installed elc. I found one place in the code where it looks like they were using the fragment shader but it doesn't seem to be a valid directory. /home/daniel/Develop/el-cvs/elc/shader/normal_mapping_vs.gls I found this code in shader.c I guess what I mean to ask is will I have to blend my shader code with already existing shader code, or do we not as of yet use vertex/fragment shaders. Josh
  7. Client Programming needed

    We are using glsl right? Josh
  8. Client Programming needed

    I could do bump/normal mapping if no one has done that yet. Has anyone done normal mapping? Josh
  9. need something to do

    CVS is working now. its not letting me do a cvs update again. Is anyone else having a problem updating? The reason why this is a problem now, is that it won't let me log in to the test server because the version just got updated, ... either that or I totally screwed something up in the code. Josh
  10. Does that mean that I have to upgrade the code that will install the program then. That part of the code isn't part of the client is it? I'm going to start looking into how to get the rest of it done without the installation part for now. Josh
  11. most of it has, has been spoken for, or is up to the higher-ups. if you have WinNT/XP, then using %APPDATA%\elc for EL data like is used on *nix is something that you could do. shouldn't be too difficult, though it will take a bit of work Ok I'll do it, ... although I'm not exactly sure what you want me to do. Is it just making it so that it looks for the configuration file in %APPDATA%\elc? Is %APPDATA% an environment variable, because I don't see any environment variables named APPDATA in my version of windows xp. Josh
  12. has all the stuff at the beginning of this thread been done already, or is there something that I can do? Josh
  13. need something to do

    CVS is working now.
  14. need something to do

    permissions? quotas? /tmp a different partition without free space? It must have been permissions. I went into the folder properties and it said read only. But if it was read only, then I don't know why it would let get the code earlier. Josh
  15. need something to do

    it's messed up. though I dunno why or how to fix it. perhaps you didn't change that single line back correctly? that aint good. maybe you should free some disk space I have 157 free gigs of space on my hard drive so I don't know why it would say that.