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  1. New Windows Client Build Process

    @w0lumatic Good news, thanks for testing. Turns out you can no-longer get evaluation versions of anything other than Windows 10 so its good to know its working.
  2. New Windows Client Build Process

    @dragon_killer Thanks for testing. In-game we talked about the camera issues you were having but that looked to be unrelated to this particular build as they are also present in the XP build too. If you can confirm the original 195 release does not show the problem then we can investigate further but it does sound like a graphic card driver issue. Has anything else relevant changed on your machine recently?
  3. New Windows Client Build Process

    I do not have a way to test but it could, there's nothing specific to Windows 10 in the build. Windows 7 reaches final end of life in January 2020 so I guess people need to consider moving on to Windows 10, or better still Linux! If someone could try it, we will know. If I can find a Windows 7 evaluation ISO I could give it a try or get the build working on that too.
  4. I've been working on a new way to build the windows client which is now ready to test. I'm using a tool-chain called MSYS2/MINGW which allows use of the latest compiler and up to date libraries on Windows 10. This all means that the resulting executable should run better on Windows 10. I have also automated the build process and so can provide more regular test clients for Windows like I already do for Linux. The previous builds I have provided were built using a very old tool-chain on Windows XP; which was not good. Please give this new build a try and please give me some feedback. But, BACKUP your current el.exe and all the .dll files before installing the new package as these files will be over-written by the package. Also as always, ensure your important game files like your quest log etc are backed up; good practice even if you do not try this new client. The packages only contains the el.exe and the required .dll files, the game data is not included. There is a 32-bit package and a 64-bit package for Windows 10, extract the zip archive for your version of Windows into the game data directory where the existing el.exe and .dll file (which you have backed up) were located.
  5. Instance mode adjustment

    You could use the user menus as revi suggested. Its two clicks but OK perhaps. Here's an example file I called banner.menu, and placed in my main config directory. You can right click the user menus to reload the latest menu files without restarting the client so its easy to experiment. There is a built in delay of 500 ms between commands that can be change but that is the minimum currently. Banners Creature +N -Hn +Hb -B||%im_creature_view_names=1||%im_creature_view_hp=0||%im_creature_view_hp_bar=1||%im_creature_banner_bg=0 Creature -N +Hn -Hb +B||%im_creature_view_names=0||%im_creature_view_hp=1||%im_creature_view_hp_bar=0||%im_creature_banner_bg=1 Toggle Creature BG||%im_creature_banner_bg=! You can get the names of the require variables by right clicking the short description in the options window.
  6. I've fixed the ctrl+number issue and updated the Windows and Linux binaries, at the links above. The Snap and Flatpak versions are building. When I used the "daily cooldown reducer" you provided (thanks), it was counted just fine. Wow those are expensive!
  7. Sorry, forgot about the ctrl+number. I'm adding that. I've never used a "daily cooldown reducer". I presume it is consumed when used? Do you get the item name at the bottom of the inventory when you mouse over the item?
  8. You can get a windows build here: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.exe The Linux Flatpak dev and Snap edge packages are also available. Linux (mostly) static 64-bit and 32-bit.
  9. I've committed the code change for this feature. There's a new counter called "Used Items". Any successful use or use with of an item which is actually consumed, should be recorded by this counter. It is possible to miss a count if you have really bad server lag. It is also possible to trick the counter under some conditions but you have to be really quick and really determined! Saving the new counter is disabled by default but can be enabled using an option in the Options->Controls tab. NOTE: If enabled, the saved counters file is not compatible with previous versions of the client which, unfortunately, may crash when loading the new file. This issue is hopefully made explicitly clear in the help text for the enable option.
  10. macOS - 64-bit client - help needed

    @Ben nice work! And, no I'd not seen a graphical bug like that before.
  11. Its ready but the new counters file will not be compatible with previous clients. Worse still, a previous client could crash if it tries to load a new counters file. I've fixed this for the future but I just know someone will encounter this problem until a new client is released and everyone has to use it. I'm going to try to solve this before pushing the code change.
  12. Ah, no. Currently the item is counted when it is removed from the inventory. So a reconstruction day item that is not consumed would not get counted. I'm not sure how to cover that.
  13. macOS - 64-bit client - help needed

    OK. I've checked some more and I'm pretty sure the change I pointed you to is not your issue. I was pretty sure when I made it that it was not going to have additional impact other than fixing the restart issue and I've just tried a whole bunch of testing, again, to make myself pretty sure that's the case. I can only test on Linux though. However, if you are using the Sir Odie build from 06.05.2019, and that worked as you'd expect, then I'm doubly sure the above change is not your issue. That build was done after the above change was committed on 18th April. As far as I can tell. You either have to 1) start the client with the data directory as your working directory, 2) have a copy of servers.lst in your working directory, or 3) have a copy of servers.lst in the root directory of the users configuration directory tree. I presume Sir Odie does not modify the client in some way to make his builds work on MacOS.
  14. macOS - 64-bit client - help needed

    I've tried reverting the above change and there are still issues. If you start the client in the datadir, it all works, that's how it works for windows. For the Linux builds I do, I copy the needed files for new installs. I have to go AFK for a while but will have another look when I get back.
  15. macOS - 64-bit client - help needed

    I quickly checked and it appears that if datadir is set then the servers.lst file is found there correctly. This was using the -dir=<path> command line option. I need to check some more. Nope, scratch that, I was running from the source code directory which has a servers.lst file! That clean up is a different story. We need the change I suggested.