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  1. item swap with Tunic of the ninja doesn't work. Am on Mac, don't see update for that yet.
  2. Status update

    Enjoy your 'retirement' and thanks for all of your contributions.
  3. When you have more than 999 action points, the statistics window does not correctly display your max amount: My max amount is 1040. Actual number of action points is displayed correctly, max is not.
  4. I found an issue with the spell window. When I select a spell, and then go to the spell overview (^) and back, it shows the correct icon and sigils/essences, but identifies it wrong. Xeone figured out that the spell it names also changes when moving the spell window around. In my case I got "Intercontinental Teleport", see images.
  5. Pk tournement

    How will you determine who is 3rd (and who is 4th)?
  6. Today the pear was in the Token Map insides/Outhouse portals Map I harvested everything that could be harvested but did not find a pear. There are severals fruits and flowers inside the buildings, such as: You are in Token Map - New Beginnings Tavern [22,30] {fruit} Please remove this map from the list of pear maps, since a lot of the 'harvestables' are actually unharvestable.
  7. El-Wiki.net

    The sidebar is one of the main things that got corrupted in the PHP update, it is on the list of things to fix.
  8. Forum validation requests

    I do not see a char with this name, and you do not need a forum account to play the game.
  9. How to fix the broken EL Wiki forum

    Since we do not have server access, a database download is not possible. However, thanks to a herculean effort by VinoVeritas, we might soon have a functioning mirror of the wiki. This will NOT include the usernames and passwords, since we don't have access to that, just the wiki pages themselves.
  10. C++ version?

    Yes there is a difference between EL char, EL forum (which you both have mastered) and WIKI and WIKI forum, the latter two have each their own username and password registration. I am admin on both, but wiki is currently a total mess. For the wiki forum, see the link on the wiki homepage for a workaround by burn. I do not know if this will allow you to register. Issues with new forum accounts might also be caused by the same php update that totally messed up the wiki. Some of the admin functions still work, though. Please let me know what your username on the wiki is. I normally get an email if registration in the forum needs confirmation, but have not received such an email since March 2020, when things went bonkers.
  11. C++ version?

    The wiki is the one and only wiki. The wiki owner (ermabwed) and admins (me and burn) only have acces to the wiki content side of things, and the issue is caused by a server update a long time ago, which can only be resolved by a server admin, who has been totally unresponsive in spite of many attempts to correct the problem. Burn has provided some workarounds for the wiki and associated forum pages, and the wiki content is still maintained and accessible. If you want to contribute to the wiki content (e.g. after the upcoming update), then feel free to make a wiki account and ask for edit rights.I hope that we can fix the wiki by moving it to another server, but so far I havent had the time to do this. Since the server code is not open source, this is not really possible.
  12. KF proposed changes

    and I will come and watch
  13. KF proposed changes

    Just a quick note with respect to the proposed safe area. In the past we have had 'Capture the flag' type of events, using Fort Garisn and Fort Baarq as home basis. Fort Mardyn gives a good vantage point for such events and is reachable from the SKF entrance in about 10 seconds. There is food there, also nice for long events, similar to most of the arena stands. It is already clearly marked off. It could easily (?) be made non-magic and non-pk. It probably also needs to have no-summoning, but that could also be achieved by adding a gate to the entrance. Maybe the portal entry point could then also be moved there, making it an easy place to enter the map for spectators. I have no opinion on the other changes mentioned here, the only time I ever participated in pk was during such events.
  14. Account Recovery

    If you were in a guild, that might help figure out the char's name, since someone in that guild can list all chars and maybe that will jog your memory. I assume you no longer have access to the computer(s) you once played on, otherwise your eternal lands documents directory would contain spell lists and other files associated with the character that include its name. These generally do get copied over to a new Windows system if you use the system migration feature. I have chat log files going back to 2006, when I started playing, and can look for hints in there too, but I need a bit more information to go on.
  15. How to fix the broken EL Wiki forum

    As posted by burn, this problem cannot be solved on the server side, due to lack of support. The workaround that burn posted is the only fix we have (for the wiki forum). The issue with the wiki itself is over a year old and nothing we can do about it. We (burn and me as site admin, via ermabwed as site owner) have reported it to the server admin (not an EL player), but he has chosen to ignore us