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  1. android app

  2. android app

    Anyone else unable to log in using the android app? Is there an update or new version for it?
  3. android app

    Searching for the download for the app. Can anyone direct me to it?
  4. Bring back the fun

    I have been gone for awhile and I too noticed how few players are actually online at any given point. I'm no computer genius but I do love this game and I'm willing to help revive these Eternal Lands in any way I can. I'm going to be around till the wheels fall of. This game is like a second home to me. I would also be willing to donate to contests and assist in any other way I possibly can.(I'm currently trying to restock my storage and don't have a lot to offer but what I do have I'm willing to part with if it does what Finja suggests "Bring back the fun") Feel free to pm me ingame any time if anyone has any suggestions on how I may help. P.S. Love you all and I truly am happy to be back.
  5. Glad to be back :D

    Thanks mother nature has welcomed me back with open arms as well. Two binding stones already
  6. Glad to be back :D

    Just wanted to say it's great to be back and I missed the community a lot over the past few years. 2015 is looking to be the best year of my life and I'm glad you all can be a part of it once more \m/
  7. animal and pots

    189 White rabbit fur=1512(8 each) 242 Puma Fur=1452(6 each) 275 Racoon fur=5500(20 each) 5 Leonard fur=6500(1300 each) 157 Skunk fur=3140(20 each) 1509 Leopard fur=30180(20 each) 1 Cockatrice Feather=50 353 Black panther fur=10590(30 each) 2 Potion of Reasoning=46(23 each) 29 Magic Potion=870(30 each) jason ingame ill be in evtr the entire time im logged in
  8. wiped pc clean and cant log in now :(

    problem fixed needed drivers
  9. PandemiC fail scam

    I cant speak for his interactions with other players but pandemic has been a friend of mine for awhile and has been trusted with hundreds of thousands of gc of stuff by me and my wife over past year. good dude imo
  10. Random Sale

    swamp candles 550gc(0.5) bones 700gc(2.5) FE 4750(4 each) 6.3kgc total
  11. Global Quest FAQ

    toads and fruits done just need 5 more grapes
  12. Global Quest FAQ

    i got 10k fruit for you man who wants to go in with me for wizzys pears? 250k for pair . ill put down 50k (edit) bought and donated 2 pears 250kgc(ty voodoo for the 100k and jjhedgerow for 50k)
  13. steel auction

  14. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    i would like to order 50k iron ore 190kgc ingame name Jason
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    i would like to order 50k iron ore 18250gc Jason