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  1. ranging archery events

  2. PK Mortos spawned Invasions

    Even though i'm not on the pk server, surely everyone would just pk each other therefore no point invasion?
  3. Pumplex (not sure)

    He has now been locked before any damage was done thanks
  4. Pumplex (not sure)

    i spoke to eden:
  5. Pumplex (not sure)

    I'm not really sure wether he was scamming or not, says his friend eden had it done for him before (hes in ca£h guild) maybe som1 can go check with pumplex, (who has spare gc) to see wether he actually does this: and then my guildy said:
  6. Siggs & Avvs 2

    can i have one
  7. eGow guild

    I will never leave this GREAT guild! Having me in the guild is just the best as well.
  8. Quote of the week submissions

    About my alt-x incident, I hadn't been playing for 6 months so forgotten everything Not my fault
  9. Downloading music

    I just get sound, no music still -_- EDIT: Went on http://osmirrors.cerias.purdue.edu/pub/FreeBSD/distfiles/el/ and got the old music.
  10. Downloading music

    Whenever i click on the hyperlinks for the music downloads, i get this: If this is wrong forum please tell me. Didn't know which one to use. Thanks.
  11. Pre RC 11

    Just realised that fem orcs arms are really wierd all of a sudden:
  12. P2P renewal

    if i pay $30 will i be able to change my looks and race?
  13. Pre RC 11

    when i press alt+enter my characters dissapear EDIT: but when i restart the client its fixed
  14. Pre RC 11

    works fine thanks and has done since pre RC 2 EDIT: UVP is 1 (always has been)
  15. Voice

    Sir_exeus pmed me yesterday saying download this voice thing called teamspeak 2 RC and today we spoke to each other on it, maybe this can be put into EL one day? In it's own way? I just saying, it might be a bad idea i dont know.