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    this is unfair and unjust i wish 2 appeal my termination and challenge the decision made by learner i broke no rule just cause my char is evil in nature dont mean i dont get the same rihts as every 1 who plays this game!

    So are u saying that because my character is "evil" i dont have the same rights as every other person in el i broke no rules i wasnt good but broke no rules....

    i gave the char 2 afriend so i no longer owned the char and he gave me the stuff i broke no rule masne if u can check the ip logs do it man im tellin u i broke no rules:\ im not sayn what i did was rite but i didnt break rules in doing so

    u know what not a scammer i broke no rule she gave me the pass

    no i gave some 1 else the char check the last ip log i dont even have the cahr anymopre i gave 2 a friend i dont multi log i didnt want the char i gave 2 some1 else so am i banned?

    im onm the same pc its not banned i dont think i just cant log in

    Hi yes i had a namechange this is Bane i was DarkDante i cant log in why pls help:( i have broke no rules if its the thing with helga i have broke no rule rule 4 do not give out your password once you have givn out your password to anyoneeven for the purpose of charecter sharing you relenquish all rights to that character. Eternal Lands is not responcible for the return of your charecter or account, or for the actions of your charactar once you have disclosed your password :/some 1 pls hepl me i get noi message no bar no nothing wheni type my name and p[ass in
  8. ORACLE SCAMMED ME 20k gc fro his char:(

    well idc anymore ive been scammed 2much and quite frankly i trust no1 lol:(
  9. H4wk1

    i saw him take it LOL the idiot took it i asked him if he got it he said no after he picked it up i was hurt some friend
  10. H4wk1

    [13:18:37] #GM from DarkDante: i saved some1's db hes pm'n the guild he wants 2 join lol [13:18:40] Zilvador was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. [13:18:49] [LiquiD @ 3]: Buying Bone of Death - PM. [13:18:50] [Lookin4AnAngel @ 3]: buying feasting pots!!! [13:19:00] [Melin @ 3]: selling iron sword of fire book, pm [13:19:02] #GM from TuffEnuff: kewl [13:19:02] #GM from caecus: who [13:19:18] #GM from DarkDante: tennflamecaster [13:19:35] [PM to H4WK1: do you know him i saved his db noob bag] [13:19:40] [PM from H4WK1: what was in the db?] [13:19:54] [MizeraCZ @ 3]: trading jagged saber for cutlass [13:19:56] [PM to H4WK1: quarterstaff leather pants iron shield iron chain] [13:20:29] [PM from H4WK1: ahh tuff luck when i bagjump someone i get iron cuisses/greaves] [13:20:31] [PM to H4WK1: I dont bagjump] [13:20:39] [taproot @ 3]: Selling book of Special Swords, msg me please [13:21:04] [shallara @ 3]: Attention fighters of all levels! want to see what the controversy's all about? Press F2! http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27870 [13:21:14] [PM to H4WK1: cause u never know who will post u] [13:21:34] [Marnick @ 3]: pc damaged iron greaves [13:21:37] [WarMerchant @ 3]: Greetings! I am selling 1 Titanium Long Sword for 800gc each, I'm located in Nordcarn, near the arena. (88,115). [13:21:48] [PM from H4WK1: well i dont want to say this but if i find a db and i know who's i dont give it back(if i'm not caught)] [13:21:48] [palomar @ 3]: buying 300 sulfur! pm me! [13:21:59] [Achaja @ 3]: I am Selling 5060 RAW MEAT for 10 Gold Coins each. I buy RAW MEAT! - PM me with INV