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  1. PgMasTer

    I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking that I'm stuipd. Anyone selling iron cuisses?
  2. PgMasTer

    I was minding my own business at WS storage, when Pgmaster asks me for a/d and then he wants to pvp. So I agree and I'm stupid enough to go with armor. Just to let everyone know, I was extremely stupid and I shouldn't have done it, so instead of yelling at me, just let me yell at myself. So we go into the arena in WSC and he kills me almost immediately. I go back and he gives me my stuff back. We try again, I die, and I get my stuff back. We do it a few more times and each time I get my stuff back. Then I die and drop my cuisses, helm, and shield. Next thing I know, he's logged off. I was taken in by his willingness to give back my stuff - that is, until he got the good stuff. And yes, as I said before, I was stupid.
  3. Looking For A Guild

    I'm looking for a non-PK guild (or at least non-PK for the most part) that either heals/helps people, works on alchemy and/or magic, or both. My stats: Attack: 16 Defense: 17 Harvest: 29 Alchemy: 26 Magic: 12 Potion: 3 Summoning: 0 Manufacturing: 9 Crafting: 10 Engineering: 0 One last note: I don't want a guild that requires you to be very active. I have a few other games that I like to play, so I try to distribute playing time among them. During the school year, I can only play on weekends. So, please, no guilds that require you to play a certain number of days per week/month, etc.
  4. -Nobles of the Eternal Lands-

    I'd love to join, but I can't register on the forums. Whenever I do, I hit submit and I get a page that says It's trying to go to http://nel.fopim.com/profile.php
  5. FreeZone and DeMoNoP

    I guess VOTD wasn't a very safe place today. I saw skyfire at the storage too.
  6. FreeZone and DeMoNoP

