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  1. Mercators El Time Widget (for Android)

    I'm updating my Unity/Gnome time indicator to use your time source which I assume is OK with you. Looking at the json object, please could you explain the difference between the "Gametimestamp" and "Timestamp" values. For Torg's original time source, the timestamp was the real-time that the last EL-time was read. Thanks for generating the new time source.
  2. mouse pointer small on the game

    Also, looking at the picture you posted, you ought to go to the "Trouble Shooting" tab in the options window and set the "Adjust graphics X" and "Adjust graphics Y" settings. With these settings, you can improve the look of the tabs at the top of the window and also clean up buttons and other window elements.
  3. EL Time Applet

    Good news. I'll get on with the update.
  4. EL Time Applet

    Hi, I didn't know anyone was still using this other than me. I used it on Ubuntu 17.10 and now on 18.04. It runs OK but the time information from TrinityBot is mostly unavailable. I have a version working with holy's time source which I need to finish and then update the packages. I use the Ubuntu appindicators gnome extension to place the icon on the top bar. I don't use Dropbox so can't really help with that.
  5. I've not heard of this happening before. Do you have any issues with other applications? Are you running more than one client at a time or other games at the same time.
  6. mouse pointer small on the game

    You could try the latest version of the 1.9.5 test client, see this thread, that has scaling support including the option to double the cursor size. Both options are on the "Font" tab of the options windows.
  7. New client binaries for testing

    New Linux and Windows builds are done, replacing the links above and updating the Ubuntu and Debian packages. These show a version number of Notes on the changes are here https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands/releases/tag/
  8. Game data can't be downloaded

    The Ubuntu packages are built and stored on the launchpad servers in my PPA, but the data package downloads the actual data ZIP file from my twinmoons server. I build the Debian packages on my own (Virtual) machines and host the package repository on my twinmoons server. Again the data ZIP file is downloaded by the package from the twinmoons server. Glad you resolved the problem.
  9. Game data can't be downloaded

    The twinmoons.org.uk server is mine, I was not aware that it had been unavailable but its certainly OK now. If you do want to remove the packages, just use sudo apt purge <package name>. It the data package installed but the data zip file failed, you can --reinstall or reconfigure the package.
  10. EL on the raspberry pi

    As long as you start the client from your data directory, everything will get created.
  11. EL on the raspberry pi

    It that is the cause, you could also try: make -f Makefile.linux PLATFORM="" If you have copied servers.lst over could you post the output from this command: ls -l $HOME/.elc/servers.lst
  12. EL on the raspberry pi

    Those solutions should work, I can't see why not. You should be able to compile the client on a raspberry pi with those instructions. It would not change the error you are getting though. This is on one of my pis from the terminal: git clone git://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands.git cd Eternal-Lands/ sudo apt-get install build-essential git libcal3d12-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libsdl-net1.2-dev libxml2-dev libopenal-dev libvorbis-dev make -f Makefile.linux You will also need the data files but it sounds like you have them already. I get a few compiler warnings which I'll look into.
  13. EL on the raspberry pi

    If you run from the directory containing the data files, it should work OK. To run from elsewhere, copy the server servers.lst into $HOME/.elc and edit $HOME/.elc/main/el.ini changing the #data_dir line to point at your data. It's easy to compile your own client too, just use the same instructions as to compile for Debian/Ubuntu:
  14. Error with numberoverflow on mana.

    Fixed, the over player numbers should now display -1 like the hud bar.