or LOC [13:22:00] [DuCkYo @ 3]: Buying 2 Moon Meds PM Me [13:22:20] [PM to H4WK1: i have bagjumped when i started and was noob but i dont anymore] [13:22:25] [PM to H4WK1: i belive in karma] [13:22:31] [PM from H4WK1: lol] [13:22:35] [TheGodSlayer @ 3]: how much is health ess each? [13:22:35] [PM to H4WK1: whatever u do comes back 10folds] [13:22:46] [PM to trogov: we need 2 tlk man] [13:22:49] [zipher4 @ 3]: any1 know pc on gypsum [13:22:53] [PM from buck_nasty: Im back] [13:22:56] [PM from trogov: whats up?] [13:22:58] [PM to buck_nasty: ok 1 sec] [13:23:00] [OnixSpider @ 3]: selling titanium axe, 2k coal, 500 srs(need vials) and 2k HEs [13:23:00] [PM from buck_nasty: kk] [13:23:10] [PM to trogov: u know h4wk1 hes in boc still rite?] [13:23:11] [PM from H4WK1: i scammed some ppl and i almost got out of ~MD~] [13:23:19] [PM from trogov: yeah] [13:23:25] [PM from H4WK1: u remember TCB] [13:23:26] [PM from H4WK1: ?] [13:23:35] [PM to trogov: dude im not even gonna say ill just send u my logs if u want......] [13:23:37] [PM to H4WK1: ya] [13:23:41] [PM to H4WK1: what happened?] [13:23:53] [PM to trogov: dont say anything 2 him yet] [13:24:03] [PM from trogov: k ] [13:24:16] [PM to trogov: 1 sec hes sending another message man] [13:24:33] [Antio @ 3]: Selling Iron Plate Mail, Used Titanium Chains, 2k Coal, Fight. Books. [13:24:33] [PM to trogov: ur not gonna be happy:(] [13:24:33] [PM from H4WK1: lol i said training and i didn't gave back stuff(iron graves/cuisses+serpent),but he cheated,he used poison and i almost died before i started the ] [13:24:35] #GM from trogov: Thnx Kuru [13:24:36] [PM from H4WK1: fight] [13:24:56] [PM to H4WK1: lol done anything else?] [13:24:57] [PM from trogov: cant u tell me whats up?] [13:24:59] [Anjoran @ 3]: selling 2.5k bones [13:25:07] [PM from buck_nasty: im going to dp arena to talk some negations wit some1 ] [13:25:16] #GM from JoeSwords: is there sulpher in pl? [13:25:22] [PM to trogov: dude hes a bag scammer and bagjumper hes admiting it 2 me tlkn about scammin peeps left and right] [13:25:29] [PM to buck_nasty: lmao nice] [13:25:31] [PM from buck_nasty: Then i'll help for a bit like 30 min then i gotta go ] [13:25:33] [PM to buck_nasty: if u need me pm me] [13:25:37] [PM from buck_nasty: Ok] [13:25:41] [PM to buck_nasty: ok] [13:25:47] [PM from H4WK1: well i was with scythian and i found a db,he said that he knows who is it but i didn't gave it back] [13:25:48] [PM from trogov: hmm maybe i should just kick him] [13:25:53] [inf0 @ 3]: selling steel long of magic book [13:26:03] [PM to trogov: do u want my logs?] [13:26:12] [PM to trogov: dude LOTS OF SHIT hes admiting about] [13:26:12] [PM from trogov: do u know my email?] [13:26:14] [PM from buck_nasty: pookies ask why i quit guild] [13:26:19] [PM to trogov: no can i get it again?] [13:26:34] [spearman10 @ 3]: Trading BP cape for Exc Cape PM me to sell [13:26:35] #GM from kurumin_warrior: slow conection, brb [13:26:36] DarkDante: ..lol [13:26:39] [PM to buck_nasty: lol] [13:26:41] tictacbum: hi shadow [13:26:42] [PM from buck_nasty: i told him ima make a better one there ur's ] [13:26:55] [PM to buck_nasty: nice] [13:27:04] [PM to trogov: ya i need ur email again ] [13:27:20] [PM to trogov: man thats fucked up] [13:27:37] #GM from H4WK1: what manufactering lv do u have to have to make steel long of magic? [13:27:45] [Jaclaw @ 3]: pc invisibility pots [13:27:53] [Pillgrim @ 3]: Selling: Titanium Plate, Helm & Shield, Steel Cuisses & Greaves, Rapier, Jagged