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  1. PK: Rules of Engagement

    Maybe there is no need for any adjustments. Illirion holds some quiet arenas, just take your time to find them... (I give up further comments, you guy are ripping me apart with obvious truth I cannot see until you post it )
  2. PK: Rules of Engagement

    Agreed with that. But I won't post anything, if I get killed in PK, I was on my own and wise enough not to bring valuables with. After this reply, a no-drop arena seems good to me too. (portland lacks an arena ) BTW: no offence taken
  3. PK: Rules of Engagement

    I train in pk arenas and get sometimes killed by stronger people with serpent and plates. I don't care, I just bring full leather and the loss is minimal. What annoys me and diappoints me is when I PvP with friend and MUCH stronger players just wait, until we flee and kill us both (I cannot even use rings, it is mostly instant kill, if he have magical weapon and is way stronger than me). We don't need special arenas, we need more people with ethics and polity to let people train. If you go to KF, you're on your own. But arenas should be bound by unwritten rules of ethics and polity. Just a suggestion...
  4. New summoning creatures idea

    How about more undead summoning. LE+DE+bones+armor/weapons to make armed skellies/phantoms summonable. I love undead. And I welcome this as another way to get rid of these swords. (many people I know have over 20 tit longs and cannnot get rid of them...)
  5. #create_title

    I like this. Definitely. Perfect yet simple idea.
  6. limited guilds

    I think that idea of guild status progress is good. To get some advantages from teamwork. Nowadays the guilds seem to me like free alliances and not tight pack of people. Encouraging some teamwork is must IMO.
  7. Bags again

    Maybe automated PM to the player who died?
  8. Server down?

    Up we go!
  9. Server down?

    Lucky I traded 5 mins before it went down
  10. Server down?

    Patience is the key
  11. ingredients needed for new teleport rings

    I've seen it. That is the way ALL the rings should be. Of course with adjustment of prices. Lower level rings require approx. 30 essences in total, it takes ages to prepare just ingredinents for 10 rings. But we are ALL beta testers, so nobody would of should really complaing, just suggest an improvement...
  12. Heaven (anti-underworld)

    <quote> I have a similar idea but i want to put it here since i got it off Suazh. There should be more than one "Beam" and more than one exit from the "underworld" so new people on ip dont get laggesd out so much when there is a contest. or you can type #beam me up 1 to go to ip or #beam me up 2 to go to ws and so on and so forth. </quote> but this would made teleport rings useless...
  13. bum bowm

    well I made 50 diss rings after last save, goddamit
  14. ingredients needed for new teleport rings

    Not in leather things. You BUY leather as well as threads (ok, maybe killing 1k of spiders will do). But the point is obvious. Two thirds of XP, maybe more, from manufacturing/crafting go to alchemy skill. That is why they are so hard to train, otherwise, there would be plenty people with skill over 40, able to create any ring/weapon/armor. What concerns me is that I am not motivated to create these rings, just because, I have no profit (even +1gc would satisfy me, really). But when you are losing gold as well as material, economy is falling apart. Some may say, that it is you choice: money or XP, but what is the point of creating something, if I know, I will lose money. Not to mention that money used mainly in character developement. (investing back).
  15. ingredients needed for new teleport rings

    Well more food than disengagement rings? MORE FOOD THAN 36? You must be insane! When I make disengagement rings, I am already drinkink potions of feasting like an addict! Well I hope that somebody will notice this and adjust these formulae that these rings would be worth to make. This is indeed a bit ripoff.
  16. ingredients needed for new teleport rings

    As a noob crafter (I'm somewhere at bottom in top 200 ) I have to agree with top crafter. But if there's no profit (no need to be HUGE), motivation to make these rings is crippled. There should be at least some profit at all. (I would be satisfied even with 5gc per ring or such...)
  17. ingredients needed for new teleport rings

    I also must agree that amount of ingredients are bit exaggerated. If I ever make these rings, it will be for guildmates only. These rings would be sellable, if NPC prices were greater and also fee for transport at gnome (lets say 250gc instead of 100gc). But I am grateful that these rings even exist.
  18. Lord of the flies day

    Ok, if THIS will condition will be implemented, then everything is allright. A+D=120+ are skilled fighters. I was only afraid about weaker players.
  19. Lord of the flies day

    But having A/D like 80/80 or even higher is much more harder than investing just 2PP in inorganic and read a few books for few Kgc. It seems that pure fighters are like dinosaurs, unable to adapt to changes and when they are changes, they fight against them. Peace day do NOT FORCE anybody to do anything (you can still harvest sulphur or coal, which is badly needed everytime and you need NO NEXUSES and NO BOOKS for that, just equiped pickaxe), but War day would FORCE me to fight. And think about new players. First day, they come, step out of IP and die. I don't believe there won't be any WS docks campers out there. Isn't a good way to start a game and support them. It could decrease number of new players coming into the game.
  20. Lord of the flies day

    I think, that some lazy or maybe mean players are trying to benefit on the other weaker players. You're always saying that PKers have no other nexuses, but who fault is this? Only theirs. If there's no fight day, they should be doing some MORE useful things than just sitting on beam and cleaning their weapons I voted 100% AGAINST this day. I chose EL because, I'm not forced to fight with other players if I don't want to. And save your threaths on me PKers, I'm not wandering through PK areas