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  1. Three word story

    completely heartless villain
  2. Item Usage Statistics

    Jeez, I want to play a game, not read statistics tables. Besides, it would be too much of advantage...
  3. PK Arena on Isla Prima

    You forgot on flower shop with rapid flowers just behind wraith...
  4. Just a lil story

    You go to fight, you encounter someone stronger than you, you call back ups, it's not cowardice, it's using all weapons you have available. Noone goes on sucidial missions.
  5. Just a lil story

    It is not twisted. Ask lorck Re-read what i said. Nobody in hc cry for help to outnumber by 20 someone else. In what guild is the topic maker? You lack some reading ability? I will highlight what i said "Nodody i hc cry for help to outnumber by 20 someone else". He is complaining about exactly this behavior not because "some ca$h ganged me". What's the difference between crying for help ingame and crying on forum to stop it? I think crying on the forum to stop gangbanging (lol) is even more childish I love biased posts without arguments. Me too, especially yours are state of the art examples, talking still the same crap, not answering the original posts and so on...
  6. Just a lil story

    You can call other people to help you, because you have option to use advantage! Why not use advanatage if you have an option to use it?
  7. Just a lil story

    So when =Hc= outnumber someone it's okay, but if ca$h do so, it's something bad? Twisted logic...
  8. Just a lil story

    And for those who doenst know, ca$h also eat litte children. Roasted with a bit of gnomish pepper. I prefer dwarven spices.
  9. PK Arena on Isla Prima

    Just find quiet spot to pvp, or even better, go hunt some monsters...
  10. W00t! Binding stone!

    This really sucks, this also happened to rostogols somewhere...
  11. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Good one, I agree.
  12. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I agree Kalach, vials had no sink which would balance them. I think we should let the time decide. New balance will be established. Let's try to live with no vials for some time...
  13. Three word story

    made of cheese
  14. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Kind request to Entropy: if you wish to cease overincome of vials to the game, just make no vials from using FP only. This is the greatest income of vials. But using ALL potions resulting in losing vials is very drastic. Vials will be expensive>>>potions wll have to raise its prices>>>BUT people have not enough money to buy them, so supply will be even more over the demand, which wil result in hurting the fragile economy even more.
  15. New Storage

    Are you serious? This would kill the economy for sure!!!
  16. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Vials are really drastic, maybe 10% breaking chance, but 100% is awful, with no alternative income of vials. (Harvy is nonsense, 5 quartz+3gc is insane). It would be really helpful, if makeable vials would be added asap. And I do appreciate all other changes, they are in general good. I like them. (so I am not bitching about update, just the vials seems to drastic now)
  17. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    Umm, EMP requires magic 4 as well, a little remark. And to make EMP from bindies? Binding stone costs 2kgc now, and for 50 EP? I think this is not going to happen.
  18. Three word story

    he was making
  19. New Storage

    Rather than another storage in VOTD, where is one already, I would welcome storages on more Illirion maps...
  20. Three word story

    ate too much
  21. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    You can also discuss vial solution I suggested here.
  22. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I'm always up for more spells. SRs giving that much mana isn't good imo. Vials should give some crafting exp too Manufacture or crafting isn't really important issue in this. And SR need to have advantage against mana potions, so 30, 35 or 40 EP with vial lost seems quite fair for me. How about the potions that STACK returns vial and potions that don't stack loses the vial? Well, that would only keep coming vials from FP while losing vials from SR pots, unbalancing vials issue maybe even more.
  23. Three word story

    by a dwarf
  24. Glilin Event Results

    Not like it matters, but my name is thorDix, not thorix in the list.