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  1. old account stuck on tutorial

    That's what was wrong. Thanks I finished the tutorial.
  2. old account stuck on tutorial

    I have this old account named miner2049er it is older than the tutorial quest. It may have done the journey quest. I got to the part where the tutorial NPC ask you start the journey quest with the wraith. The wraith won't let me start the journey quest and the tutorial NPC wont let progress.
  3. Can't walk into outhouses.

    I tried asking on general help channel. Other people have no difficulty whatsoever. I use windows 8. I was able to do it one time.
  4. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    What does it mean to "small mana"? Is there less mana required per spell there?
  5. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    How about calling it divining and having things appear in inventory and you get a message saying you found somthing. This would not negatively effect anything.
  6. New idea

    will you be able to change your affilation when you reset?
  7. Today's "Little" Invasion

    funny screen shot gilian. I liked the invasion. I didn't mind it being long. When i died i just decided i had my fill of invasion and went and lvl'd harvest.
  8. book seller on grubani penninsula

    nevermind it's not supposed to have name in window.
  9. book seller on grubani penninsula

    the book seller on grubani penninsula doesn't show his face in window when you check what books he has. he has a name over his head but not in the window.