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  1. Not sure how that could be due to a client bug. Does it work OK on the desktop?
  2. I've not seen anything like this. Does it make any difference if you're not wearing the medallion?
  3. Grum has hopefully fixed this (thanks) and I've updated the build. Version 1.9.5-20210921.1411 also includes all the latest changes from the main client git.
  4. Can't connect

    Are you trying over a mobile connection or wi-fi? Some mobile providers block connections to the EL server (it uses a non-standard port). Do you get an error message?
  5. Thanks both for the info, nothing obvious jumps out. Have either of you played around with the Eye candy test window? If you enabled ECDEBUGWIN and rebuild, you can open the test window using ctrl+alt+c. You can then generate EC effects without needing to cast the spells. Obviously, only you see them. It would be interesting if you experience the problem using this method. Perhaps even build with debug and the ADDRSANITISER library option or using valgrind. After editing CMakeLists.txt to uncomment "-DECDEBUGWIN", to build with debug and the ADDRSANITISER library option using CMAKE you can something like this in the source directory: cmake -B debug-build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=debug -DADDRSANITISER=On make -C debug-build/ # assuming you have #data_dir properly defined in el.ini..... debug-build/el.linux.bin test
  6. Summoning menu

    I've also added "#sa" as a shortened version of the "#summon_attack" command.
  7. Summoning menu

    I checked with Radu and he was happy with me doing this. I've just committed a change to add a new #command and a hud indicator. Here's the commit message that hopefully explains what I've done. Let me know if you want any changes. Forum #61629: Added #summon_attack command and hud indicator. Provides control for attack mode of summoned creatures. #summon_attack options: * a-f set the mode * no parameters, toggle between attack at will and no attack * otherwise show help for the modes The hud indicator toggles between attack at will and no attack. On start the current attack mode is unknown until set. If the popup menu is used, the change of attack mode is tracked.
  8. Bigger Buddy List

    Assuming you mean the colour you can set for each buddy, that is currently limited by the "#change_buddy <player> <colour>" server command which only accepts the limited set of colours. If that was changed, the client would have to be modified to to display the new colours and also to enable selection from the GUI.
  9. Bigger Buddy List

    The client window can handle 100 buddies currently, this could easily be increased. The client could potentially be changed to remove the limit and just allocate more memory as required. However, I do not know if the client is the limiting factor. How many buddies can a player actually have from the server perspective?
  10. Bigger Buddy List

    Nope, sill not clear. I guess you could just answer my simple question.
  11. Bigger Buddy List

    Bigger in what way? More buddies? A bigger window?
  12. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    I've started a new topic to collect information on this issue, please consider adding your details there. Thanks.
  13. In the 1.9.5p9 release forum thread, a number of people are reporting issues with Eye Candy effects. Either with loosing light after an MD effects or seeing extra intense MD effects. Please could people that have these or similar issues with Eye Candy effects please provide details of their Eye Candy settings, OS, Graphics card and drivers etc. If you think you have an idea of when this first started happening, please say. This could be after a particular client update, or an OS/driver update. If you really don't know, please just say. I'm not seeing the issue but the details for me this are: Max Effects Framerate: 45.0 Min Effects Framerate: 5:0 Light columns threshold: 5 Max Idle Cycles Per Second: 40 FPS: 60 Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti/PCIe/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 470.57.02 Client Version: Latest Git OS: Linux Ubuntu 21.04
  14. I do not experience this at all. Could this something you have set differently to me in your Android input settings?
  15. Crashing during combat

    Are you using the Android Store version or the new development version? Does the crash happen before one of the fighters dies or mid combat? Have you tried the emotes and does it crash on any of those?