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  1. Your favorite addition or change in EL...

    I like the archery a lot and c2. and also happy with the auto harvest instead of click every harvest when i first started the game ehhehe and the mix all button . and the remade monsters and new ones are great
  2. Artwork Updates

    The last ships are gorgeous! good job! making the game better and better with the new artworks.
  3. Is taking death bags considered "dispute'ish"?

    if i found a db i post on channels i found one and wait for about 15 min. till someone gets it. if not then i think its not bad to take it. if someone dies in nearby me and know who he/she is i PM him/her that i watch over his/her stuff and wait to return. thats simple
  4. Mini Harv Events

    the mini events extra exp and gold is quite fun, but it happens a LOT. other thing i see is the harvesting animation, that fire from your hand isnt stopping after a small event even when it said you stopped harvesting. quite confusing. but i agree its a good idea against gold farmers, but im afraid i have to click a lot now while i need to harvest some stuff i need.
  5. Would you like to have more quests available in game?

    Quests for all kinds of levels for experience also. Most quest is for lower level making things n stuff. so more difficult things to do. I really like quests
  6. Real Life Imitating EL

    Found a horse riding wear make is called PK Sports hehehehe.
  7. Artwork Updates

    the mage robes are gorgeous!
  8. Bot marketplaces

    vored no. they dont bother me. i dont mind seeing bots in several places.
  9. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Nickname from a classmate from school years ago. because i listen rock and metal, and the whole class didnt
  10. Horse whistles from the shop

    The horses look verry pretty and cool! I've seen Gossip with one funny addiction for the game
  11. EL dreams?

    I dreamed a few times about EL but a lot things were different: different creatures like aliens, other ores n stuff. maybe i have them because i'm to much busy doing other things instead of having time to play EL?
  12. Artwork Updates

    They look real life like! Awesome! good job!
  13. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    Voted NO
  14. Artwork Updates

    They look great!
  15. What a cutie!

    awww what a cute little dragon