Sabre (and trading for NMT). BUYING enrichment stones, iron/steel bars, EFE [13:28:02] [tabbypuss @ 3]: pc s2e of therm and magic books? [13:28:02] [LordHunter @ 3]: 80gc-150gc for invisibility pot [13:28:02] [Medena @ 3]: MEEP! I have 3 Stars Medallion for 150gc each on sale, stop by the docks in Valley of the Dwarves (VOTD - 59, 177) to trade me. [13:28:13] #GM from caecus: have you read the book? [13:28:19] [PM to trogov: i mean ill be honest when i was a noob i bagjumped a tiome or 2 when i was new no guild just my first week or 2 but i learend] [13:28:22] #GM from H4WK1: well not yet [13:28:29] [PM to trogov: that it sux ] [13:28:31] #GM from caecus: and its not easy to even attain an enchanted steel ong [13:28:32] [tictacbum @ 3]: shadowwalker about mining, manufacturing... [13:28:34] [PM to trogov: so i dont no more] [13:28:34] #GM from caecus: long* [13:28:44] [PM from trogov: troygov@sbcglobal.net i think] [13:28:45] [tictacbum @ 3]: ups [13:28:50] #GM from caecus: i wouldn't know though about the level [13:28:55] #GM from caecus: bet its high [13:28:59] [PM to trogov: but thats fucked up he says if some1 he knows dies he wont even return the db unless caught] [13:29:02] #GM from H4WK1: yes [13:29:04] #GM from TuffEnuff: moddable weaps are very rare [13:29:07] [PrOmOz @ 3]: selling cuissies/damaged greaves/bp cape pm me [13:29:08] #GM from monkey6: hello [13:29:24] [PM from buck_nasty: i killed bs ] [13:29:37] #GM from H4WK1: yes i know hi [13:29:44] [PM to buck_nasty: nice brb] [13:29:45] [PM from buck_nasty: Automessage: I am currently away from my computer, plertretrtret] [13:29:48] [PM to trogov: ok brb] [13:29:51] [PM from trogov: yeah he needs an outlaw guild like pkg or hc] [13:29:52] [Alas @ 3]: where can I find emeralds? [13:29:58] [Alas @ 3]: sorry [13:29:59] #GM from trogov: wb monkey [13:30:03] [PM to trogov: ya for sure] [13:30:12] [PM from jbone: u on] [13:30:12] [Trader @ 3]: Need Leather & Thread, but you're AntiSocial? I often have some in stock! [13:30:19] #GM from Marilyn: hi monkey [13:30:20] #GM from JoeSwords: last night, i broke every sword i owned against gargs in a matter of 30 minutes....it was only 3 swords but still sucked [13:30:21] [ReaperShadow @ 3]: 3 hi [13:30:27] #GM from Marilyn: wow [13:30:28] Shadowwalker: no sorry Tic don't have [13:30:34] #GM from monkey6: thats just not lucky [13:30:35] [ReaperShadow @ 3]: 3 i got a polished one [13:30:37] [AtomicBrain @ 3]: buying excavators cloak [13:30:37] #GM from trogov: wow joe Log started at 2006-08-16 13:37:43 localtime (Eastern Daylight Time) [13:37:43] Window size adjusted to 780x550 [13:37:45] GL_ARB_multitexture extension found, using it. [13:37:45] GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array extension found, using it. [13:37:45] Couldn't find the GL_*_point_sprite extension, not using it... [13:37:45] GL_ARB_texture_compression extension found, using it. [13:37:45] GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc extension found, using it. [13:37:45] GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap extension found, NOT using it... [13:37:45] Couldn't find the GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension, not using it... [13:37:45] Couldn't find the OpenGL Shading Language extension, not using it... [13:37:45] Point Particles disabled. [13:37:56] Connecting to Server... [13:38:01] Hi, and welcome to Eternal Lands! If you're new to the game and need help, please read the newbie helper