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  1. awesome Germans !

    Ich muss sagen: Nach langer EL-Abstinenz den Thread wieder durchzulesen, war sehr unterhaltsam. Jetzt muss ich mich nur noch erinnern, wie man in TG auf Roanoff Island rüber kommt O.o Arghh... Blöder Kalk.
  2. awesome Germans !

    Aber sicher doch
  3. Android client

    After having played around a while longer with groomsh's version, I totally agree with Usl. The game experience will definitely be limited and it won't be a fully-functional client for sure. Other than that I found it hard to develop without in-depth knowledge of the EL communication protocol. Can anyone provide a link to the EL comm protocol documentation? I would very much appreciate this and it would speed up the development process (if we want to go on with the idea of an Android client for EL). Another challenge I came across are maps: As far as I know the official client does not feature maps of all areas. So I used BloodSucker's maps as a substitute. Because you would not want to log into the game in an area without a map - that's no fun, trust me. That was my rant, now something more productive: My private current version features groomsh's chat screen of the previous version (labeled "Console" in the screenshot) and a 2D-map screen. You click anywhere on the map around the green dot and your character will move there (no pathfinding yet + it's still buggy and incomplete as hell). You click and drag and the map will move. So... where to go from here?
  4. Android client

    A side (but actually important) note is the license. Which open source license would fit best? Possible licenses with google code are: Apache License 2.0 Artistic License/GPL Eclipse Public License 1.0 GNU General Public License v2 GNU General Public License v3 GNU Lesser General Public License MIT License Mozilla Public License 1.1 New BSD License Other Open Source (choosing this displays the note below) I actually don't care about the license but I'll leave the choice to Ent.
  5. Android client

    Sounds promising, thanks Usl.
  6. Android client

    I tried to open a project for the Android client at BerliOS, the request was denied: Next up: Sourceforge.net. If anyone knows another solid location for hosting open source projects, you're welcome to post them here.
  7. first game you ever played?

    I guess Wings of Fury
  8. Android client

    Very nice, I've already tried it out on my computer and it works here, too. Proof of concept:
  9. Android client

    Thanks, guys. I didn't even think about using an emulator. SDL and c2j sounds good, too. I'll look into it later.
  10. Android client

    I can offer to help with the Java client, both developing and testing. I'll have to get an android device first though.
  11. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    - How old are you? 27 - Where do you live? Austria - Are you studying or working etc.? Working - Do you have long history with computer games or is EL your "first love"? Started with the C64. So let's start with "real" questions: 1. The most important reason you play EL? + Greatest game in existence (+ the one that kept me playing for over 4 years without getting bored) 2. Is there any other reasons you play? + Nice community + EL client supports all of my platforms + Relaxing music + Aggravating music + Possibility to turn off music + No RL money for game or game time required + Client open-source + Quests, invasions, polar bears, many skills, no classes + Weird humor + Possibility to take part in the developing process of the game /edit/ + EL client still runs on my old computer /edit/ 3. How did you find the game? While browsing through the portage tree of Gentoo Linux. 4. How often do you play? Currently daily. 5a. Have you tried any other MMORPG's and do you still play them? World of Warcraft Classic + Burning Crusade => No and no. /edit/ Last Chaos => No. /edit/ 5b. Why have you stayed in EL? see 1. + 2. 6. Have you ever bought from EL shop? Nope.
  12. Eternal-Lands first look

    Wow, what an arrogant douche! It seems that playing too many MMORPGs greatly increases the selective reading skill and reduces politeness by the same amount.
  13. Eternal-Lands first look

    Interesting, thanks for posting. /edit/ After seeing page 1 of the replies in this thread, I have to say: I think the EL community should see those types of videos as what they are: First looks of newbies who experienced their fair share of MMO games. No more, no less. Some things mentioned in the video might be worth discussing, other things are just uneducated guesses of a newbie who only wants to take a first look at EL (which is perfectly okay imo). One of the main topics that could and should be discussed is: Why do people play EL? What keeps them playing EL? I mean, even the reviewer - a newbie - noticed that there are active players in this game - as opposed to other MMO games and that hence EL is probably worth playing And personally I can think of many good answers to the two questions above. But there's always room for improvement. But I don't want to go there - at least in this thread. /edit/
  14. v1.9.0

    Seems to still be a problem with 1.9.0b.
  15. Xaquelina harv quest

    When I did that quest, I had to harv 100 impatiens, because I was harvesting in an increment of 2. Xaquelina would only collect 50 of those.