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  1. Health change indicator

    Disabling the colour change is fine. Setting different colours is also fine but when the colour changes is not disabled, it becomes complex to change a user specified colour. I've committed the changes for the banner height and an option to disable the colour change on health and mana bars. I'll see what I can do about the colour options.
  2. Health change indicator

    The damage / heal floating messages are just above your character's banner in non-instance mode. So would just moving them to the equivalently for instance more be good enough? That is, for both modes, they would appear just above your character's banner.
  3. Health change indicator

    I've switch the health change text to use the normal UI font rather than the small font. There is also an option to keep it active even when not hovering your mouse over the health bar. While you are switched to the map or console window or have some console text, the health information only shows when you hover again. I'll have a look at the second part Kaddy asked about.
  4. Thanks for the relative path change, that works great. For me the changes to the login screen user name / password have made the text look a little washed out and ragged. Switching on FSAA again improves the raggedness but the text is still washed out. The rest of the text on the login window looks fine.
  5. @Grum. One of the recent changes you made significantly improved the rendering for TTF fonts on my systems. I now no longer need to enable the Full Scene Anti-Aliasing to get nice smooth fonts. Many of fonts that looked bad even with FSAA, now look fine. Clearly this is a very good thing. I think the improvement came with the changes you made to improve the old fonts. Others that needed FSAA may also see an improvement so I thought I'd mention it. I didn't see specific mention in the commits. I have a question. I see the font values stored in el.ini use the full path rather than the relative path to ttf_directory. Is this needed? I asked because it causes the fonts to be dropped if the same ini file is used on a system with a different path to the fonts. It would be good if the same font was not dropped if it was the same file just a different path.
  6. User data from Windows to Linux

    That's fine, just open storage and select each category in turn. This will generate item_categories.txt for you.
  7. User data from Windows to Linux

    Were you running a 32-bit windows version and now a 64-bit Linux version? If so some of the files are not compatible. Otherwise, they should work. Later (dev) versions of the client replace these formats with text files (.json) that are compatible.
  8. User data from Windows to Linux

    Which version/build of the client are you using on Linux? I see you're using the PPA on Mint. So ~/.elc/main/ is the correct destination to copy the files. I presume you are using a file manager to copy / paste the files - that should just work. In what way does that not work?
  9. Have you tried picking some TT fonts and using the Full Scene Anti-alising option on the Video tab? If you don't use TTF then its the same fonts as before. Some of the shading is done differently which is most obvious on the login screen. There have also been some changes to the layout and spacing of widgets and windows that you can see independent of font choice. Perhaps some of that still needs to be adjusted, particularly the login stuff. You can build with TTF disable but that does not restore the layout and shading differences, you would have to build from older source for that and could not go forward with other new stuff. It was a huge change to the code base, far too big to keep fully optional. Older builds including the one before the TTF changes are available from https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/ but I would encourage you to use the new build and help us get it right. BTW, I think the TT fonts look amazing.
  10. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    It uses additional pixels to smooth the edges of lines and textures. The higher the value the, smoother its should be. But more processing is required with higher values and it may lower your FPS. It's been in the client forever, but could do with being updated and cleaned up a bit. I'm working on understanding it a bit more and perhaps offering a clearer set of options.
  11. All builds updated with 30th June changes listed above.
  12. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    Depending on how fast your system is, you may want to enable full-scene anti-aliasing. Its in the options under the Video tab (restart required - needs adding to the long description).
  13. Yes, there's a fix to put in place related to the TTF changes but I'll do builds after that.
  14. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    Agree, that looks fine. I presume you'll commit the change.
  15. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    Yes, the cache sorry. It's the CONSOLE_LOG() call that eventually calls update_text_windows() in chat.c. For the old tabbed chat case, this then calls rewrap_message() which leads to the path via reset_soft_breaks() in font.cpp. I presume there's a new path in font.cpp that expects the texture cache to be initialised.