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  1. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Ad magic: Instead of adjusting harm, remote heal and mana drain, more powerful, more advanced and more level requiring spell should be added. So lower level mage has harm as a damage spell and high level mage should have someting like "disintegration spell" as a replacement for harm on higher levels. Remote heal should be replaced by "remote recovery spell" and mana drain should be replaced by "mana leak" on higher levels. Ad vials: unbalanced, have mana potions give 10 EP, SRs 30-40 EP and EMP like 75 EP (raising their popularity) Ad everything else: 100% satisified Suggestion on vial formula: 3 quartz+1 coal+1 FE=pack of 5 vials Nexus: 0 Recommended level: 2 Manufacture XP: 5
  2. Kill the post above

    Syringal chimeran puppy?
  3. ShipWrecked!

    Shipwrecked and being rescued by mermaid?
  4. Animals go a hunting...

    I think although it's not sensible, it's fair to have nonagressive critters here, otherwise, all maps will be dangerous for new players, even WS with its wolves, pumas and bears, and that is not a good thing. You need to get at least minor healing potions for you to heal if you are newb. And I do not think that potioners will be selling very low amounts of them on beam, every time somebody would ask for them. This is deeper than simple "make all carnivores aggresive." It influences the whole gameplay.
  5. Animals go a hunting...

    Sama should be with all carnivores then (tigers, leopards, pumas, ferans?, panthers, wolves)
  6. Spawn Title Deeds

    Bad idea IMO, imagine that in wolf spawn in VOTD for example. Noone should ever owns a spawn as a property. There are too few spawns already and too many people for them, this would only restrict many players from training, frustrating them and spoiling the fun.
  7. Three word story

    a big sausage
  8. Three word story

    with a house
  9. Three word story

    a wolframite bar
  10. Different invasions

    Summoned bunnies have one problem, they are not aggresive as invaded creatures are...
  11. Yeah, more rotten undeads have been suggested many times (zombie, wraith, appartions, spectres, cadavers, mummies and so on...)
  12. Three word story

    is he really?
  13. Three word story

    of the mighty
  14. Three word story

    or you will
  15. Three word story

    long and broad
  16. No XP on that map, otherwise it would become bypass for rules.
  17. Three word story

    big and heavy
  18. Three word story

    like a dwarf
  19. unreachable server

    Here it works fine, maybe regional problem...
  20. Three word story

    sleeping in Tahraji
  21. Hehe, chimerae would become smarter than some people
  22. Three word story

    what the hell?
  23. Glilin Event Results

    Great event. Although delays were painful, it was fun indeed. I liked it, could be more often...
  24. Three word story

    picking the flowers
  25. i really like the guild tournement idea, and if it was ONLY guildie vs guildie then no chance it will get broken up by anyone This area should be without XP, otherwise, it would be far too easy to PvP.