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  1. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    The panther seems to me a good one for the lightmodifier. Another idea perhaps: More grief - Increase the chance to shred your clothes/armor (poofs on breakage)
  2. Ranging fix

  3. All hydro route to be PK?

    I don't like the idea to make the route to Hydro pk. While it might solve some inequalities, it makes it even harder for non-top chars to try and do the harvest or Novac quest on this map. When the route was designed, it was hard, due to monsters and pk, but not undoable. You could ask for help from a fighter or just try and go at some unpopulated hour. After rule 5 was removed, it became all but undoable, except for a few people. This has caused much frustration, even from people who only need/want to go there once. Why not give these people a solution that allows them to do it, without a lot of changes that affect way more than just the regular harvesters. The snake tokens are a nice addition, but a bit steep for a char who wants to do it one time, since it adds up to about 27k gc at current prices, IF you can get them, which requires owning a bot. I would like to refer to an earlier thread I made about hydro ring economics and suggest again to sell it in the shop, much easier solution and bound to bring in $$. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60280&p=589309 Wont make it more attractive than buying bars from NPC, since the latter is still cheaper, so it won't break the economy. With access to hydro, the economy might actually get a boost again, creating a market for s2e and ingredients
  4. All hydro route to be PK?

    It is simply not economical; anyone who could survive the trip can get more value from killing monsters and collecting drops. Even harvesters that make the s2e from scratch and thus have 'free' swords can earn more by just selling the coal, fe and iron. None of the new options have improved the economics, buying bars in Melinis is still more economical that any scheme of harvesting hydro ore yourself, except for muling on no drop day, then you just need infinite patience walking back from the UW.
  5. Alt rules

    Are alts supposed to be played, or can they used as a 'living' signpost?
  6. Help

    As far as I know this is only possible with a (bluetooth) mouse.
  7. you can simply add an item to the list recipe by dragging it from inventory and then dropping it in with the control key This option has been available from the start
  8. Alt rules

    Not sure how you can station alts at pear locations, since it can be pretty much any harvestible in any map. And no sure why would you station your alt at hydro, since the problem with hydro is the swords, not the char. The other alts you mentioned, I don't have a problem with. There are several maps with only a few harvestables, which are sometimes hard to get to. These maps are generally not checked with a pear finder but the few harvestables are simply harvested. I have seen alts log in in these maps in the past, when I was there to harvest at the start of the new day. I havent searched pears in a long time, maybe they stopped doing that. With respect to harvestables. A char that can make the swords and harvest the ore needs several pickpoints in (harvest and manu) nexus, they will not be the strongest fighters, the fighters that can get to the hydro without much problem don't have the nexus to harvest, so they bring the swords and have an alt at the ore to harvest. This alt can go there on no drop or peace day, armed with a pickax. This is not hypothetical but is being done.
  9. Ip Banned

    Why not scroll up or check chatlog to see what transpired?
  10. Alt rules

    4) related to 1) Harvesting alts stationed at hydro or pear locations also shopping alts, storage alts, virtual hyperbags, stocking alts etc etc
  11. Expiring bots (end of June)

    Belur paid 95R15861JA9670456
  12. Crafting daily quest(s)

    It would be nice to - get xp in the crafting skills instead of a/d - get a bonus if you make it yourself (in front of the NPC, your item poofs and is considered handed in) A new mechanism like this requires you can hand it in one by one, which will require programming so is not going to happen - have it be less predictable, so a generic mixing daily, rather than one specific to a single mixing skill - have the item (and thus xp) depend on the level of the quester, so no silver ring at craft 100 - finally get something for the mixers, that rewards them for their effort
  13. Forgotten password

    There is no char with that name: http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=gwinnie A char named Gwinny exists, but is definitely not yours. If you still have the computer you played this char on, check the Documents > Eternal Lands > Main directory for a file named counters_yournamehere.dat But not worth the hassle i.m.o. Oh, by the way, accounts are not "linked" to a forum account, we just expect people to use the same forum account name as their main char name
  14. Would have been helpful too to know the name of the char in question.