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  1. Pandemic / KO'd guild

    Thats a v good idea Learner. Not sure what the cost of producing dongles might be for radu but, imho, Eternal Lands is far and away a good enough game to warrant it, and I would have no hesitation in buying one (possibly more). Selling dongles need not affect EL's 'free' status. Players could still be set up chars in the traditional manner, and I guess thats how most would start. However, as a char develops, so the inclination of players to want to protect that investment is likely to increase, particularly in the case of char bots which may have costs hundreds of dollars. I'd assume, if the dongle is designed such as it can be specific to a users pc, then it provides a means through which Eternal Lands can not only ensure the security of chars for dongle holders, but a source of potential revenue in relation to any transfer of chars between players. Or just make an app for smart phones, I know not everyone has one, but a large proportion of people have an android or IOS device. I use the blizzard authenticater for WoW and it works perfectly
  2. Password request?

    Costs $5, and you need to prove that the character is yours.
  3. about sunnyd

    Candi donated her storage to the Annual Raffle thingy, Sunny since her accident had been helped by the Disability Assistance Dogs society (or something very similar).
  4. Fifth Annual Raffle

    Have just donated $10 for this great cause. In game name is Tankz
  5. about sunnyd

    She was one of the first people in LoRC to really chat to me, spoke alot due to our shared problems with our spines. The one thing that always struck me about her, was how positive she always was, no matter what. She will be sorely missed by us all.
  6. Storage Sale

    Have tried to message you ingame to no avail
  7. Storage Sale

    I make that out to be 190,552gc in value, will do for 175k.
  8. Storage Sale

    I am having a little sale, I know roughly what most of this is worth, but I am willing to offer a reduced rate for some items, if there is a large purchase involved. Please leave a message here, or a forum pm, with your in-game name, and offer. Food: 10 Wine 153 Toadstool 9 Cooked Meat 46 Fruit Flowers: 204 Impatiens 1 Swamp Candle 171 Lilacs 286 BlueStar Flowers 3343 Chrysanthemum1 1040 Blue Lupine 87 White Asiatic Lilly 228 Cactus 2 Dandelion 7 Valerian 559 Sunflower 1631 Blue Berries 8 Mullein 873 Red Rose 5 Tulips 639 Tiger Lillies 224 Tree Mushroom Metals: 9 Iron Bars 20 Titanium Bars Minerals: 97 Quartz 107 Blue Quartz 75 Rose Quartz Weapons: 1 Iron Sword 2 Long Bow 1 Frying Pan 1 Iron Battle Hammer 1 Used S2E 1 Crossbow 3 Wooden Staff Armor: 4 Enh. Wooden Shield 23 Iron Helm 12 Aug Leath Torso 12 Aug Leath Pants 2 Leather Helms 1 Padded Leath Torso 1 Steel Shield Magic: 1 Med of Life 4 Moon Med 6 Uni Med Clothes: 1 Excavator Cape 1 Cape of the Unbreak 1 Fast Regen Cape
  9. Stone of skill lvl transfer

    Yeah.....no. Some skills are vastly more expensive to level than others, and take considerably different amounts of time to level.
  10. djem998

    I lol'd
  11. PK Battle Royale - Hosted by LoRC

    Event went really well! Thank you to Vanyel and Thyralax for helping me run it. Results as follows: 1st: BOO 2nd: DuBro 3rd: Dilios Last: Deva Winners of the spectators questions: Terminetor (twice!) Aislar Krixus Sufixx Thank you once again to all the prize donaters!
  12. PK Battle Royale - Hosted by LoRC

    Thank you to Zombie_Girl, Mussie and Nessa for more prizes!
  13. PK Battle Royale - Hosted by LoRC

    OK, I screwed up slightly in the listing of the time, I forgot that 8pm for UK atm, is not GMT, but we are GMT +1!. Please take note, the event now starts at 19:00 GMT! This will mean 8pm For UK, as we are in daylight savings time. Sorry for any inconveniance. Please note if you used the link at the top of the page, you would of already been given the correct time. Countdown Clock
  14. PK Battle Royale - Hosted by LoRC

    Thank you very much Kaddy I intend to do one of these every couple of months, will try to make the next one more Aussie friendly
  15. PK Battle Royale - Hosted by LoRC

    Thank you to Sakaala, Groomsh and Andy for donations!