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  1. Can't Login

    Can you print more information? Do you get an error message? Does your username and password work ok on the desktop client?
  2. New client binaries for testing

    @Entropy How's the fixed windows executable working? I notice the downloads page is still serving up the old version.
  3. New client binaries for testing

    You can delete individual items from the items list then just add them back in again. Look at the help tips. Also, on the test server the vial mold has a new image, but not in the main server. Is the main server missing some item_info.txt values?
  4. New client binaries for testing

    Hopefully found and fixed the crash-on-exit bug. There are updated Windows and Linux executables and installers at the links below. These will show version 1.9.5p2. Windows executable Windows installer Linux 32-bit executable Linux 64 bit executable Linux installer The Debian and Ubuntu packages have also been updated.
  5. New client binaries for testing

    Progress. That's probably the same place I just added additional debug into the cleanup_mem() function. So we can see the buddy stuff closed OK but the crash happened in the destroy_all_actors() call. I'll see what I can fine now.
  6. New client binaries for testing

    OK, so that points in the direction of the function that cleans up the buddy memory. I've added more debug and rebuilt the debug client (Debug Exit +1) which is in the same place as before. I still cannot reproduce this though. Could you be more specific about the sequence of events? The order of login, whether the buddy window has been opened, how may buddies in your list, how many other active buddies, that kind of thing. Thanks.
  7. New client binaries for testing

    Is that a crash even before exit or only on exit after you have the buddy log on? I've been unable to reproduce this problem on Window or Linux and a quick check with a buddy login looks OK too. I've produced a new Windows binary that outputs debug to the log file for each function called on exit. The version string is tagged with (Debug Exit).
  8. 2 Holes in DP Client 1.9.5

    I assume the data from the Ubuntu packages was OK vinoveritas. It all looks fine to me.
  9. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    The client change that might be related is the fix for entering a map that is already raining. Before, the rain would not start. The server was sending the start rain command but with zero fade-in. That caused a divide by zero. It does depend on the server sending the rain command though. Should be able to work on it over the weekend.
  10. New client binaries for testing

    Next time, can you post the last few lines of the log file. Was there any indication of where or why the crash happened from windows?
  11. You will have grued. There is the #relogin command that should bring up the normal red disconnected message then you can press return to reconnect.
  12. New client binaries for testing

    I've rebuilt the Linux static binaries which can be downloaded from the above links. The Linux installer will have to wait a few days until I can rebuild.
  13. New client binaries for testing

    That's a bit annoying for everyone. I'm ready sorry. I see what I can do tonight but it may be limited for another week.
  14. Testing 1.9.5 client for Mac

    These will only work on the test server until main is updated. If you have saved item lists then you will have to update them to get the new IDs.
  15. New client binaries for testing

    These are all rebuilt: Windows executable Windows installer Linux 32-bit executable Linux 64 bit executable Linux installer Ubuntu/Debian packages done too.