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  1. Day of Joule

    Love the day! I kneel before thy benevolent majesty in abject adoration!
  2. Hello, Per Tanyia, I am posting this here. I finished reading the rapier book early saturday morning (CST). I'm almost sure it showed up in the knowledge tab as having been read (bright white as opposed to gray). I had a hard client lockup about an hour ago which required pressing the reset button on my computer. Now, it shows up as not having been read. I checked after mining some wolframite. I then did a #help_me, and Tanyia answered promptly and recommended reporting it here. I am not sure if this is a cosmetic bug (the client not showing it properly), or if the server lost track that i had read it (i finished it this morning in the DP fast-read, then went on to steel greaves, which is properly indicated). Not having the formula (or likely the ingredients), there is no way for me to check to see if the knowledge is retained or not. Is there any way that someone could check my character on the server and see if i have credit for reading that book? And if not, is there a way I could somehow prove that I had read it? If there is any additional info you need, please ask. Thank you for your attention to this matter. MajorKong