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  1. perl Client/Bot/Map class

  2. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Thanks, I'll merge it in for the next release cheers
  3. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Yes, I'm afraid it's a bit buggy. At least partly because I had/have an incomplete/inaccurate understanding of the protocol ;-( Work is sucking up a lot of my time at the moment so it will be several weeks before I can look at these - sorry
  4. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    This is looking really good - and best of all (for me;-), the docs are uncovering errors in my understanding of the protocol - looks like I'll have some bug fixes to make ;-) cheers
  5. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    Excellent idea, I'll add some of my protocol knowledge in the next couple of days cheers
  6. New charging for bots clarification.

    No, you can test them there if you want. ok, thanks
  7. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Bummer, looks like I need to fix this more urgently. I'll look in to it once the current bot payment discussion is fully resolved. Thanks for the patch - the stats were pretty stuffed ;-)
  8. New charging for bots clarification.

    Hi, I have heard that bots are not allowed on the test server at the moment - is this par of this change ? I am running a bot on the test server of the 'AI experiment' nature, I'm perfectly happy to pay the $20/year for this as it's for my enjoyment. Is this allowable ? thanks
  9. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    There is one problem that I know about with blowing the stack size limit - but I thought it happened on most maps. Anyway, try uping the stack size with ulimit -s 32768 Let me know if this doesn't work and I'll try to replicate and fix the problem cheers
  10. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Thanks for the bug-find ;-) What's the problem with pathfinding in WSC ? it 'should work' ;-) cheers
  11. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Putting this in to C++ would be a fairly large job (and I haven't written any C++ in 10 years)
  12. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    New version, no real changes just fixed some stupid issues caused by rushing the packaging process - version 0.04 should appear on cpan in the next couple of hours Also, if anyone know of an efficient way to flood fill an area based on height map differences rather than border colours let me know ;-)
  13. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Thanks for the compliments ;-) A few horrible things have been found by a friendly test user (thanks LadyPetra), * you need to ulimit -s 32768 or pathfinding crashes * If you run two bots frm the same directory they can mess up the knowledge file
  14. perl Client/Bot/Map class

    Hi, I just released the next version of my by code to http://search.cpan.org/~franc/ Changes are:- non-buffered IO - doh, stupid me pathfinding rewritten in C inter-map path finding beginnings of storage handling
  15. sending multiline PMs

    I have 0.5 sec break each 20 pms (in known-length generated messages), or 0.1 sec after each pm (in unknown-lengtht generated messages). But I mean server accept +-30 server messages very fast send. thanks