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  1. Spooky goings on

    Via Wolf's Meds This night came quietly and swiftly, like any other night. Only it wasn't. Mortimer bolted upright from his sleep. He lay in a pool of sweat, his heart racing. He threw his legs over the side of his bed and sat for a moment, scratched his goatee, ran his fingers through his thick black sweat matted hair, and stood. His legs trembled for a moment. They felt weak and like jelly. "Somethings amiss here." He whispered to himself. Morty stumbled around in the cold darkness of his room and found his candle. He then made his way into Lulu's room. The sun was just starting its rise by now. He stood in the doorway to his sisters room, the candle in his hand very dimly lighting it. He spoke softly, "Is all well dearest Lulu?" Silence. No response. "Lulu?" He said louder as he creeped closer to her bed. The candle light slowly illuminated the room as he came closer, revealing- "BLOOD!" Gasped Morty. Blood! Blood all over the bed sheets. All over the fleshy mass sleeping beneathe! "Who has done this!" He screamed, frantically backing away, "May Aluwen curse you!!!" CRAAAAAAACK! THUMP! Mortimer lay on the floor lifelessly. The stool he tripped on lay broken beside him. The sun was just going down over the western mountains when Morty regained conciousness. He brought himself to his hands and knees, trembling in fear. The room smelled of rotting meat. He crawled over to his sisters bedside. He swallowed hard, the walls of his throat petrified in fear. The hairs on his neck stood at horrified attention. With a shakey hand he slowly pulled the blanket off the mass of flesh and blood. And there it lay, a butchered and dismembered boar. "Guuuuuuugh" Moaned Mortimer in a mixed sigh of relief and repulse. He stood up. He could feel the blood rushing through his body once again now that he was no longer afraid. But where is Lulu then? He thought to himself. Grrrrrrrrrrlllk! His stomache growled. Needing some food and some time to piece together the day's events, he went into the kitchen to prepare himself a big heaping bowl of boar stew. He reached into a cupboard for a cooking pot, thats when he first heard it. Very faintly. Nrrr gaaaaa giiiiii yoooooo His large pointed elvish ears were sure he heard it! He strained his ears to hear again. Nrrr gaaaaa leeeeeeh yooooo duuuuun Yes! He was sure now! But what was that strange music? He trotted outside, just in front of his doorway, the sun now completely down. The music was still faint. He looked to the south. His ears twitched. "There," He said outloud," is where it's coming from. Maybe Lulu was taken there." But that's where Orvimon Cemetary is, he thought. The cemetary. The one place he dreaded since childhood. No matter. I have to find Lulu. So he set out from his house by the west gate of Tarsengaard city, down the cobblestoned street Past the tavern smelling of bread and meat, sounding of drunks and bards. How could have Lulu been taken, he pondered. Past the blacksmith, he grabbed a dagger on an outside display, hoping to return it before the smith noticed its absence. She made no noise to awaken me. Past the storage, brightly lit yet complete quietness that could only come from the alchemists and crafters hard at work. Everything was in its place as if there was no fight. Past the southern city gate. Did she even resist? Morty stopped here for a moment and listened hard; Neeeeeer gooaaa ruuuuu uuuuund It's getting louder! May I stay on the right path. He continued on. Past Sero's Pond. What a strange unearthly music, he continued thinking. Past the Chrysanthemum's he and Lulu would pick in the spring time. Almost as if Mother Nature is singing of death. Into the darkness he kept going, the cold autumn night air stinging his cheeks. It's like nothing my ears have tasted before. Not music of elvish nor dwarvish. Nor any other creature. He stopped. The cemetary gates. He listened. aaaa dee errrt yooo It was almost clear as day! Mortimer gulped as he slowly pushed open the iron cemetary gate. Wrrrrreeeeeeeeeeek! He trotted in, dead trees whipping him with their branches as he ran past. "Lulu!" He cried. He was almost to where the cemetary meets the mountainous walls. And there he saw it. A blood pentegram with candles scattered everywhere. And in the center of the pentagram was a red headed human, with Lulu in his arms. It's him! He's causing this strange music! And the human sang, this time Morty was close enough to hear clearly. Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie "RICK ASTLEY!" Yelled Mortimer. "RELEASE HER AT ONCE!" He looked up at Morty. Mortimer growled, "You are not welcome in this game. Lulu! Don't believe his lies!" But his sister layed there limp, swooned. Mortimer drew his dagger and charged! He pounced on Rick Astley and drove his dagger into his shoulder! YARGGGGGGGH! Screamed Rick in pain as he threw Morty off him. CRRRRRR SHHHHHHHWOOOOOO! Morty withered in pain as Rick's stab wound healed from the Life Drain spell! Mortimer grew still, his eyes glazed, staring into nothingness. Rick Astley returned to the pentagram and finished chanting his spell. Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around And desert you Never make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie And hurt you And at that there was a blinding flash of white light... Mortimer's sister taken away by Rick Astley's hypnotic evil meme spell. IGN: Wolf
  2. Worst Thing That Has Happened To You

