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  1. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I'll look at a switch for the tabs. Would it be best to leave whatever channel filter is in place, or switch to "view all" if the tabs are hidden?
  2. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Yep, I can do that.
  3. I've committed changes to add these four commands.
  4. Extra Small Inventory Window

    I've committed a few changes to the chat system. There's an new setting in the options window, on the chat tab to enable show/hide functions. When enabled: ALT+c toggles showing any of the chat modes. The chat window close-cross, just hides the window. You can add a icon to the icon bar to do the same as ALT+c. When disabled: If you added the icon, it will be hidden. Everything else behaves as it did previously. Additional changes are to the chat window are: The window is scalable (CTRL+Up clashes if you have keys enable for window resizing which is something to adjust). The position is moved proportionally like other windows when the client window is resized, and the position is saved between restarts. The minimum width of the window is now half of what is was previously. If you want the show/hide icon, I've modified the data file in the source tree (dev-data-files/main_icon_window.xml) to include this just after the attack icon setting: <icon type="window" image_id="16" alt_image_id="17" help_name="chat" param_name="chat"> Old Behaviour||%windowed_chat=0 Tabbed Chat||%windowed_chat=1 Chat Window||%windowed_chat=2 || Find Text||#find &lt;Text to find&gt; || Clear Chat||#cls </icon>
  5. Does the existing channel colours window not help with this - i.e. right-click a tab in the tab-bar or chat window and select the colour you want.
  6. Combining Folders function

    I agree with revi, this does not sound like a good thing to add to the client. Another reason being that this type of file moving and merging is more easily done in a scripting language than c/c++. Most of the important files are tagged with the character name (or at least tagging can be enabled). I think letting the user copy these themselves is safer and easier than writing and providing a script to run. Perhaps we could just provide some how-to information. I can't see any value in merging the chat logs, and they would be a mess anyway. If you keep them for search purposes, then just save them somewhere tagged with the character name. Merging the el.ini file would be hard. The el.cfg file would be much harder and require a specially written program to do as its a binary file (its on my list to replace / remove). To be honest, I now regret adding so many options to the el.cfg file and will likely undo this at some time. My suggestion here, is that its simpler to use the client to set the options how you want them rather than try to merge from multiple sources. The map marks are interesting. I've mostly used the same set of marks across my server.lst split. Either using links or copying files around. I did not think it would be useful to have per character map marks so have never looked to make that client change. Its obviously possible to do that however; if there was the interest. I'd probably suggest a character tagged directory name, so instead of the path "maps/startmap.elm.txt" I would have "maps_bluap/startmap.elm.txt". That would make it easy to copy the files too. If you want to merge the files then the cat/sort/uniq stuff mentioned would go some way to do that. However, its likely that you will have marked slightly different coordinates so the uniq may not do as much de-duping as you would hope and it would be hard (but perhaps fun) to write a script to de-dupe close coordinates.
  7. Extra Small Inventory Window

    That sounds doable. For consistency, how about an additional icon-window icon for the minimise function? It could work across all the chat modes in a similar way as Nogrod suggested. The chat window currently switches to tabbed chat when you use the close cross, so that could be changed to be consistent too. In terms of making some of the chat window panels hide-able. Is the aim that you can choose to just have the actual chat? I'm not sure what you mean by "HUD bar function" unless you mean the tabs across the top of the window. I realise that I did not make the chat window resizeable like all the other windows, neither does it move proportionally when you change the client window size. As a first step, I'll fix that and lower the minimum size too.
  8. The icon window is defined in main_icon_window.xml located in the root of the data directory. Those icons are defined in this snippet: <icon type="window" image_id="58" alt_image_id="59" help_name="range" param_name="range"/> <icon type="window" image_id="50" alt_image_id="51" help_name="minimap" param_name="minimap"/> The image_id value refer to the position in the file textures/gamebuttons.dds. I'd check you have the correct defs and that your gamebuttons.dds file has the icons.
  9. OK, that's AWESOME I guess . So is the ALT key thing sorted? @Diealot and @Nogrod Are you OK with the changes too? I'll do some builds now.
  10. So what's the verdict on this change?
  11. Messing with the fonts should not cause this so it is a bug, not your fault. I can't reproduce it currently but it would be useful if there were steps to reproduce.
  12. Not sure how it got like that. Did it start like that when you got the message from the NPC? Did it happen when you were changing fonts or font size? Further information would be very useful.
  13. Nothing has changed with the alt-key behaviour, that code has not been touched. Its is complicated as the shown cursor is not necessarily the current action mode as set by the icon window. The order of the checks mean that if the current highlighted icon is EYE, USE or TRADE (for non creatures) the ALT key does not override the mode. That's how it has always been. Perhaps its feels different because the action is not defaulting back to WALK as often as it did before. Anyway, the relevant code is unchanged.
  14. I'd assumed OG meant On-Going.