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  1. Selling/Buying

    Selling... Red Drag Helm of Life and Mana - 105k Titanium Shield - 32k 4 Cheap Cutlass - 10k ea 111 Magic Arrows - 75ea Buying.... No More Tears Cape - PM ME Ingame --- Noob
  2. One character per person at a time

    yes all the way, if i cant have alts no one can ^^
  3. Who the hell are you?

    no i did sell them all unfortantly, and am currenlty banned on main waiting for Radu to message me back. Hint: :> but if someone donated a crappy one id love to.
  4. Who the hell are you?

    hehe wouldnt it be nice if i returned as well :>?
  5. Excuse me~

    wow you really must be like 10, cause your english isnt the best, and you spell like a child. Btw, and that 122 ova pic is over 2 years old, so please show me all 120s a/dova 2 years ago. oh wait! you werent one! so you have no clue.
  6. Excuse me~

    Des, its not the scamming thing that got him locked lol, He scammed me for char, and illegally moved my nmt from char to his. And in the past year he has been multi playing. So it wont be that easy
  7. Banned, after scammed.

    The thing is scamming isnt illegal, its just frouned upon, and i told you. i own Mrdekke and Neko. That is it. my wife owns Ninjette42o and thats all
  8. Excuse me~

    read up a lil desweer, their is like 30 of them on that ip :/
  9. Excuse me~

    i didnt get my self banned, you got me banned for your illegal activities on my character you nub.
  10. Banned, after scammed.

    Lol, i read yours, and it seems you have like 100 alts on your ip. i have 3. NeKo, MrDeKkE, Ninjette42o *mywife*. And we dont even share characters. I didnt even do anything illegal and you did and your still being rude and disrespectful after aislinn even Considered unlocking you. IMO: Char buyers like you dont deserve to play. You ruined 2 good names, Kreamz and Jay. Congrats.
  11. Banned, after scammed.

    so banned for not even commiting a crime and thats that? just for YOU thinking i was doing something illegal doesnt mean i was. once a criminal always a criminal huh? think a killer learns after his 6-8years in prison, i learned well from my previous experiences, but you dont seem to believe me?
  12. Banned, after scammed.

    well im off to store for xmas shopping, maybe i buy joo a ficus. ill settle this later.
  13. Banned, after scammed.

    and what does this log prove? if i cant see it or know anything about it how am i suppose to defend my case? that makes no sense what so ever, if i did it i dont see why i cant see what ive done that proves me wrong in anyway. if they want privacy edit it out so kreamz name not all over it.
  14. Banned, after scammed.

    i love how its confidental when its about my ban rofl. lol if you have proof of something i apprently did how is that confidental? also if its that confidental just forum message it to me.