guides on the main website. If you would rather learn by doing, talk to the Tutorial NPC, which is at the start point. In addition to that, you can type #help_me and your question to get a live response if there are helpers online. Click on the screen to continue! [13:38:22] [PM to trogov: i sent it] [13:38:32] [Dumor @ 3]: selling iron battle hammer for 150gc [13:38:33] [PM to trogov: wait] [13:38:36] [PM from trogov: k] [13:38:38] [PM to trogov: dont kik him yet] [13:38:41] [PM from trogov: k] [13:38:49] [PM to trogov: he like 2 scam people] [13:38:50] [Anjoran @ 3]: selling 2.5k bones--327 raw meat--211 deer antlers--2s2e [13:39:10] [spearman10 @ 3]: Sellign 1.2K of deer anylers 3gc ea PM me to buy [13:39:41] [H4WK1 @ 3]: selling gold bars,say you're price pm me [13:39:41] [PM to trogov: check the logs] [13:39:46] [PM to trogov: in email] [13:39:55] [PM from trogov: thought you were going to get him to try to scam you or something] [13:39:57] [PM from trogov: k] [13:40:09] [PM to trogov: ya want me 2??] [13:40:15] [PM to trogov: se if i get him 2 scam me] [13:40:19] the_antiroot: yup [13:40:21] [PM to trogov: like die in front of him lol] [13:40:34] [PM from trogov: yeah like old kos quest] [13:40:48] [PM to trogov: ok ill pm u when its done] [13:40:55] [PM to H4WK1: hey] [13:41:02] [PM from H4WK1: hi soo?] [13:41:08] [rip @ 3]: trading cutlass for a jagged saber or rapier pm me [13:41:12] [PM to H4WK1: wanna come train with me?] [13:41:19] [PM from H4WK1: lol where?] [13:41:22] [Aryamaan @ 3]: selling 130 deer antler | 130 deer fur. plz pm [13:41:26] DuCkYo: ty [13:41:29] [PM to H4WK1: whats ur a/d/] [13:41:32] You cannot access the storage from here! [13:41:37] [PM from H4WK1: lol 20/22] [13:41:39] [sundulana @ 3]: pc dp rings please [13:41:56] [PM to H4WK1: ok meet me in pl] [13:41:59] [PM to H4WK1: do u have mm?] [13:42:09] [spearman10 @ 3]: Selling 1.2K of deer antlers 3gc each PM me to buy [13:42:10] [PM from H4WK1: ohh ok but i have to eat first] [13:42:17] [PM to H4WK1: do u have mm?] [13:42:20] [PM from H4WK1: yes] [13:42:28] [PM to H4WK1: ok eat in rl or in game?] [13:42:35] [PM from H4WK1: rl] [13:42:41] [PM to H4WK1: k] [13:42:53] [PM from H4WK1: i have to be afk in 5 minutes] [13:43:02] [Medena @ 3]: MEEP! I have 5 Leather Boots for 100gc each on sale, stop by the docks in Valley of the Dwarves (VOTD - 59, 177) to trade me. [13:43:16] [PM from H4WK1: where will we go?] [13:43:20] [PM to trogov: imma take him with me when he returns in 5 min 2 grunabi imma die on purpose from armed orc and see if he returns the db] [13:43:26] [PM from trogov: k thnx ] [13:43:28] [PM to H4WK1: i wanna go 2 grunabi] [13:43:30] [PM to trogov: np] [13:43:40] [PM from H4WK1: lol i'll come with a mm] [13:43:42] [PM to H4WK1: ansd se if i can take armed orc] [13:43:47] [Eventine @ 3]: whats the price of wolf and fox furs? [13:43:48] [PM to H4WK1: k thanx] [13:43:50] [PM from trogov: dont spend too much on the db] [13:44:04] [Aryamaan @ 3]: price check life essence [13:44:04] [PM from H4WK1: i dont want to die lol] [13:44:06] [PM to trogov: i wont but enuff so hes tempted] [13:44:17] [PM to H4WK1: lol dieing does suck] [13:44:18] [Elderm @ 3]: 10 coins [13:44:20] [PM from H4WK1: if u die i'll bag-jump u] [13:44:27] [Aryamaan @ 3]: wolf furs 8-10 gc each [13:44:27] [PM from H4WK1: lol jk-ing] [13:44:28] [WildIce @ 3]: 6-7gc i think [13:44:31] [eXone @ 3]: Investor eXone promise you an increase the any amount of money by 10%. Investment of 10k gc