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  1. Quote of the week submissions

    It would save people making new threads about me.
  2. Knuckles/Liquid/ChroniC/Dezm/etc

    I got 400 FPs. Take it or leave it. Then you go on #ignore.
  3. Knuckles/Liquid/ChroniC/Dezm/etc

    Go for it, if you notice the prices I bid, it's so I can re-sell to make money, atm I have about 9000gc in storage.. And Not alot else.. So now you can stfu and stop posting useless crap. If you read forums you would also know PKG members are well known for scamming people, But you still wanted to do business with them? Would love to get proved wrong and have next post from you saying he gave you your stuff back but will not hold my breath. Why would I bother? If he wants to cry let him, I don't give 2 shits tbh with you. Anyone else feels like posting me here? Feel free.
  4. Knuckles/Liquid/ChroniC/Dezm/etc

    Maybe not, but it's money I aint got.
  5. Knuckles/Liquid/ChroniC/Dezm/etc

    http://game.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Liquid Like I said..
  6. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    6000 Sunflowers. :*)
  7. HarvestinG OrDeRS!

    Tried to PM you about my order.. Not online. - ChroniC.
  8. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    Cool, I'm ChroniC in-game, and I'll now finish the Avatar for you. Ava:
  9. I'd like to see them carried over. I've been d/c'ing alot recently, and it's anoying when I get back and start from 0.. I'd like to be able to have it run in RL days, if thats possible, would be cool.
  10. When I started to play EL ...

    He was first ever to level 30, iirc. I know, he has that in his signature. I actually can't remember the level iron swords used to require, so that's why I'm no sure how meaningful that level was. Lol, I remember the big crash n stuff, Ratz0rz being top in a/d after it. Funny times when most people was 40s a/d in kf with steel/tit chains
  11. When I started to play EL ...

    He was first ever to level 30, iirc.
  12. buying books

    Anti is only Arctic, iirc, and it's 40k.. I used to sell for that price.
  13. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    Starting this for you now, I don't do sets for less than 5k, btw.. Sorry if it's too much, I can do one for you. And I'll use the image you said, should be able to do something nice from there. Sig: What you think?
  14. Artwork Updates

    Nice work!
  15. Drakoon's Graphic Service

    RunTime.. Here is what I came up with, I was looking to do something like you alreadyhad, but I changed my mind.. Please tell me what you think. Ava: Sig: Please tell me what you think, and I can change whatever you think needs to be changed. Either Forum PM me, or get me in-game. - ChroniC.