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  1. Tailoring

    Looms haven't been mentioned yet Edit: spindles havn't been mentioned yet
  2. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    Oh no, it's not. ICTPR is very usefull. Same mana drain when once you are going to train chims. And good to have a level where they never fail. I made same mistake. Yeah those spells are certainly useful, but EL need more spells like those found in classic DnD. Ones like ensnare, increased movement, night vision...That kinda thing would make magic much more popular. In a previous game I had played I was a crafter, fighter(ish), and caster, It was simply the most beloved characture I had ever played
  3. Did you always want to be an all arounder?

    Obviously I didn't know about all the different skills in EL when I started, but it really is what keeps me playing. Alc and potions primarily, all in support of fighting. Problem is magic is only useful up to a point.
  4. Music

    The ultimate solution would be to convert all the current music to a popular format and allow us to select from a playlist for each map, including out own tracks.
  5. El item stats

    Doesn't this pretty much echo real life, 10% of the population owning 90% of the wealth?
  6. Now that Astrology is implemented...

    All in all, I think this whole astrology thing is a pointless money sink. I think time/effort should be spent on the building towns thing.
  7. Newbie to Potion making?

    Why are SRs mentioned so much and BRs aren't? They are very similar ingredients, and EMU total, and BRs give you a little more XP.
  8. Whats the best way of leveling up in magic?

    Thanks! I thought about this post a little bit and figured it out.
  9. PKing

    I don't PK because I'm sure I would get my butt owned. I won't partner PK (fight almost to death) because I don't trust people fpr the most part, and don't think it would really be worth any more XP, simply not worth the risk. I would be cool to have an occasional PK day where your death bagged could not be picked up, and you got an XP bonus on top of any god bonus for participating.
  10. So how are they working now - Part 1

    Where are the details on the lottery? I have been playing a bit but never really found out. And yeah, why not just sell tickets at all the general stores like real-life lottery?
  11. blast from the past!

    I noticed theres is sky in at least the last pic; Was it taken out because all I see is black when I see then sky.
  12. harvestor med test

    I can vouch for that
  13. New Client is Choppy and Jerky

    I dont know if it's related, but I am running XP; I find with the update, that I get real choppy action as well until I shut down and restart the game, then it runs good.
  14. "Market" value of EFE?

    I have been having a fairly difficult time puttng all the parts of an iron plate suit, the prices are either too high or just can't find the largest 3 pieces in stock.
  15. Where does your luck on EL lie?

    Ive had pretty decent luck with my harvesting medallion, about 12K extra free xp and 1200GP over the past couple of days.