and above are only accepted. Service with a BIG smile [13:44:31] [PM to H4WK1: lol] [13:44:33] [sundulana @ 3]: wolf furs 10gc, fox 7-8gc... btw i'm buying dp rings [13:44:39] [PM to H4WK1: i was about 2 say] [13:44:42] [PM from H4WK1: i dont bag-jump friends] [13:44:45] [WildIce @ 3]: for le that was [13:44:47] [Eventine @ 3]: ty [13:45:16] [Aryamaan @ 3]: LE 6-7 gc each? [13:45:19] [Trader @ 3]: I have 250 health essences available for only 6.6gc each! Buy now! [13:45:31] [dre @ 3]: sel titanium steel alloy long sword of thermenal pm me your bid [13:45:59] [taproot @ 3]: Selling book of Special swords! [13:46:38] [PM from H4WK1: www.89.com lol do u apear there 2?] [13:46:52] [PM to H4WK1: lmao maybe:)] [13:46:58] [PM from H4WK1: really?] [13:47:13] [PM to H4WK1: ya i told u the site remember lol] [13:47:19] [PM from H4WK1: yes] [13:47:21] [PM to H4WK1: fuck] [13:47:26] [PM to H4WK1: are u near grunabi?] [13:47:34] [PM from H4WK1: well yes] [13:47:40] [PM to H4WK1: wru now?] [13:47:44] [PM from H4WK1: pl] [13:47:50] [PM to H4WK1: where in pl?] [13:47:57] [PM from H4WK1: storage] [13:48:07] [PM to H4WK1: pls go 2 grunabi i died] [13:48:11] Welcome to Grubani Peninsula [13:48:17] [PM from H4WK1: where did u died?] [13:48:34] [PM to H4WK1: rite by entrace people were near] [13:48:38] grief found Joker and failed to get a Potion of Spirit Restoration (s/he had no room for that item) [13:48:42] [PM from H4WK1: lol i'll try] [13:48:42] [PM to H4WK1: pls hurry] [13:48:46] [PM to H4WK1: ty] [13:49:03] [PM to H4WK1: how close bro?] [13:49:04] [PM from H4WK1: ok i have to be afk in 1 minute lol] [13:49:10] [PM from H4WK1: near docks] [13:49:13] [PM to H4WK1: ok grab bag 1st pls] [13:49:22] [WooF @ 3]: buying HE pm me [13:49:31] [PM to H4WK1: u there?] [13:49:34] [taproot @ 3]: Selling book of special swords [13:49:47] [PM from H4WK1: almost] [13:49:59] [PM to H4WK1: how far man?] [13:50:05] [PM to H4WK1: sry just dont wanna lose db] [13:50:08] [PM from H4WK1: there now] [13:50:13] [PM to H4WK1: lol people could have takin it] [13:50:13] [PM from H4WK1: i have to be afk] [13:50:17] [PM to H4WK1: wait] [13:50:21] [PM to H4WK1: is it there?] [13:50:32] [PM to H4WK1: ritre by the docks] [13:50:41] [PM to H4WK1: dude is it there or not b-4 u go] [13:50:52] [PM from H4WK1: no sry] [13:51:03] [PM from H4WK1: afk] [13:51:04] Welcome to Portland [13:51:10] Invalid syntax: Please use: "/playername message" [13:51:13] [PM to H4WK1: busted] [13:51:16] [PM to H4WK1: i was ruite there] [13:51:20] [PM to H4WK1: saw u take my bag] [13:51:24] [PM to H4WK1: invis pot] [13:51:30] [PM to H4WK1: ] [13:51:33] [PM to H4WK1: damn bro] [13:51:35] [WarMerchant @ 3]: Greetings! I am selling 1 Stars Medallion for 135gc each, I'm located in Nordcarn, near the arena. (88,115). [13:51:36] [PM to H4WK1: wtf] [13:51:59] [PM to H4WK1: well i hope it was worth me posting ALL OF MY LOGS......] [13:52:03] [PM to H4WK1: with u] [13:52:08] You entered William's storage! [13:52:21] #GM from DarkDante: i did it [13:52:24] [Achaja @ 3]: I am Selling 5060 RAW MEAT for 10 Gold Coins each. I buy RAW MEAT! - PM me with INV or LOC [13:52:25] #GM from DarkDante: he kept it [13:52:34] #GM from monkey6: whatd u do [13:52:38] [Vooten @ 3]: SELLING: 3 Extra Mana Potions - 350gc ea | 3 Serpent Swords - 5000gc ea | PM me with HELP for more info or LOC for my location! [13:52:40] #GM from DarkDante: steel shield chAIN TIT LONG PANTS BOOTS IRON HELM [13:52:47] [PM from trogov: are u sure he is not