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  1. Jagged Saber of Cooling for sale

    I just made Cutlas of the Mage, and im willing to change it. So if yr offer is still valid, just give me a in game PM... Holar P.S. im loged in Thordix char, do not misstype it in PM. PM me, PM to Holar!
  2. New Death Messages

    xxx's life insurance has been cancelled xxx has been KIA xxx left for a new body...
  3. Whats up with fire essences?

    Crafting already uses artificial nexus. The vials could be made like this: 1 sand (made from 3 quartz, just like bone powder), 1 FE, 1 coal...
  4. New Death Messages

    xxx is eaten by worms now
  5. Whats up with fire essences?

    Arnieman's got a point... I'm 62 level alchemy, usually 1 or 2 from 100 FE are lost...
  6. Today's "Little" Invasion

    Taking part in invasions is optional, if you don't wish to lose your items, don't venture into invaded area. (Note: I always take with only what I can afford to lose and I don't count on getting it back, in case I die in the invasion...)
  7. Three word story

    because he needs
  8. Ideas for new Rings

    There is lot of crafting items actually, it's just there is low demand on most of them.
  9. Guess the player name!

    BigBot7 (took few seconds) Next turn: anyone, but not meh.
  10. Guess the player name!

    Told it was easy, I have no skill of creating puzzles...
  11. Guess the player name!

    Easy one too:
  12. Guess the player name!

  13. Guess the player name!

    Written on the cover? Learner?
  14. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    If we don't go after the big money then what is the use of the new armor and wepons.....? It's either big money, or small money + experience, fair trade to me...
  15. Carrier Pigeon

    "Carrier pigeon has been eaten by Idaloran falcon and dropped items" Anyways, interesting idea...
  16. New leather-iron armor

    You pleased my blacksmith eye once again Roja, outstanding job. Btw: I think that these armors are called loricated armor (romans called them lorica squamata) or scale armor.
  17. Three word story

    with wolframite bar
  18. Three word story

    with yarrow paste
  19. Three word story

    covered with bears
  20. Guess the player name!

  21. Three word story

    the boosted beaver
  22. No nexus day

    That's called Peace Day It's not, during peace day, you can't attack anything, during this you could still attack players...
  23. Three word story

    Selain divorced Mortos
  24. Three word story

    made of... cream?
  25. Three word story

    made of hydrogenium