    Mines not too bad.. When I was a noob I harvested fruits for a loooong time and sold them to the tavern in Portland so I could buy a monster magnetism cloak ( I loved exploring EL without fear). The announcement for an invasion, located in Morcraven, came. I was really new at the time, didn't know invasion monters ignored mm. I wanted to watch, headed full speed into a moshpit full of trolls and was ripped to shreads. I went back to square one harvesting for a long time until I could buy another. It was a nice cape... Up until I thought I was strong enough to kill a goblin rofl
  3. noob/newbie

    Very nice You left out (though less commonly used?) nub, nab, knoob, nvb, choob, ch00b, and possibly even b00n I would know ^^ kthnx
  4. new game

    Looool Those graphics look so stunning
  5. How fast r y00?

  6. Server down or my internet?

    I'm having the same problems, in Colorado. I also cannot view the players online page and have tried on two different computers. Beh, Servers down that means I can go eat. @ Weeverdas, I do, I tried disabling it after the first time, no luck
  7. Eternal Buzz

    Same =x I have a headset/ teamspeak and other communicable programs if you're going to get a team together.
  8. Eternal Buzz

    From many of the pod casts I have listened to, unprofessional and unscripted tend to be funnier and more interesting at times, other times they can sound almost awkward, imho. But keep in mind younger players may want to listen to it ( If you have no plan on editing) =s
  9. Eternal Buzz

    I'd love to see this happen, sounds great for when you're harvesting and getting bored of youtubing videos. Personally I'd like to see/ hear interviews on different people/ guilds.
  10. Eliminate storage chat window

    Agree w/no storage chat window. When I talk to a storage npc I do so because I want my st00f and I want it now. Not because I want to know how their life is.
  11. Desktop Pics!

    Half those games I gave a try but did not keep playing =/ Just never got around to uninstalling Edit: typo
  12. Support a good cause & win big prizes

    Hello, I would like to know if you are accepting prize donations (still?). Edit: Just noticed it ends very soon. But if you are let me know.
  13. Whats your reason?

    I picked 'LoneWolfStrider' back in the anti social days Liked the way it sounded and it kind of became my alter ego =P
  14. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    Once I had run to walmart quickly because I needed to get some angel hair pasta cause I was making shrimp scampi and hadn't noticed we were out. I didn't see a price below the angel hair and I had about 10 boxes and was low on cash so I hunted down a price scanner, which wasn't working. There was an employee nearby and without thinking I walked up to him and said 'PC Angel hair?' So awkward >_<
  15. Whats your favorite AD?

    Snickers Commercial 'Happy peanuts soar over chocolate covered mountain tops and waterfalls of caramel. Prancing nuget in the meadow sings a song of satisfaction to the world.' I know I watch too much tv, stfu >_<