returning it?] [13:52:53] tinamou found Joker and failed to get a Potion of Feasting (s/he had no room for that item) [13:53:00] [AtiLLa @ 3]: lol [13:53:04] [PM to trogov: ya i used invis pot and watched him take it and say it was not there] [13:53:06] [Raziel @ 3]: llooll [13:53:07] [Darklordxxx @ 3]: again [13:53:15] [Anjoran @ 3]: selling 2.5k bones [13:53:23] [PM to trogov: man thats messed up] [13:53:26] [PM to trogov: hes afk] [13:53:31] [PM to trogov: went afk for lunch] [13:53:36] [PM to trogov: back in 5 min he said] [13:53:45] [PM to trogov: after he took my bag] [13:53:47] [PM from trogov: k i removed him, i'll repay your items come to tg storage] [13:54:03] [PM to trogov: no not neccesary i have plenty:)] [13:54:15] #GM from TuffEnuff: if im over here i cant hear wut ur saying caecus [13:54:16] [PM from trogov: r u sure i have some] [13:54:17] [PM to trogov: dude ur gonna be so happy almost 1k iron bars:)] [13:54:22] #GM from TuffEnuff: lol [13:54:22] [PM to trogov: im positive] [13:54:26] [rucksacksepp @ 3]: selling steel chain for 800 gc pm me [13:54:27] [PM to trogov: and im makin 300 tit bars] [13:54:33] [PM to trogov: donation 2 guild] [13:54:39] [sk8ter @ 3]: buying HEs [13:54:41] #GM from caecus: just saying i can make 50 helms each trip to trik [13:54:49] #GM from TuffEnuff: nice [13:54:50] [spearman10 @ 3]: Trading BP Cape for Exc Cape PM me to trader [13:54:55] [PM from trogov: wow thats a big donation that will get u some rank] [13:55:13] #GM from TuffEnuff: gonna try that some day this week [13:55:15] Cleotopia: Ty [13:55:16] [PM to trogov: hell ya:) man that sux he was like i never bagjmp a friend....] [13:55:20] [Nera @ 3]: Selling 1572 iron bar(s) for 35 gc each. PM me with INV to see my wares. Service with a smile [13:55:23] [PM to trogov: want my logs i just got?] [13:55:33] [DraKnaM @ 3]: buying iron helm 270coins [13:55:44] [DevilSlayerr @ 3]: selling 300 POR pm me plz [13:55:53] [DevilSlayerr @ 3]: *potion of resoning* [13:56:00] [taproot @ 3]: Selling book of special swords for a special price:P 20k [13:56:06] [WooF @ 3]: buying HE pm me now [13:56:07] [PM from trogov: did u go back to see if your bag was there?] [13:56:07] [PM to coolethan: hey] [13:56:10] [PM from coolethan: Automessage: I am currently away from my computer, plertretrtret] [13:56:11] [Cleotopia @ 3]: Selling 400 Titanium Ore (Pm Me - With offers) [13:56:28] [PM to trogov: i was watching him take it i was next 2 him used invis pot's] [13:56:31] timbo: fre [13:57:16] [PM to trogov: if i see him ill pk on site] [13:57:21] [Emporium @ 3]: Selling 66 Portland ring(s) for 80 gc each. PM me with INV to see my wares. Service with a smile [13:57:21] trogov changed your rank to 8 [13:57:22] #GM from caecus: ty dark for exposing that bagjumper [13:57:29] #GM from DarkDante: np [13:57:30] #GM from monkey6: who [13:57:31] [PM from trogov: gave u a rank for the test] [13:57:37] [PM to trogov: ty:)] [13:57:38] [dust @ 3]: selling 1 hydro bar, 5 wolf bars, 55 steel bars, 500 ti bars... make me an offer if interested [13:57:42] #GM from DarkDante: h4wk1 [13:57:47] #GM from kurumin_warrior: lol [13:57:55] #GM from kurumin_warrior: he said he would be [13:57:55] [sundulana @ 3]: buying dp rings, pm me please with your price [13:57:58] #GM from DarkDante: u guys should see my logs [13:58:01] [spearman10 @ 3]: Trading BP Cape and 500gc for exc cape PM me if interested [13:58:02] [Medena @ 3]: MEEP! I have 7 Leather Pants for 85gc each on sale, stop by