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  1. Character appearance

    OK from what i see the new character texture looks smooter. Maybe a little too much smooth. My male elfs skin looks almost like a skin of female . Also i am a bit thinner now. But i think we all get used to it after sometime and then everything would be ok
  2. Tinkerbelle

    Well i am quite a dedicated gambler 3 BP cloaks 1 conjurer cape and 1 mixature of power. Spent like 3K gc at her.
  3. Windows RC 3

    Ok i know the problem wtih water steps is quite minor. And also hard to fix since when this happen i am walking one foot in water one on the ground apart from this i didnt find anything bad at all. But maybe you will want to check this sound file "steps-on-grit02" i can hear something like a drone in it on higher volume. Not a problem of my speakers :] BTW I know its quite an insignificant thing to post about but i just thought we are in the phase when even the smallest bugs should be chacked for the official release to come
  4. NMT Perk vs. NMT Cape

    I have the perk now. All my guildmates says its a waste. well ill show them
  5. Windows RC 3

    Are we still supposed to post problems with sound? eg hearing water steps when walking on regular ground?
  6. My apology.

    the BroD cheap and 100 times more effective ?! LOL? someone wants to ruin PvP and PKing in this game completly? Please no Entropy dont do this
  7. weekend invasions

    I think the amount of all the essences burned durnig invasions ( especially HE ) is pretty high. So good for all the mixers
  8. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    And you don't think that my proposal would mitigate the problem? Yeah i think the price of NMT cape will go down just becouse of this thread
  9. NMT cape breakable, part 2.

    Just get a NMT perk and everything is solved to hell with the unbreakable cloak.
  10. NMT Perk vs. NMT Cape

    In my case its a NMT perk until i drop a cape then reset. I really dont want to lose COL and all that titanium stuff in my training.And what more. Now i can use FR cape also ill put some PPs in vitality for eisier training now
  11. Will vs. Vitality

    I think the only adventage in will is the HP bonus and now when we have COL and all that stuff its just like if you slow down your magic training so i think Vitality is better . However my A/D is 40/50 so its not much of an opinion
  12. My char "PlaX" get banned.Why?

    Ok i think there is a lot of mess in all this. Please aislinn can you write all the things we are suspected from in a few separete articles?and then we will try to give you the best answer we can. I hope this will be solved becouse i know i havent done anything bad
  13. My char "PlaX" get banned.Why?

    Ok thanks for your time. I hope you will solve this well. Please Aislinn now when you know we are two different people with spare can you unlock my character(PlaX) ? I just want to play The issue with Spare/Rotwar can be solve later but from what you know you must see i didnt do anything bad
  14. My char "PlaX" get banned.Why?

    So whats the conclusion of this issue?