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  1. #ignore doesnt work completely

    This bug still needs to be fixed. I have someone on ignore in EL and I still see their IG's. Thank you for your hard work and attention to this matter! ~Da Nurple~
  2. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    totally agree and to those who don't know what protoss are, the name comes from the great masterart of Blizzard, StarCraft, the father (or mother? ) of all Startegic games OFFTOPIC : and StarCraft came from WarCraft StarCraft is 4 years younger than Warcraft OFFTOPIC : and before WarCraft there was Dune 2 (the first RTS) OFFTOPIC : and way before Dune 2 was Ancient Art of War (the real RTS pioneer, excluding ZX Spectrum games) A name came from Sun Tzu book title. This way we have closed the circle and came back to EL -> Sun Tzu pleez ? As far as I'm concerned, the original roleplaying game was Cowboys and Indians, with sticks for guns and bows & arrows. ~Da Nurple~ (Yes, I realize you're not just talking about "roleplaying", but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
  3. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    I get a lot of questions about my name, so I'll blab on myself here. I got a hamster in highschool. A boyfriend I had at the time made up 3 names for my new pet and I named the little guy all 3 of them. Part of one of the names he made up was "Nurplewhip". I thought it was cute at the time and it always stuck with me, so I used it for my EL name. Sorry to break a few people's hearts, but Nurplewhip is NOT a new berry flavored cool whip. ~Da Nurple~
  4. Bur can cook

    Hmmm, you sorta lost me with that longgggg list of ingredients. But it does sound yummy. Have no idea what "tuck in edges of meatloaf" means. :S I may try this sometime when I feel really Rachel Ray. Thank you. ~Da Nurple~
  5. Forum validation requests

    My friend needs to be validated for Forums. Her account name is...sophie. Thank you. ~Da Nurple~
  6. Bur can cook

    lmao! Okay, but I was talking about the chinese food and chicken&dumplings. ~Da Nurple~
  7. Bur can cook

    This thread is just cruel! *cries* I'm FPI (Food Preparation Impaired). I had a friend tell me once that I couldn't even cut up raw carrots right for dipping into ranch dressing. So, my questions is, how much does it cost to get the food premaid and sent to me hot and fresh? ~Da Nurple~
  8. Thanksgiving Food

    I think you got the point of it, Bernie. My Mom rocks at cooking! I, on the other hand, am FPI (Food Preparation Impaired). So, if my Mom cooks I'm all about leftovers, whether it's Thanksgiving or not. LOL! ~Da Nurple~ p.s. I really wasn't kidding though about the food combat conditions of Thanksgivings past. You know people take their turkey seriously when you risk having a fork stabbed into the back of your hand if you're not fast enough to get your turkey and run!
  9. Thanksgiving Food

    Day after! All the extra family is gone and it's no longer "combat conditions" to get to the food. ~Da Nurple~
  10. Quote of the week submissions

    ~Da Nurple~
  11. Guess the movie

    Yup Looks like Desertus was right after all. Desertus had his chance to protest back in 2007! I caught this one. ~Da Nurple~
  12. Guess the movie

    disturbia = pr0 movie The movie pic posted before that. With the black gentleman and a can and a lighter spraying fire. ~Da Nurple~
  13. Guess the movie

    Well? I'm here to guess. Oh and back when Molime posted what was supposed to be a pic from "Deep Blue Sea", ummm I need some proof on that one Mo! I own that movie and never seen that scene in it. ~Da Nurple~ P.S. Mo's post was back in like 2007 sometime. LOL
  14. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    I art old and am about to prove it. My current favorite is one that I've loved for years: Dr. Hook's "A Little Bit More" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AoN0uJvw_8 *waits for the Old Foggie jokes* ~Da Nurple~
  15. Acelon

    Ummmm, can I report Piper for abuse, since he almost caused my blonde brain to explode with that term? ~Da Nurple~