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  1. I've created a new flatpak repository for the development version of the client. The flat hub install above does not have a facility for development versions. To use this version you will need to add this additional repository. As before, install the stable version form the flat hub repo: sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo sudo flatpak install flathub org.pjbroad.EternallandsClient Now install the development version from my repo: sudo flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists eternallands https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/flatpak/eternallands.flatpakrepo sudo flatpak install eternallands org.pjbroad.EternallandsClient//develop If you want to switch between the versions: sudo flatpak make-current org.pjbroad.EternallandsClient//stable or sudo flatpak make-current org.pjbroad.EternallandsClient//develop
  2. OK. Should be a simple fix. Thanks for reporting this bug.
  3. F2 Browser Malfunction

    I've just tried on Arch and I can switch between the in-client settings of firefox and chromium and both work just fine. Which build of the client are you using?
  4. F2 Browser Malfunction

    I changed the setting from the options window to "chromium-browser" which worked fine and immediately for me. This is on Ubuntu 18.04. I'll give my arch install when I have time (I have to change disks on an old laptop). On Linux at least, If you have x-www-browser set like vinoveritas says, then you can use x-www-browser in the client setting. You can also use xdg-open to open your default browser.
  5. Indicator for Glow

    > I don't need any more indicators on the bottom of my client. Just right-click and turn off what you don't want.
  6. Indicator for Glow

    I've committed code for this feature to git which functions as I outlined. Let me know if it works OK and does what you wanted.
  7. Client - Item list request

    Was a minor change. There is now an option to disable the find list feature if you right-click in the list part of the window. The option state is saved in the el.cnf file. Hope that's what you wanted.
  8. Indicator for Glow

    My intention was to intercept the initial messages send after the #glow when the client starts so that would include the error text too. This is how the indicator would know to say you did not have the perk.
  9. Indicator for Glow

    Should be easy enough to add. I've just tried the perk with an new player on test. As far as I can tell, the #glow command is a just a toggle. So when you start the client, two #glow commands can be issued to get and preserve the current state. We can use a "G" for the indicator which will be lit up only if glow is on. If you click the indicator, the #glow command will be sent to the server. If you issue a manual #glow command, the indicator will change to the new state. If you do not have the perk, the indicator will say so. Its probably easier to manually enable/disable the indicator using the existing context menu. Does that sound OK.
  10. Client - Item list request

    Should be a minor change, I'll take a look.
  11. Indicator for Glow

    I don't have the perk so its hard to tell if its an easy addition. Do you get a message when you log in too? What's the exact text of the messages.
  12. Mini-Map

    As Maxine says it would currently be a client code change. However all the other mm colours are configurable in the named_colours.xml file. I will add the cursor too.
  13. Raspberry Pi - Old Guides

    Looks like you tried most things. While the flatpak install would be simpler and self contained you would still need a working opengl setup to get a decent frame rate. I'm afk currently so not in a position to try it myself. By the way. It is as advisable not to run the client using sudo. It is not necessary and could cause permission issues for the standard user. You only normally need sudo to install, update and configure system wide software.
  14. Raspberry Pi - Old Guides

    There should be some hint in the log file, look at the output form: cat ~/.elc/log/main_*.log