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  1. Error with numberoverflow on mana.

    Fixed, the over play numbers should now display -1 like the hud bar.
  2. Just to note that the new Ubuntu builds have been in the launchpad build queue since Sunday. The Ubuntu folks took the server farm down until they had applied the Meltdown/Spectre updates. They now have a large build backlog with an ETA of at least 10 hours.
  3. New achivements

    This would be a nice addition to the update. The tutorial completed ones would be nice but some additional ones that everyone needs to earn would be good too. I like the healer idea. We could also have bone eater, horse rider, fast walker, player/bot/npc trader, axe (and other tool) breaker, harvester medallion (and others) breaker ... In addition to the remaining eight image slots and the unused icons, the client and client/server protocol supports many more achievements. Without client code changes, we could have multiple achievement image files, and multiple pages in the achievement window, the server protocol supports variable length messages.
  4. New client binaries for testing

    New Linux and Windows builds are done, replacing the links above. These show a version number of 1.9.4p8. Here's what has changed: Adjustment to the cursor hotspots; the active point of the cursor (mouse pointer) image. Some of these hotspots have always been off a little but the new UI scaling and the cursor scaling makes the incorrect offsets more noticeable. A particularly bad example was the USE cursor and was sometimes causing the wrong item to be used from the inventory window. Fix forum issue http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60942: If you have an active spell waiting for a target and click close to a creature, cast the spell on the creature rather than attack it. Fixed issues where the incorrect cursor was sometimes showing when the mouse was over the console or the raw HUD. Consistently use the arrow cursor.
  5. Thanks, new build are in progress.
  6. I've tested a change where if you have cast a spell and need to click on the target, clicking close to the target will complete the spell as if you had clicked the target directly. This prevents a non magic attack of a close clicked target if a spell is active. Does that sound like to correct behaviour?
  7. The total research points and your completed research points are sent from the server to the client in a message that does not support very long books (more than ~65000 total points). This causes problems like the one you are seeing as the client cannot properly calculate the remaining time. This is an issue for both the knowledge bar in the HUD and the knowledge window. The vast majority of books are fine. For these long books, the way to check is to use the "#research" command either from the console or by left-clicking the knowledge bar in the HUD. Starting from 0% at the server restart is odd though may just be a coincidence when you passed the 65000 completed points mark as that would show as 0%. Again the "#research" command should give you the true information.
  8. OK, thanks that sounds conclusive. I'll have a think about altering the code a little.
  9. You can turn the new attack code off using the option on the controls tab. It does sound the likely cause but you could confirm this by turning the option off.
  10. New client binaries for testing

    The Windows and Linux build have been updated with the latest changes. As it's Christmas, you can also see a preview falling snow (press F8 to switch on/off). This feature has been dormant in the client for quite some time. If you want to see the snow in all its glory, download the updated weather file and save it to your data directory. Edit: I've uploaded new builds with a check to avoid having to press F8 twice to activate the snow if it has already stopped.
  11. Better late than never, I've fixed the visibility issue to behave as expected.
  12. New client binaries for testing

    I have updated the Linux and windows builds with a new version that includes an option to make the mouse pointer bigger. For now, this is an option on the "Fonts" tab next to the "UI Scaling" option. It may be better to switch the size automatically depending the the "UI Scale" value. Currently, the default value is the original pointer size, but you can double the value using the new option. I did have larger scaling factors working on Linux but these did not work on Windows; I will continue to investigate why. The method to scale the mouse pointer is crude but probably good enough for now; I just duplicate the pixels to the left.
  13. New client binaries for testing

    karolus, that's a good point. I didn't do anything to scale the cursor. I'll take a look at doing that. For interest, what scale setting are you using on a 4K screen? Thanks.
  14. New client binaries for testing

    @revi I'm not sure from what you say if the library paths is an issue; perhaps I'm missing something. The ui scale option has moved about a bit during development. I finally put it on the "Fonts" tab as it is less clutter but mostly because its where the other options are that effect the size of things. Edit: The Ubuntu and Debian packages in the testing repos are ready now too.