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  1. Radu asked for for this when I implemented the items lists. There is a 1/64 chance that it happens but I agree its annoying and for me, does feel more than 1/64. Perhaps Radu could comment if he is happy for it to be removed, in which case I would be delighted to remove it.
  2. I'm very close to publishing a new version of the android client based on the latest desktop git source. It has the context menus back, enabled with a long press.
  3. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    Nice. I can't wait for the next one, you'll make a map editor out of me yet!
  4. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    Really nice work, fascinating. So much functionality that I was just not aware existed. Thanks Burn.
  5. I found a servere client sound bug

    Merged, thanks for the update. I've added a new sound zip to the current git release.
  6. I found a servere client sound bug

    Added current XML files here: https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/tree/master/dev-data-files/sound-xml
  7. I found a servere client sound bug

    I'm late to the party but sounds like you have it sorted, nicely done. There's actually no published place I'm aware of that the sound files are maintained other than as a downloadable pack. We can sort that out longer term, but as a stop gap, we can add the XML files to the client source code on git; I'll do that now. When you have finalised the fixes, you could do a pull request there or I'll just update the files. I've been adding the latest sound pack as an asset on the git project in addition to Radu's download. We can put an updated pack there and I'll use that for updated client packages, Radu will have to update his download.
  8. I'm in the final stages of re-working of the android client. This is basically taking some the changes made for the original port and applying them the latest client source code. The aim being to have one code base that can be maintained going forwards like the main client. This request can do on the to-do list!
  9. Updated all the builds. I've also added some Linux ARM builds.
  10. Cannot use the @ in the game

    That's great news.
  11. Cannot use the @ in the game

    Thanks. I asked because the keyboard handling has been rewritten since 1.9.5p2 as we updated to major new versions of libraries used. The latest stable client is 1.9.5p8 available in this thread. Perhaps you could try this new version. If the problem sill exists then that's where we can fix it. The very latest version is available in this thread which I update often. We are probably due a 1.9.5p9 release very soon.
  12. Cannot use the @ in the game

    What is the version number of the client you are using?
  13. Locking bug?

    Unfortunately, I'm not that familiar with that code, most of it was written before I even started playing. I've explored it a few times with the same thoughts you have and noticed the lack of locks in some places. Normally, if you have locks for a resource, you'd protect all access including reads. Read-only locks do not have to be exclusive, but a write lock should be exclusive and prevent reads too.
  14. Locking bug?

    It's certainly a bug and caused a freeze on exit for me when I triggered the condition. I've committed a change to unlock the actors list. It's interesting code....
  15. Sorry, didn't see the version, Glad you got it working.