    This morning, two potential scammers (or one person, who knows?) saw me in VOTD wearing my armor, and I guess they thought it would be fun to try to take it. They were FreeZone of Kult and DeMoNoP, who was in XXX as of seven days ago. The chat log with Demonop is a little less evidence, but it sure reeks of scam. I deleted all the irrelevant stuff, like GMs and chat between other players at the storage. Demonop PM'd me right after I put my stuff away in storage, when I was planning to go along with Freezone's plan. Then I didn't hear from him until right after Freezone logged off. I'm not sure, but they have the potential to be the same person, especially since Freezone knew about Demonop's talk with me, and they aren't even in the same guild. [08:34:15] [PM from FreeZone: hi] [08:34:21] [PM to FreeZone: hi] [08:34:38] [PM from FreeZone: come to votd I can show you fantastic place but not PK] [08:34:50] [PM from FreeZone: come to sto] [08:34:55] [PM to FreeZone: ok] [08:35:16] [PM from FreeZone: folow me] [08:35:23] [PM to FreeZone: hold on] [08:35:29] [PM from DeMoNoP: faow me] [08:35:37] [PM from FreeZone: folow me] I take off my armor and put it in storage at this point [08:35:59] [PM from FreeZone: dont turn your armor] [08:36:08] [PM to FreeZone: and why not?] [08:36:27] [PM from FreeZone: because I can heal you ] [08:36:43] [PM to FreeZone: I can heal myself] [08:36:48] [PM from FreeZone: wow] [08:36:54] [PM to FreeZone: you just want my stuff, huh?] [08:36:59] [PM from FreeZone: no] [08:37:14] [PM to FreeZone: then there shouldn't be any problem with me taking my armor off] [08:37:23] [PM to FreeZone: I have MM] [08:37:48] [PM from FreeZone: I know but you must take your armor ] [08:37:52] [PM from FreeZone: trust me] [08:37:54] [PM to FreeZone: why?] [08:38:07] [PM from FreeZone: I know the place where you can get some exp ] [08:38:12] [PM from FreeZone: nice exp ] [08:38:26] [PM from FreeZone: I take yourself] [08:38:29] [PM to FreeZone: if it's good, then I'll come back, get my armor, and go back there] [08:38:55] [PM from FreeZone: take armor] [08:39:01] [PM to FreeZone: I don't need it] [08:39:02] [PM from FreeZone: I take mine] [08:39:11] No player is in the game with the name of FreeZone Then, he comes back later and wants me to train with him. Whaddya know, I need to bring armor, he says! Uh huh... Like I'm actually going to listen to you. [09:12:05] [PM from FreeZone: hi again] [09:12:10] [PM to FreeZone: hi] [09:12:14] [PM from FreeZone: sorry but I must log out] [09:12:24] [PM to FreeZone: why?] [09:12:26] [PM from FreeZone: Dont trust him] [09:12:34] [PM to FreeZone: who, you?] [09:12:34] [PM from FreeZone: I must learn to school] [09:12:48] [PM from FreeZone: eheheh very funny ] [09:12:50] [PM to FreeZone: you aren't making any sense] [09:12:55] [PM from FreeZone: Demonop is a scammer] [09:13:20] [PM to FreeZone: yeah, but you wouldn't take me even though I have MM and I can heal myself] [09:13:33] [PM from FreeZone: can we train?] [09:13:35] [PM to FreeZone: and how did you even know demonop talked to me?] [09:13:43] [PM from FreeZone: great ] [09:13:49] [PM to FreeZone: what?] [09:14:23] [PM from FreeZone: beacause demonop talking to me and he say if I go with him he give me 10k ] [09:14:30] [PM from FreeZone: He's stiupid] [09:14:35] [PM from FreeZone: stupi*] [09:14:44] [PM from FreeZone: Can we train?] [09:14:52] [PM to FreeZone: as long as it's naked] [09:15:17] [PM from FreeZone: can we train??] [09:15:24] [PM to FreeZone: refer to my last PM] [09:16:07] [PM from FreeZone: so?] [09:16:20] [PM to FreeZone: I said as long as we do it naked] [09:16:53] [PM from FreeZone: i dont understand] [09:17:02] [PM to FreeZone: with no armor or weapons] [09:17:27] [PM from FreeZone: I can kill you when you dont take armor I promise I dont kill you] [09:17:38] [PM from FreeZone: I dont take mine] [09:18:05] [PM to FreeZone: then we can stop fighting when I get low on health so I don't die] [09:18:13] [PM from FreeZone: ok] [09:18:15] [PM from FreeZone: np] [09:18:30] [PM from FreeZone: I'm here] Once again, I put my armor away at this point [09:18:42] [PM from FreeZone: I can give you some he when you didnt have] [09:18:58] [PM to FreeZone: I have he] [09:18:58] [PM from FreeZone: take your armor] [09:19:11] [PM to FreeZone: I already said I'm not going to take my armor] [09:19:31] [PM from FreeZone: but when you dont take your armor I can kill you] [09:19:39] [PM from FreeZone: when we train] [09:19:48] [PM to FreeZone: then as I said before, we can disengage before I die] [09:20:00] [PM to FreeZone: or I can heal myself] [09:20:02] [PM from FreeZone: I PROMISE I dont kill you I can give you diss ring ] [09:20:18] [PM to FreeZone: fine with me] [09:20:32] [PM from FreeZone: we can stop fight when you have low HP points] [09:20:37] [PM to FreeZone: yes] [09:20:46] [PM from FreeZone: so take your armor and start traning] [09:21:00] [PM to FreeZone: I said I'm not going to take my armor. What don't you understand about that?] [09:21:14] [PM from FreeZone: why are you dont take your armor??] [09:21:27] [PM to FreeZone: look back through the chat and you'll see why] [09:21:32] [PM from FreeZone: you dont understand when you have low HP you can use diss ring] [09:21:46] [PM to FreeZone: exactly. That's why I don't need armor] [09:22:27] [PM from FreeZone: lol with armor I dont kill you] [09:22:44] [PM to FreeZone: I won't bring armor and I'll diss when I get low HP] [09:24:04] [PM from FreeZone: you can kill me] [09:24:10] [PM to FreeZone: ok] [09:24:28] [PM to FreeZone: so are you ready?] [09:25:17] [PM from FreeZone: come with armor] [09:25:23] [PM to FreeZone: I already said no] [09:25:29] [PM from FreeZone: what is your stats?] [09:25:34] [PM to FreeZone: do you have selective reading or something?] [09:25:55] [PM to FreeZone: my stats are low] [09:26:00] [PM from FreeZone: come with armor and we can train plz come] [09:26:25] [PM to FreeZone: I already said I WON'T BRING ANY ARMOR!!!] [09:26:36] [PM to FreeZone: got it?] [09:27:17] [PM to FreeZone: we're taking so long that I'm going to have to go soon] [09:28:49] [PM to FreeZone: forget it. You're not getting my armor. I'm going now] Dude, you're stupider than you say Demonop is. You keep contradicting yourself. Here's the chat with Demonop: [08:44:39] [PM from DeMoNoP: falow me] [08:44:52] [PM to DeMoNoP: ok, hold on] [08:45:34] [PM from DeMoNoP: whe are you] [08:45:45] [PM to DeMoNoP: VOTD sto] At this point, I put my armor away and he sees me doing it. He goes to the storage and walks around, not saying anything to me. [08:47:04] [PM to DeMoNoP: ready?] [08:47:09] [PM from DeMoNoP: no] [08:49:47] [PM to DeMoNoP: well?] [08:50:07] [PM from DeMoNoP: no] [08:50:10] [PM from DeMoNoP: byby] [08:50:19] [PM to DeMoNoP: nice scam attempt] [08:50:49] [PM to DeMoNoP: I'm not that stupid] [08:51:21] [PM from DeMoNoP: hurry up] [08:51:27] [PM from DeMoNoP: sry] [08:51:31] [PM to DeMoNoP: you said you wouldn't take me] [08:51:51] [PM to DeMoNoP: but if I put my armor back on, you would, huh?] [08:52:02] [PM from DeMoNoP: bby] [08:52:25] [PM to DeMoNoP: good luck in scamming others >_<] [08:52:30] [PM from DeMoNoP: no] [08:52:44] [PM to DeMoNoP: then why not take me?] I didn't hear from him after that.
  7. I'm selling an enriched fire essence for 4k gc. Plus, if you want it, you get 150 free regular fire essences with the enriched one! I'm open to negotiations as well. PM me on these forums first, then I'll give them to you in game. Edit: Now I have 2. Since I still haven't gotten any offers, you can buy both of them for 6k with the 150 fire essences for free. Or, if you only want one, you can buy it for 4k (or negotiate for a different price) and if you want, you can take the 150 fire essences as well. If you do, free essence deal is void for the second enriched essence. So if you want the free ones, take this offer now before someone else does! Once again, PM me on these forums and I'll give it/them in game.
  8. is this a newcomer to you?

