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  1. very old players

    Well visiting after long time. In forum since 2007. In game couple of years earlier. - Darky
  2. Experience Books

    I am an old timer and just saw the update today. Experience books. This is a great idea. To be very frank I always thought there should be something ongoing to do with your research potential. These book will fill up a great void. Thanks Radu from some very happy researcher. - Darky
  3. Peace Day?

    I would prefer peace day with no MINES. -Darky
  4. Hi All, I have a Coord removal stone and as such I do not play on PK server but I think it will be interesting to have a PK Server account. Does any has an offer for coord removal stone to PK server payment for me? (dark09) Also I am not sure if this is a valid trade. If it is not as per rules then I will request mod to lock the thread or delete as applicable. Thanks -Darky
  5. Your personal moment of glory

    My moment of glory. Getting a giant on my kill counter... Yup I have 5 giant on my kill counter by now. The first one was really special. by the way, i did not kill it alone. I was part of crowd attacking Giant in Idaloran and it died. - Dark09
  6. Little Dekke!

    Congratz to proud parents and best wishes to baby. -Darky
  7. polite request..

    *blush* I admit..I am a terrible fighter..but i just wantd to end the pain of that Chim.. Guess he was stronger then I tought he was..my butt still hurts Jez Lucky she was not carrying rosto as rosto loss (16k) would be almost as much as the items dropped. -Darky
  8. "Market" value of EFE?

    An EFE costs 2US$. Fair price of gc to $ is about 3.5k. So to keep EL shop competitive EFE should be worth 7k. Current price is 6k. so it can go up a little. By the way serp stone are way under valued in game. But this is just my opinion. -Darky
  9. NDD Invasions

    Will it be possible to get gates for Idaloran cemetary. So Cemetary is separate from all of Ida and player coming out of hell has a safe area as well they can use ring/Tele to range/tele to Portal room from there. This will be great for invasion and there can be monster inside and outside gate. Killing the ones inside cemetary will secure area for player coming out of hell. -Darky
  10. I killed a chim!

    Gratz. I also got cyclops on my counter. Well someday i will also have DC/MC/AC. but cyclops will do for now. -Darky
  11. weekend invasions

    Well just for laughs not many things were sold. They were offered for the cause. But on the other hand mixer have 6 days to make what will be used in one day. -Darky
  12. Weekend day for invasion

    I am in US but I will also prefer Sat. - Darky
  13. Testing the extra storage space

    Will there be some way to get storage list in chat log? #sto working in windows is cool. Thanks, Darky
  14. Tailoring

    I will suggest give keep low exp on starting product and keep the high rec lvl for higher product. So not many high level product will be there. Also need 2pp to start the skill. Lowest level product can be made with 2 nexus. So it is initial investment you need to get started. -Darky
  15. Will it be a good idea to have all monster in Invasion mode? For one thing MM perk will loose meaning and monster will not ignore at any def level. On the other hand it provide a newer way for spread of civilization from IP outwards. After all you should need player who fight black bear before you can venture VOTD where a bear is roaming or Portland where a goblin visits. Yes in this case also people will be taking risk and getting into hostile territory and reaping the benefits. The main impact will be you need to have some fighting skill before venturing out in the hostile territory. And you need to sneak not just against PKers but also against hostile monsters. Thanks, -Darky