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  1. request for Alt ether toggles

    I was surprised to find out there were not keys already defined. This would be a simple change so if anyone is interested in starting out offering code patches, this is one for you. I've added it to the github issues list so just comment that you are picking it up.
  2. In the past, I've done the same. But I've done that largly to keep separate logins stored and the only way to do that was using separate el.ini files. Now, I'm going to simplify my use of configuration directories and have one for main and one for test only.
  3. This build/feature has not changed the way the configuration directories works. If you have test server setup using a test config directory rather than main, it will maintain a separate username/password file and password key to main.
  4. The el.exe download is just the executable, not the installer. You need to put the el.exe file in the directory where you installed the full EL package.
  5. I quite like that, perhaps it could be made an option. Are you copying the new el.exe file into the same directory as your existing install (you can rename the old or the new file to keep the old)? Did you install the game from the standard download or are you using one from somewhere else? Perhaps one of Sir_Odie's builds? Thanks for trying it both!
  6. I've completed a first version of this feature. Its turned off by default an can be enabled on the server tab of the settings window. The Login, New Character and Settings buttons all behave as before. The login screen has a new button, I've reused the buddy icon. The "open/close..." text is shown when you mouse over the button with the feature enabled. Mouse over with the feature disabled and you get a different message with help on how to enable the feature. You click the button to open a window with the list of characters to select from. The image is not showing valid characters.... Left clicking a character name, sets the login fields and logs you in immediately. Right clicking just fills in the login fields. Both actions close the window. If you check the "show passwords" button, then the window shows your passwords for each character. The list of character names starts empty. With the feature enabled, any successful login is saved (if not already in the list) and is then available from the list for next time. An existing user name will be updated if the password is different from that saved. If you use the #change_pass command within he game, the new password will be saved for next time. If you create a new character, and login, the login details are also saved. I have not yet added the show/hide feature. I have not yet added the feature to show character stats. These are still options to add. I'm not sure if the "show password" button, is really needed. The login details are stored in a file in your configuration directory, the same location as the el.ini file. The logins are stored in the file passmngr_logins and the passwords are encrypted with a simple xor cipher. The key for this is generated when you first run with the feature enabled and is saved in another file called passmngr_key. This gives some protection to the passwords but not much. I was not sure this was needed either but it was fun to implement. Please give this a try. You can build a new client containing this feature from the latest git. Or download builds for windows and Linux here: Windows: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.exe I'd recommend my Flatpak build for Linux users, you will need the dev version, or the Snap (Edge version) from the Snap Store. Otherwise..... Linux 32 bit static: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.i686.linux.bin.static Linux 64 bit static: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.x86_64.linux.bin.static Let me know your thoughts......
  7. EL on the raspberry pi

    You can also try my snap package. Comes complete with everything and should just run... On a pi 3 B, I get about 7 FPS inside and 1 fps outside but I've not accelerated the graphics. https://snapcraft.io/eternallands https://docs.snapcraft.io/installing-snap-on-raspbian/
  8. Negative session hours

    Yep, if you look at the left-hand side of the tab (were it says session at the top of the window), its not a straight line. This can usually be fixed by setting the "adjust graphics x/y" options. This setting also impacts button text, scrolls bars and misc other stuff. It purely cosmetic but has been in the client for years.
  9. Negative session hours

    Mostly fixed in the git repo. Its mostly fixed because OpenGL time wraps about 49 days after initialisation. However, the time calc for the session display was using a signed int rather than the unsigned int that the OpenGL clock uses. The fix will keep things working up to the OpenGL time wrap, of about 1193 hours, it will then wrap round to 0. BTW Diealot. Looking at your screen shot, I see you can clean up your graphics alignment (your tabs are a little off) using the setting on the trouble shooting tab of the in game options.
  10. I had not thought about hiding or removing names but that's a good idea; keep them coming! I'll have a look at implementing this. Would something like this work for you Affliction?
  11. I've been thinking about adding exactly this functionality for ages. It would not allow you to select separate configurations/servers but most files are tagged with the player name. For server and configuration (data location) selection, you currently need an external launcher. The Linux packages I produce do have a separate launcher but that does not work on other platforms. On Linux, you can also select configurations by right-clicking the game icon. For me RipTides suggestion allows for simple selection of characters using the same server/configuration and an easy way to save passwords. It would also be compatible with the existing separate configuration/server features.
  12. Unable to Harvest occasionally

    Do you get the harvest cursor? Can you use the eye cursor and click to get descriptions?
  13. Paste Causes Client Crash

    I could not reproduce this on Windows either but I've changed the code a bit to handling invalid input; Git has the changes to you can build and try it out. The Windows, Linux and Mac sections of the paste code are all handled differently due to OS differences. I have no way of even compiling on Mac so while it looks to have simile issues in the code to Windows, I'm reluctant to made changes I can't test. Anyone else up for looking at the Mac version?
  14. Paste Causes Client Crash

    I can't reproduce this on Linux but I'll have a look.