the docks in Valley of the Dwarves (VOTD - 59, 177) to trade me. [13:58:04] #GM from kurumin_warrior: if guild let him [13:58:13] [Pillgrim @ 3]: Selling: Titanium Plate, Helm & Shield, Steel Cuisses & Greaves, Rapier, Jagged Sabre (and trading for NMT). BUYING enrichment stones, iron/steel bars, EFE [13:58:17] [PowerWarrior @ 3]: selling eagle wing and iron cuisses pm me plz [13:58:40] [LochnessLobster @ 3]: selling titanium plate pieces [13:58:47] [PM to buck_nasty: ok back] [13:58:48] [PM from buck_nasty: Automessage: I am currently away from my computer, plertretrtret] [13:58:48] [Kramxel @ 3]: selling 5k silver ore, pm me plz [13:59:00] [PM to buck_nasty: sry bout that i was exposing a bagjumper] [13:59:05] [PM to buck_nasty: h4wk1] [13:59:16] [PM to buck_nasty: if u see pwn on site] [13:59:33] #GM from monkey6: ok ill go there too [13:59:37] You successfully created 1 Fire Essence [13:59:57] [WooF @ 3]: buying c2 rings [14:00:01] You left channel 3. [14:00:07] DarkDante: sup markus [14:00:10] DarkDante: makin fe's [14:00:12] DarkDante: [14:00:12] markusweck: hi dark [14:00:16] markusweck: yeah [14:00:26] DarkDante: 10k fe's:) [14:00:58] DarkDante: im makin 1k of each bar soon [14:01:15] DarkDante: accept wolf and hydro lol [14:01:47] Not ready, this item still has a 2 cooldown. [14:01:47] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [14:01:47] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [14:01:47] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [14:01:47] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [14:01:47] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [14:01:48] Not ready, this item still has a 1 cooldown. [14:01:48] Not ready, this item still has a 60 cooldown. [14:01:48] Not ready, this item still has a 60 cooldown. [14:02:45] [PM to trogov: u posting him on outlawz?] [14:02:52] [PM from H4WK1: i have you're stuff but i didn't wanted to say because i really have to go] [14:02:58] [PM from trogov: no time, if u want u can] [14:03:15] #GM from caecus: oa 50! [14:03:18] [PM to trogov: i will now he pm'd me saying he has my stuff and wants 2 give it back] [14:03:22] #GM from TuffEnuff: wtg [14:03:31] #GM from kurumin_warrior: dang it! I mean... good job [14:03:34] [PM to trogov: lol he said i wanred 2 give back but i had 2 go] [14:03:40] [PM to trogov: so i said no idiot] [14:03:51] [PM to trogov: ill post him] [14:03:51] #GM from caecus: sorry to leave you in the dust kuru [14:03:52] #GM from trogov: Congrats Monkey for Completing guild Harvest and Fire Ess Quests! [14:03:57] #GM from caecus: gratz monkey [14:03:59] [PM to trogov: and let him keep it] [14:04:01] #GM from monkey6: ty [14:04:02] #GM from kurumin_warrior: gj monkey! [14:04:06] [PM from H4WK1: come in votd] [14:04:07] #GM from JoeSwords: good job!!! [14:04:34] [PM to H4WK1: no u come 2 pl] [14:04:41] [PM to H4WK1: thats messed up man] [14:04:58] [PM from H4WK1: ok] [14:04:59] #GM from trogov: yes [14:05:04] #GM from monkey6: ok [14:05:12] You successfully created 1 Fire Essence [14:05:29] [PM to H4WK1: i watched u take my db y would u bj me?] [14:05:37] [PM to H4WK1: i thought we were friends] [14:06:01] [PM from H4WK1: we are but i had to go] [14:06:18] [PM to H4WK1: dude dont lie i know when im being lied 2] [14:06:29] Ermabwed: thanks [14:06:33] WooF: np [14:06:51] [PM to H4WK1: now never pm me again i am posting u] [14:07:00] [PM to H4WK1: u r enemy of me] [14:07:02] [PM from H4WK1: dont ask for it again if your posting