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  1. Password field character limit

    Glad you got it sorted.
  2. Password field character limit

    Its the same code on Android and the desktop client, 15 characters the maximum for both.
  3. More new bug fix builds, see top of thread. If you have had issues with settings and received the message "Problem with <file type>" then please install this update. Someone helpfully reported that when they received the "Problem with <file type>" message the file was zero length. This is now detected and logged to the console. The error no longer prevents the file from being saved. There is now additional logging (including console messages) if there is an issues when saving a file. To do this, an explicit close of the file is now done and there is a possibility that this may fix the "Problem with <file type>" issue. If it does, you may see the "zero length file" message once, but not a second time for the file. If you do get the "closing file failed" message, please report the issue to the forums and include the contents of the last log file "<user settings>"/logs/main_XXX.log".
  4. I've fixed the problem. It would have worked after using #glow" three times too. Anyway, I'm going builds for this and other fixes currently and will posit in the main thread.
  5. OK, that's the first time I've seen that reported. I'll look at fixing it.
  6. I've just tested and it worked fine for me. As on the desktop, I note you only get the message if you have the perk though. It's a server #command so nothing really for the client to do.
  7. Updated build (2022-01-09) with additional small fixes and improvements list at the top of the thread.
  8. Message in inventory window

    I like those suggestions. For now, you can already double click the message area to clear the text.
  9. Counters (Kills) not correct

    So you noticed the leopard kills were missing before you exit the client after doing the daily? As Learn said, some kills get missed occasionally but missing all of then is unlikely. Sorry, I do not know why that would happen. The code involved is unchanged in a very long time.
  10. Counters (Kills) not correct

    Did you start another client at the same time and login with the same character (causing the other to disconnect)? The counters are saved on exit, on #save or periodically with the background #save equivalent. If you had started a second client and logged in with the same character, the last one that saved would be the one that matters.
  11. If the degraded item is not showing the correct image (reversed and with and !) then it should get fixed with the next server restart. It's because we updated the image ID in the client data but that changed did not get included in the last server update. The image, the hover-over description and the equipment swap all depend on having this information correct.
  12. Please report bugs found in the 1.9.6 release in this topic. These are the changes since release: Fix mouse over issues for spells windows on Android (in update). Fix only initial spells window mode using default position (in update). Fix possible crash with #calc using L (in update) Fix possible crash in character creation window (in update). Fixed display of action point > 999 in the stats window. Correct colour for login window version text when there is an error. Ensure main window fits the available space and is on-screen. Use the new (JSON) personal files format by default. Enable the item use counter by default. Channel colours window can be scaled and its position managed. Change ground bag window default position to bottom centre. Fix blank lines in console when wrapping text to fit width. Add basic screen orientation options for Android (video tab). Limit "You cannot access the storage from here" messages. Add date to timestamps in log messages. Fix trade bug where storage could not be used if the window was hidden then shown. 2022-01-09 Add date to timestamp in chat log. Provide and option (Video tab) to enable the desktop screen saver / monitor power management. Set lower bound of chat lines from 5 to 1. Issue #165: Re-validate ground bag window status on reconnect. Issue #163: Fix storage access inconstancy, Store-All and ALT-click access for closed window. 2022-01-15 Add additional logging when saving user files. The explicit file close needed for the logging may possibly fix "problem with ..." issues. Detect if loading a zero length user file, log to user but don't disable saving. Zero length files have been reported but required user action to resolve. Fix showing #glow command output when indicator disabled. The latest build is version is (time > 1500), it can be used on the main server Linux static executables 32-bit, 64-bit, armv7, aarch64 - replace your existing executable from the Linux installer and set executable. Windows (only executable and DLLs) 32-bit and 64-bit - unpack into the installed data folder. Android package (can be installed over the play store version).
  13. Hotkeys

    For the 1.9.6 update, I noted quite a few people had issues with the key.ini file so I thought I'd document the following: The location of the key.ini file (unchanged since forever): The default version of the key.ini file is located where you installed the client; the client data directory. Modifying this version in place is not recommended. Like all other files placed there by the installer, it will be overwritten when next you install a full update. Instead, copy the file and put the copy in the top level of your personal settings folder. Files in this folder will never be overwritten or changed when you install a new client. On windows, your personal setting folder is usually "C:\Users\<your login name>\Documents\Eternal Lands\" on Linux this is normally "$HOME/.elc/". Note, this is not the location of many of your other personal files which are in a sub-folder of this such as "main". On start-up, the client writes a message to the console telling you this sub-folder location. Just move up one folder from there to get to the top level of your personal settings. The client looks for the key.ini file in several locations, stopping when it finds the file. The sequence of locations checked is this: 1) Personal Folder top level, 2) Personal Folder "/updates/<client version number>/" and 3) Installed data folder. In each of the locations, the client will also look for compressed versions with the ".xz" then ".gz" extension. Changes since client was updated to use the SDL version 2 library (1.9.5p6): The left and right CTRL/ALT/Shift modifier keys are now independent. If you use LALT for your definition, RALT will not work too. As before, you cannot define a second key for the same action and if you do, only the last definition in the file will work. The key definitions (other than modifier keys) use the Key Names specified by the SDL2 library. This is largely as it was previously with the notable exception of the keypad keys. Also, if the Key Name includes a space, then you have replace the space with an underscore when adding it to the key.ini file. For example, to define #K_SPELL1 to use keypad 1, you would add the following line to your key.ini file. #K_SPELL1 = KEYPAD_1
  14. Water display

    I have the invisible actors problem with Nvidia too, but if I restart the client with UVP it works fine. I normally have UVP off as it makes the characters eyes look weird (another bug I've not been able to fix). Has the problem with water always been the same, in particular pre 1.9.5p26 when we moved to SDL2?
  15. Going forwards my intention is to release development versions that can be installed over the Play Store version. Previously these development builds have used the id com.el.elc, the Play Store version uses com.purebinary.elc. This difference meant that if you installed both builds, you would have two versions installed each with separate user data. I think shifting to a single version based on the Play Store id is the best way forward. If you are using the previous com.el.elc version please remove the app, install the Play Store version then side load updates from here if you want the development version. Anyway, I've done a new development build Changes include (most not just for Android): An option on the video tab to set allowed screen orientations. I will continue to look for a way to use device settings instead. Fixed display of action point > 999 in the stats window. Correct colour for login window version text when there is an error. Enable item user counters always now we cannot run old clients. Add chat channel colours window to managed windows; enabling auto scaling. Change ground bag window default position to bottom centre. Fix blank lines in console when wrapping text to fit width.