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  1. Day of Joule

    [According to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropy#Stati..._interpretation.] The more Joules (energy) in a system, the less entropy there is. Therefore on day of Joule, Radu cannot login.
  2. Day of Joule

    No - it is a bad day, 'cos of all the bitching. Everytime you manu anything, you take heat damage.
  3. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Before, people with 4 veg nexus didnt feel stupid - even though it has always been possible to make mana pots instead of SRs. The reason is that SR was a lot better than mana pot, even though cooldown for SR was twice as long. If mana pot was doubled to heal 10 MP, and the cooldowns were equalised, then SRs would still be a lot better than mana pots. So having 4 veg nexus would still be useful for fighters. Anyway, its all academic now.
  4. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I need to . Mana pots at 10 with reduced cooldown on SRs would have been fine.
  5. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    *I* would have appreciated a faster cooldown on SRs, which would have made levelling magic faster thus compensating for the new magic system. The new harm spell was also a lot of fun.
  6. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Some smart individual has spotted that things are much better than this for fighters. Mana pots now give 10 ethereal points and the cooldown is less than half of that for sr. So mana pots are better for gaining ethereal points quickly when training. Further - you get to keep the vial with mana pots. Further still - mana pots are 100% success and no nexus required - so even pure fighters can make them. Just stack up on wine and lupes and a few vials, mix the mana pots while waiting for respawns. Never give any hard won gc to a greedy potioner again. EDIT: SR = 2*(mana pot) - 2*(vial) New price for vial about 8gc So new price for SR about 4gc
  7. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I guess these new potions will be high level, in which case not all potioners benefit (though all have the problems of increased vial prices). Do people buy anything other than feasting pots from Mira? Maybe a less radical way of cutting the number of vials is to just make feasting pots not leave a vial. (This is irrelevant if vials are made manuable, of course.) Thanks for the great sig! Should clarify that I quite like these changes overall, and I think Ent should probably ignore any bitching (especially from me ) because we don't really know what the effects will be. Mundaus (self-)muted
  8. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    No longer get vial from drinking potion. Therefore potion worth less. Therefore price goes down. (Maybe) One for the economists to argue over.
  9. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    New potions - good for high-level potioners and for those without high magic level to cast invisibility. I think this is a very good addition, potioners dont have many exciting things to make at the moment. No more vials - this is a BIG change. If the only source for new vials is Harvy this is going to be interesting - the downside that it is going to be hard for people with only moderate potioning levels now. We will have to see what the new vial price is. To be honest potioning has been a little on the easy side compared to manu/craft, and this change will: (i) Increase cost to make potions (because vial price goes up) (ii) Decrease value of potions (because you don't get a vial after drinking) thus giving a sharp dose of economic reality Increased price of feasting pot seems reasonable - personally i think it should go up more (15gc+). The cost to produce it is greater than 12gc, so it should not be the case that you can buy it from npc for that price. This price will look silly if the market price for vials gets into the 8-10gc range. Lowering axe nexi makes things more consistent - but unless some of the new armour/weapons require nexus of 7, i predict much bitching from those who have already spent the pp. Increasing esses required for spells will make it much harder for those who dont have high magic already. Perhaps exp should rise slightly too? Isn't the formula for poison damage just equivalent to duration_left_seconds/30?
  10. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    Zirakinbar 205,126 - can stand in rock
  11. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    Minor issue - Zirak Crypt at 217,215 in Zirakinbar I didnt get a Pk warning before entering. EDIT: Tried again and did this time. Must have clicked door from a strange place.
  12. SSOTW: Best monster shot!

    OK, so its not a great picture, but I had fun getting it. EDIT: LOL at Sheesh
  13. What is your political compass score?

    For the record, can you define ultra-leftists? As someone mentioned on another forum, the average person appears strikingly out in left field compared to almost all of today's elected leaders. That was me too. I wasn't trying to make a scientific point about the mods, just saying that they are not especially left-wing compared to other EL players. Of course, EL players as a whole are very left wing. Absolutely --- guaranteed sale price to protect producers and guaranteed buy price to protect producers. Market channel price wars are banned which is an anti-competition measure. Most item production has an associated tax (feasting potions). And... the best way to make money is to sit down and pick flowers all day. Sure sounds like France to me.
  14. What is your political compass score?

    Updated graph is up at http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...ndpost&p=278368 I find the positions of the mods interesting - none are in the bunch of ultra-leftists.
  15. What is your political compass score?

    Teh Ent is right in the middle. Everyone except meh is to the left of John Kerry EDIT: Updated