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  1. banned

    hey....i have caused some trouble in the past...i am very sorry for it. i was wondering if i could get skoshie44 unlocked...i will take a item wipe and any other chars from this ip locked...i just want 2 play my main again....i know what i have done was wrong and i am very sorry for it....i just have alot of time in skoshie...please if i ever do anythng wrong again i will not bother any of u..i will just walk away..please it would mean alot.
  2. skoshie44 being banned

    thanx i promise never to do that ever again
  3. skoshie44 being banned

    can someone pls reply i am very sorry for what i did i just want one chance to prove it to all of you mods and everyone else that i will never happen again,thanx
  4. skoshie44 being banned

    Oh and also i don't live in the same place since i have moved,anyway will do anything to get skoshie44 back anything just give me a chance i have never asked for achance on anything on this ame before and i am really honestly wiling to do anything it takes to get my main back,i am sorry for cheating and i am really sorry for doing it,so pls just give me one chane to prove that i am really a good person
  5. skoshie44 being banned

    i amwanting to know if i could have skoshie44 back,pls i did multi and i know that was wrong but the only one ibeleive i multied with was stryker79 but he was selling that char andwanted some better stuff so i did that for him andasfar as prodan i have no clue who that is,i don't care if i have to kill this char and have skoshie44's items wiped i would just like mymain char back pls.i ust would like one chance to show you that i will not break any rules ever again.thanx