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  1. Formulas for new items

    it can get difficult though if there is like 1 weird item in the ingreds no one would ever try, or let's say 50fe, who in godsname will try 1fe, 2fe, 3f, ... 50fe? 1,2,3,5,10,25,50,100,250,500,1000 is usually a decent starting pattern, if you're sure FE would be involved, and the other person is not trying to be purposefully obtuse. Did you possibly tried to find a correct formula for for example c2 telering you didn't know the recipe? This is insane!
  2. Magic Sword Books

    I see those prices reasonable and fair, maybe with +/- 5kgc fluctuation. Overpriced books are too great luxury for poor EL economics IMHO.
  3. Formulas for new items

    Agreed, it should be some hidden secret books scattered around all Illirion to explore it, maybe most of them on new maps? Contests are very good and splendid to take part in them, however, only small fraction of players will be present when it will happen, which is not fair IMO, for all players live in different time zones.
  4. Test your thinking skills

    Translating (for me obvious word) from my language (with straightly specific meaning) is difficult. Of course we have two words for it too. it's just hard to translate it correctly, because dictionary offers me the same combination of words for each of them. Note: all science should use latin nomenclature as medicine does, do you know how easy is international medicine because of latin?
  5. About arenas

    If you are scared of being trapped, don't go there then... And as for new players, there is a warning before they enter, if they choose to disobey it... (it's like crossing on red light, either you walk over safely or a bus smashes you, it's same here)
  6. bring back please..

    I agree on removing fee for platinum coins too. I'd love to use them too.
  7. About arenas

    Which has been closed by now.
  8. Test your thinking skills

    Of course not, force is measured in N (newton=kg*m^-1*s^-2) while heaviness is measured in kg (kilogram). That is unified for the whole world I think. (as metric units are used in science, or am I wrong?)
  9. About arenas

    Is it only me hallucinating, or everybody is against PKing these days? I do feel sorry for your friends (I was killed in arena many times myself), but... ...as I told in that suggestion thread, I think that arenas are part of the game, place where you can train, or watch spectacular fights of the top fighters. Removing them would bring even more decrease of PKing, which is bad IMHO. Arenas provide a place for easy XP but for a cost that you can be killed and potentionally lose some items. If you don't like arenas, simply refrain going in there, nobody forces you to do so. But removing them for a reason you stated above? I suggest you for the next time (if you are not already aware of) to use combination of disengagement ring+teleport ring, so easy to use, so powerful it is.
  10. specific Defensive shields

    Although this specific shield idea is not bad in general at all, I'd rather see spell or amulet way of protection (which I think it's beign prepared as we speak).
  11. EL Textures

    Note: It would be very nice, if every magic cloak ingame has some pattern on it...
  12. SSOTW: Best monster shot!

    Very nice one Mundaus, pity that you weren't able to #cls and remove names, but I understand, that this was in a blink of an eye shot
  13. Random days...

    Agreed, there has been more special days than ordinary ones recently. Maybe this could be implemented: No more than one special day per 4 ingame days (24h IRL). The same day cannot be present again in less than 8 ingame days (48 IRL). That would ensure that special days are special indeed.
  14. W00t go me!

    Congratulations Gryflet. Keep 'em coming
  15. Test your thinking skills

    Hehe, in my language, weight is translated either as gravity force or as heaviness of object. So technically, both of you are right
  16. Crystal Swords

    Either this sword would be abusable or way too expensive to use it anyway IMHO. Cooldown on that would help, but we already has one item: RoP.
  17. Crystal Swords

    We have ring of powers for that "one-use only powerful blow", haven't we?
  18. A suggestion for nexus's

    I respect Entropy's decision (however I do not agree, but still I respect it) about that. He just thinks, it doesn't match his vision. It's his game after-all.
  19. specific Defensive shields

    Why inventing something overpowered with protection against everything? It would unbalance combat system IMO. If you wish something powerful, it should have have some weak spots. Stone>scissors>paper system as once trollson said is for a reason.
  20. A suggestion for nexus's

    I have already suggested A/D requirements (here) on weapons/armor, and after a discussion, the topic was closed (on my own request), and this is what Entropy replied: However I am supporter of level requirements as well. I wish you good luck in your effort, although I think it will be most likely in vain
  21. SSOTW: Mining

    Thank you very much!
  22. specific Defensive shields

    Sure, look at that question mark behind price. However it's not the point, the ingreds are clearly exaggerated even without that modable sword IMO.
  23. SSOTW: Best monster shot!

    My collection of chimerae
  24. specific Defensive shields

    Let me count: modable serpent (umm, 80k?), 10 EFE (25k), 2 titanium shields (66k), in total (170k+). So, shield for 170kgc+ with single protection against one sword and drawbacks against other?
  25. Book of Ice sword

    Trading Book of Ice sword for Book of Fire/Magic/Thermal sword (fire preferably) Negotiations possible... (means that I'll throw in some gold, but don't expect fortune ) Leave post here or contact me ingame (/Thordix)