    It's an online game where all you really do is meet people and chat with them. http://habbo.com
  9. Mage Guild

    Nevermind, I'm joining a guild.
  10. If you're new and you need something that's only sold in a place where there are monsters (but not a PK map) and you don't have the Monster Magnetism perk or cloak, I'll buy it for you. They have to be sold only in a map that has monsters. Don't try to make me go buy thread, because you can do that in White Stone without worrying about the goblin at night. Post here if you want something, like a book or a weapon. Post your ingame name and where you'd like to meet. We'll work out a good date and time so you can give me the money, I can buy it, and give you the item. If you're thinking, "This is a scam", you're wrong. I would never scam anyone. You can ask DarkHedos (I don't know if he's registered on the forums) and he'll tell you that I wouldn't scam you. I gave him his DB's back and then I bought 3 books for him, with his money that he gave me. As long as you don't leave the game or move to a different spot without telling me, you'll get your stuff. Basically, I'll buy the following for you: Books Weapons Other stuff that might be sold somewhere with monsters. Remember, this service is only for new players, and all you have to pay is the amount for the item. I get no profit, unless you want to donate something. My name ingame is Nushi.
  11. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    On my second day in game, I went to WS to check it out after having seen a little of it from the NPC quest. I saw a deer and thought, "This shouldn't be too hard to kill. I have a sword and some leather armor." So I attack it and I got killed in about 5 seconds. I lost my sword and armor. Another time, I said I was selling beaver fur, and someone asked how much I was selling it for. Being the noob that I was, I said 5k, thinking that the currency was "k" instead of gc. I also went into Grubani Peninsula once, after I had gotten over most of my noobishness. But I was (and am) still weak, so when I went to the Grubani Peninsula entrance, since it didn't say that I was entering a PK map, I went in. I thought, "Yay, another map to explore!" Yeah, right. I sent myself down to the book seller there, near the bottom of the map, and went off to search Google for pictures. The next time I looked at EL, I saw that I had died. I was wondering how someone killed me, since it didn't say it was a PK map. I even went back to the entrance to see if I had missed the message. Finally, I looked around a few sites and saw that there are monsters in there. "Oooh. That's how I was killed. "
  12. Good, free, Mac MMORPG's?

    RS is for the Mac? I always thought it was only for PC's. I'll try Oberin. And I guess I'll just give the wrong phone number and address.
  13. Good, free, Mac MMORPG's?

    Didn't think so. There aren't many for the Mac.
  14. Animal Stuff

    I just don't have the time to get all of them. At my rate, you'd get your orders next year at the earliest. Edit: to make it easier on you guys, since you wouldn't get as many stuff as you ordered, I'm just going to drop them in various places around Tirnwood Vale in White Stone. That way you don't have to pay, either.
  15. Does anyone know of a good, free, MMORPG for the Mac that doesn't ask for your address or phone number? Not EL, smart alecks. I play EL and it's fun, but I'd like a change every so often.