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  1. EL manuals site

    I think I gave up after my last attempt of accessing it in end of August, and even a bit after that, then just never showed back up, so I will admit, I did disappear....guess I'm use to responses a little faster that what I was receiving on things along those lines...my bad, all in all.... So, once this other guy gets access to the domain name, it won't be working anymore...I just need to figure out where I have the website stored to upload it to my new webby as a subdomain or something for future use/tinkering, etc..
  2. EL manuals site

    Actually, I'm still alive, and shiznit...Learner took over the hosting of the site, but then I could never get access from him to edit/work on it like we'd talked about.... Someone just recently bought the domain name from me, he thinks he's gonna make a cheatcodes site... Though, I looked today, and the domain name is still pointed to the ELManuals web...heh... I've actually been playing World of Warcraft since it came out... I tried to play EL again the other day, and I've forgotten how to play the game...lol...so, while it's still up, maybe I need to take a refresher course using my website...lol
  3. ELManuals.com to be gone soon...

    Actually, Learner and I have talked and he's been kind enough to say he might put aside some server space for me...I'll just need to renew the domain name through another company...the only consolation of me doing this, is that I have to update the material, which I'm perfectly happy with...(just gotta find the time)... So, sorry to ruin everyone's hopes and dreams of taking over ELManuals.com!! Looks like it might just still live on w/ me...
  4. ELManuals.com to be gone soon...

    Well, I guess i could put it someplace free...but the thing is, I don't even update it anymore....I don't really do squat w/ it...so I might .zip the site or something like Penner did and let whoever wants to D/L it or just copy and paste info... As much as I love having a website to play with...I really haven't played w/ it that much in a really LONG time... BTW *HUGGGLESKISSSSESBACKRUBS* to my Tum-luv...I've missed ya!!
  5. Since I don't play anymore, not to mention I don't really have much free time, the subscription period for ELManuals.com to be renewed is coming up soon, and I really don't have the $100 to spend to renew it, nor try to find someone to put the domain name with... So I apologize to everyone out there that uses it like crazy!!! Whoever else out there that is an aspiring web designer/gamer/whatever you are, please feel free to take whatever you need from the website before it dissolves. There'll probably still be a while, I can't remember when I actually bought it, but whatever... Just forewarning...love you all!
  6. For those that need help: EL Manuals

    Deleted former post: I've saved elmanuals.com domain name...Learner has setup http://www.other-life.com/elmanuals/ for me, at least til I can get the domain routed to point at that webby. I'm still going to do editing on it (when I get the time...that's the hard part). But it's still out there for now!
  7. Would You Be Interested In A Blog Plug In?

    I dont' see the point in paying for a blog module when people can get their own free blog via blogger.com or countless other blogging places out there...if you want something for the mods, devs, etc, then just give them access to a sub-web on EL...www.eternal-lands.com/roja or something like that, for them to link their blog to...plus with blogger, you can have a team blog, where everyone just contributes to the same one, etc... It's free, just no point in playing $50 for one for your own site...there's other free ones out there, too, Jakuren played with a lot of them, too...but then he realized this one he played with to do what he wanted, he tweaked, and changed it, etc, etc...and realized blogger had everything he had wanted. So if you seriously WANT to see about setting up blogs, etc, then try a free one first, to see how well it goes over, before you decide to buy one, if you really want to buy one... Honestly just no point in wasting the money...
  8. New Eternal Lands WIKI

    well, one of these days, I'm gonna get a chance to work on it, but you can add http://elmanuals.com to your links... Nice work karl
  9. Fred Penner

    Dent, just e-mail it to me and I can host it for you... I was in the middle of making an upload for you for the site via FTP, but the web manager went down when I was in the middle of it...
  10. new site?

    *coughcough* EL Manuals *cough* I'm gonna be getting time again to work on it...figure it's about time..lol...
  11. Fred Penner

    Well, I'm finally getting some freetime on my hands, so if you want to submit maps to elmanuals.com, let me know Dent...
  12. New Manufacturing System

