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  1. So, what kind of forum user are you?

    "I am just here for forum trolling. Have fun with mee!!!!" That's my vote! Oh wait, I have to read this stuff first?? ~Da Nurple~
  2. Guess the player name!

    Hmmm C + Chicago? Chaoogie?? I'm really bad at these games ~Da Nurple~
  3. server down?

    Is this sort of like what that skellie was doing to him? roflmao ~Da Nurple~
  4. server down?

    Well I'm in that list and I can guarantee you I am not in the game And I am seriously jonesing for my EL fix! Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh again. (Just for you Aisy! ) ~Da Nurple~
  5. server down?

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *joins Onix in twitching and jerking in withdrawals* ~Da Nurple~
  6. That skellie must have talent...notice how low anti's health is??
  7. Three word story

    And ...the rest is censored Next story please
  8. Three word story

    did not catch
  9. Three word story

    in a shimmering pool
  10. Three word story

    Ghrae dropped his
  11. New idea

    I don't suppose you would consider making it possible for GOOD people to set up an invasion of Unicorns on the Evil people?? I would normally go Neutral for something like this, but if I could set up an invasion of Unicorns on the Evil people I might participate. That would be fun Shouldn't the good people be allowed a bit of retribution? For a fee of course LOL ~Da Nurple~ EDIT.... I meant this idea only as a retaliation method. Good people could only do it AFTER the evil people had set up an invasion first.
  12. Three word story

    and pk'd them.
  13. Three word story

    Bryan Adams songs
  14. Three word story

    Then asgnny & Anthropoligist
  15. the_antiroot has some strange hobbies :S

    OMG Lee! What in the world are you doing in game?? And I have to repeat what Stormer said, "...that's not where drops come from." At least not the kind you want in EL. ~Da Nurple~
  16. Three word story

    Terena got lost
  17. Three word story

    thongs with leather
  18. Three word story

    if Stormer's undies
  19. Three word story

    scalding his buns
  20. the_antiroot has some strange hobbies :S

    rofl I love that pic! Hmmm, wasn't it Stormer that saw that pic and said..."Tell her, that's not where drops come from." ? ~Da Nurple~
  21. Three word story

    dumped ice water
  22. the_antiroot has some strange hobbies :S

    Ooops! Watch were you sit in game too :S
  23. Three word story

    dressed in black
  24. Three word story

    no balls. Then...
  25. the_antiroot has some strange hobbies :S

    It's the angle of the picture, I swear!! ~Da Nurple~