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  1. Version 1.9.5p9 of the EL client is ready for release. This is a stable release and recommended for everyone. The full list of changes can be read on the release page. The release brings lots of little new features, lots of bug fixes and lots of user interface updates - including a major change to use True Type fonts. There are some minor data changes and a bug fix for the sound so ensure you update the data and sound too (these are includes in the Linux packages). There are a set of fonts included in the data. You can switch to these using the command "#set_default_fonts". Also included are some default user menus. If you do not want these, then disable them by un-checking the "Standard Menu" option on the right-click options. Downloads: MacOS: both Intel (x86-64) and Apple Silicon (ARM64) Macs. Windows: 32-Bit installer or 64-Bit installer Linux: Flatpak Package (recommended), Snap Package, Debian and Ubuntu Packages or the Linux general installer Binary only downloads: Windows: 32-Bit executable and DLL files and 64-Bit executable and DLL files Linux: 32-bit (x86), 64 bit (x86), 32-bit (arm) (Set GPU memory 512M on a raspbery pi) and 64-bit (arm) Data Files: Data Files, Sound Files and Music Files
  2. On this, the json files are not held open by the client so it hard to see how they could have been corrupted by pulling the power. Unless the client was in the middle of writing changed back when it happened. Was it all the json files that were empty of just some?
  3. I've updated all the builds including the earlier published windows build (to include commits that were done for TT fonts while I was building). The version will be 1.9.5-20210405.15MM (the minutes vary). I've updated the first post.
  4. New client update available 1.9.5.p8

    The #quantity command is not in this version, you need the current development version.
  5. Change committed and windows builds updated. This rolls us forward to the latest git so I'll build the other packages too and update the top post with the full list of changes. One change you'll notice if you are using the True Type fonts, is that your selection will have been reset. This is an unfortunate side effects of changes that have been made so we can ship some nice fonts with the next point release.
  6. OK, I found the problem and its a one line fix which I'd commit now and build updated packages. Thanks for all the debugging, noticing the link to the user menus was the key. The details: There was a change in the file finding functions on windows recently which changed the file handle size. These functions are only used on windows. This exposed a bug in EL which was not using the proper type definition. I fixed this a few weeks ago elsewhere in the client but did not think to check for other usage. As I don't play on windows, I did not have the user menus enabled so didn't notice the bug was there too.
  7. I can't reproduce this problem. I've tried installing the update on top of a clean 1.9.5p8 install on my dev virtual machine environment and an old PC. @shadowgate if you still having issues with your own build, perhaps you could try running the client using the debugger and finding out were the crash is happening? Apologies if you already know this but.... From the msys terminal... First, use pacman to install the debugger "pacman -S gdb". Changed to the install directory for the client "cd <the path>" and run the debugger "gdb el.exe". At the "(gdb)" prompt, type "run". If and when the client crashes, type "where" at the (gdb) prompt and please post the output here. Thanks.
  8. Is it actually working for anyone other than me? I'll try on another machine and see what I can find.
  9. Please could you give more details. Which file did you download? What version were you previously running? If asked, did you let the package overwrite existing files? Did you get a error pop-up window, if so what did it say? Can you provide at least the last few files of the last log file?
  10. I have still not tracked down anything to help with the crashing issue. For those experiences crashes, you could try switching off "use_compiled_vertex_array" as apparently that can cause issues on other platforms even if it is supported. There's a app called "OpenGL ES Extensions" by "Realtech VR" that gives you information about your devices GL support. This could help us identify the differences. The app contains ads and I cannot vouch for its its safety. It does only require limited privileges though. My main device that appears to work fine has a "PowerVR GX6250" graphics card, I'll try to extract more information. Anyway, I have a new build with the latest changes available at the normal link. Version el-1.9.5-20210223.2156
  11. Android or other tablet keyboard

    That's the function used in the android client. There's a new version that improved the text entry. Taping an input field opens the keyboard. In game window and console mode long pressing the input areas opens the keyboard. In full console mode you can also swipe right to open the keyboard. The new client puts the input field at the top of the screen and does not write over the console text.
  12. el screen

    Looks very similar to other people having video issues unrelated to EL: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=horizontal+green+lines Suggested cause include faulty monitors, cables, drivers and graphic cards.
  13. Login problem after changing password

    I've added validation checking to the #change_pass command before sending it to the server. This is now consistent validation for the login screen, new character screen, #change_pass and the password manager. I have also include help if #change_pass fails about the valid format. While doing these changes I noticed the login screen was not producing an error message if you were disconnected from the server; it now does produce a message.
  14. Login problem after changing password

    If you put a space in you new password, the actual new password will be the bit before the space I suspect. If you use the password manager, there is a bug though because the new password is not saved if there is a space. I'll look at fixing that. A space is not a valid character for an EL password and you cannot enter a space at the login screen or new character screen. There should be no freeze. You should be getting a red error message on-screen because the password is incorrect.
  15. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    Excellent again. Very interesting to see the new content too.