    Well, thing is, newbs won't be doing this sort of thing right away...you'll have to save up money to get ALL your tools and bars and essences, or spend the time to make the bars and essences, not to mention you need to read the necessary books to do all this... By the time a "newb" gets to this point, they really won't be a newb anymore.. BTW, there does sound like there's a LOT to making these...lots of things you need to gather and get it ALL together...but it does sound like a bit more fun, even though I've never noticed anything being quite this complicated in any of my other MMORPG's...Yeah, RS, has the whole thing of being at a station to do this or that...and I found that to be kinda kewl...I think it's possibly a good thing that we're incorporating something like that now.. Besides, I believe running this route that we will no longer have to run to Tankel to fix our items...it sounds like we'd have a better chance of fixing them ourselves...and if we fail on something, it'd be more likely that it's our own fault because we didn't get the fire the right temperature Is there any chance of a possible co-op with this? Someone can work the billows while the other person does the sword making? I know that guilds tend to help each other w/ some mass production....why not helping each other out to make swords and other items at the forge. Maybe something along the lines of an apprentice system...when a newbie wants to start getting into all of this, they have to find someone higher level in manufacturing than them to take them on as an apprentice...it's the only way they can get into this...it can possibly also add extra titles to our names...Master Alastria or Apprentice Alastria...things like that...to show what you're best at...Master Harvester (but we could turn it off, of course)... Just a few thoughts..er..more than a few...
  13. Fluffy Killed At 28/28 A/d With 26/26 P/c.

    As i always said, if we have enough noobs we can do anything "Never underestimate the power of newbs in large groups" (or stupid people..it's one or the other...)
  14. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    Finally got the chance to sit at my own computer and redo my screenshots so they'd be in .jpg... Ancient Protector Boogin' Boogie 2 Me Waving There's a bunch more but I think you can get to others just by hitting next...if this doesn't work, I'll just try to get them added to EL Manuals tomorrow or something..
  15. Yahoo Wow Open Beta Yahoo

    The quest system is setup really nice...there's technically levels to the quests, once you finish one, sometimes an NPC will give you another, and in the quest window, it lays them out very nicely so you can check them over and click on the title of the one you're wanting to work on...some of the quests have to be done in groups (called elite quests) and the thing you have to kill, etc has a gold window to it's title... the fighting/magic system is nice, along with the fact that you have kind of a spell book/proficiency book, and you have a bar at the bottom of your screen so you can click and drag what you're wanting to do the bar and it's setup 1-0 on your keyboard, so you just click number keys to do that sort of thing. I have about 4 different arrow shots that I use all the time and I'm to the point that I can kill a lot of the smaller creatures before they can even get to me. Also, when you target a creature, it gives their health bar AND their level next to a picture of them...having the level there is really handy, so you make sure you don't try to smack something too high level from you... there's professions you can get, you can only have 2 primary professions, but as many secondary professions as you want...I'm currently playing a night elf hunter w/ skinning and leatherworking primary professions, and have all the secondary's that are available (cooking, fishing, and first aid)...I was originally herbalism, but I decided I wanted to change it, so after hitting 39 in it, I got rid of it and changed to skinning and leatherworking. You can make a bunch of stuff as long as you buy the patterns or the knowledge for it, (don't have to read books or anything, though), so I've made a bunch of leather armour for me and Jakuren, and he's working on tailoring so he can eventually make bags for us to put our things in. He's also made all sorts of clothes, made a dress for Alastria, so it's pretty kewl. Different coloured shirts and even made a robe that gives some pluses to intellegence. There's also enchanting, herbalism and alchemy (compliment) and mining and blacksmithing (compliment). Jak's not sure yet what he wants to do for the second profession. Also, whatever you make, there's a "Made by Alastria" or whoever you are label on it. Cooking is just like it says, cooking, but you have to buy recipes from different vendors. Oh, and my character also has a pet (hunters do...Jakuren is a druid so he can change forms)...and you have to feed your pet to keep it happy, and it only likes meat, so I have to find stuff that's meat to feed it...I ended up getting a recipe from a quest for making spider kabobs, which you need spider legs for and my birdy (Hercules, is his name) really likes those Also, to gain health back, you can eat food, different foods give back different HP per second...and drinking will give back mana points. So far we're low enough levels that the health and mana regen back pretty fast. So some foods actually need a level before you can eat it. Kinda strange but makes sense. Where the nightelves start, to get to the other land, you have to take a boat or ride a hippogryph to get there. There's also the fact that there's 8 races, but it's 4 and 4...4 for the Alliance (Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Gnomes), which they can actually talk to each other, and 4 for the Horde (Orcs, Undead, Tauren, and Trolls)...if Alliance and Horde members try to talk to each other, they can't recognize the language and can't play together...you can't even add a friend who's in Horde to your list if you're Alliance. Some races can only play some classes...humans tend to be most versatile. And whatever race you play, you get abilities just for that race, same way w/ whatever class you play. Like my Tauren I have, she has this stomp where it'll knock down everything around her for, like, 30 seconds, and that's just a race ability. I'll try to get some screenshots posted later