me] [14:07:07] [PM to H4WK1: and of all of el] [14:07:12] [PM to H4WK1: ur posted] [14:07:19] [PM to H4WK1: and all my logs are being posted] [14:07:22] [PM from H4WK1: u we're posted first] [14:07:30] [PM to H4WK1: im not a scammer] [14:07:33] [PM to H4WK1: U ARE] [14:07:38] [PM from H4WK1: sure] [14:07:39] [PM to H4WK1: so ill brb afk posting] [14:07:50] [PM to H4WK1: btw ur oin ignore i cant see ur messages] [14:07:54] DarkDante: every1 [14:08:01] [PM from H4WK1: ok i wont give nothing back to u] [14:08:08] DarkDante: dont trust h4wk1 he is a scammer and bagjumper [14:08:31] DarkDante: im posting him now and guild boc seen what he does [14:08:42] aTeh: thanks darkdante i shall inform LLL [14:08:47] WooF: nie [14:08:48] H4WK1: yes sure that's why i want to grubari peninsula to take and give his bag back [14:08:51] #Message from God: shangmid was eaten by a Grue (lagged out)! [14:08:57] DarkDante: ty im posting hjim now check it out when im done im puttin logs on [14:09:08] DarkDante: than gimme my bag back [14:09:22] DarkDante: ask trogov he will tell ya [14:09:27] DarkDante: brb LOL NOW if u read through all of that u will see that he dosent limit himself 2 simple bagjumping hes a scammin noob jack of all trades kinda sad i at 1 point conciderd him a friend but if u see him pwn him and dont trust him he is scammer and liar. even when i put him 2 the test he failed i was rtie next 2 him while he took my db and lied and now wont give it back if i post him well u can keep it i hope the tit lng steel shield steel chain iron helm leather pants and boots was worth what will become:) feel free 2 share ur exp's with h4wk1 also to the guild TCB i am sorry for what he did i used 2 be a co-owner of ~MD~ and would like 2 make up for what my x guildee did whoever it was who was scammed pm me in game ill hook ya up with what he took
  11. I WAS offerd the char oracle for 40kgc paid 20k upfront and was givn a fake password now oracle has me on ignore PKG=SCAMMERS oracle "pkg" now 2 my knowledge pkg is scammers maybe all of u arent but if ur not u should leave pkg causes they r know as scammers
  12. DarkDante

    Ok the past is the past there were many of people who could of red taged thc im not a scamer or bagjumper... so i guess jus if u see me tlk 2 me see if i seem like a bad person b-4 u pass harsh judgment and btw anarchy u died in kf i got ur bag from a guilde i was tryn 2 get 2 votd sto and was killed i droped ur leather pants and iron sword so if u still r mad about it pm me ill give ya some from MY STO
  13. coolethan

    BOO HOO go cry me a frign river build a bridge and get OVER IT...... if he atacks 1st his kill u att 1st ur kill shae the spawns lol is the spawn ur possession? nope so dobnt wine about sharing trainng places
  14. =HC= high class LIARS

    i was in dp arena today and was told by kramxel we were not red taged guild than i asked zyril if we could pvp for a second and see how much xp we get he aggried unequpited his serp and i came in he casted harm on me and pulled his serp and killed me 1 hit lol:( i lost tit chain greeves iron helm steel shiel;d 50 he's and to say the least i lost any respect for =hc= so if ur tryn 2 pvp and =hc= "hard core liars" is near dont go in ring
  15. DarkDante

    Ok i admit i took ur db im not a liar but the facts are THC is enemy guild RED TAG u died i was in the right place right time.... so if u have a prob with it BEAR come 2 pppk u and me and win it back i will wear it so u get a chance;)