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  1. First of all, i really dont think the player base is anywhere big enough to conisder multiple servers, hows the Pk server doing these days? I remember when I was playing on it when it was brand spanking new and hyped up, it was rather quiet. As Vanyel mentioned, there is a lack of end game content so to speak. The fact that sky is the limit (or your own personal madness) regarding your skill levels, gotta be a negative thing. I just can not see it beeing positive. The point of a 6 month old char should be able to compete with a 6 year old char raises peoples eyebrows; I say, why not?? Why should you be so superior just cause you have played the game for longer? Look at the most sucessive MMO, World of warcraft, the game is played and released in phases so to speak. For some time, the level cap is 60, 70, 80 now 85, and soon to be 90. It makes it so new people to the game can catch up to the rest and compete and play with the more seasoned players. I can not see a singel negative side of this. Not saying EL should try and copy wow, but I think certainly it has some interesting ways of doing things that is worth looking into. I plead you to look beyond your own levels, and reason with me why it would be horrible if more people were around the same levels. If you distance yourself from EL, and think of it as a game you have never tried. The first thing I look for is, what happends then I am at max level, what is the journey until i get there like? Or is it just an endless grind with no true goal in sight? If the latter, id never bother trying it.
  2. Indeed some people return after a year or two, but its my experience that most of them quickly dissapear again or spend most of their time afk, until they dissapear into the grey fog once more. Its not like the EL player base is so huge that getting more people to play isnt really all that interesting. For many, if not most hours of the day, the bots > people. I am not saying that a char swipe will make all old timers come back, most of them fas found a new place to hide out. My point is, that I think, that the game, is suffering due to the fact that new players must get a feeling of beeing so far behind the rest of them game, that they loose interest more quickly than they would otherwise. When you talk to people who has played the game for many, many years, do most of them say that they keep playing cause making FE´s are just so incredible awesome, or is it cause of the people around them in game that makes it hard to quit?
  3. I agree with you, but i also disagree. Plenty of people are bored out of their minds with the EL grind, and do quit the game. I dont think that should be swept under the rug just cause you like the endless grind, do you? Or are you fine with everybody else listening to your music?
  4. That is exactly what I read into it. What Radu meant with the phrase might be a completely different thing. My reason for wanting a drastic change in things, is cause I feel EL is heading nowhere really. These old chars, with maxed attributes and what nots, are in many cases the work of so many dollars its borderline nuts. Also, with multiple owners over the years, to me its almost a unlegit character. One person should play his or hers one character always, have as many alts as you like, but the buying and selling of chars is a bad thing for the game and the community imo. For me, what has gotten me to walk away from EL once again, is the fact that there is no real goal in the end. You can always get one more OA, one more level in this and that. Maybe the majority of EL players like this, but I know atleast that I really dont. So after you made your tiger summoning stone number 1 million, what then?? Make another million, it becomes just so pointless to me. But its a game thats still in "beta", so who knows. Im assuming it is, since nobody corrected me earlier on that.
  5. I seem to have struck a nerve, not really my point or intension. The thread was made to raise a discussion about how to make the game truly feel classless. As EL is a game in beta, things are supposed to change isnt it? Or has that changed? My point was just that the game does not feel very classless. I dont care how much money you spent on leveling your skills, its not about how horrible you would feel if there was a char swipe cause you spent so and so many millions of gold on your char. Why would a char swipe be so much more horrible for a mixer than it would be for a fighter? Would it not be even for everybody? My biggest problem with todays system, is that it locks you down too much. If you truly want to become a pure fighter, there are certain sacrifices you have to make regarding the ways you spend your OA´s. I wanna fight in PK versus other people around my a/d levels, but if I also choose to be a potionist, a manufacturer, crafter, or a summoner, I will never be able to beat a fighter around the same a/d as myself if that person is whats beeing called "a pure fighter" in a fair fight using the same gear and weapon. That is why I would love to have a soft reset system, that lets me make my potions, manufacture my swords and armor, craft my rings and and such one week, and then the next week I feel like fighting other people, so I go a do a soft reset, where i keep my OA. but i get to spend my earned PP´s where i want to. Also, yes I would like a char swipe cause I think it would be great! People have chars that are several years old, and thus their skill levels are very high. New players to the game will never stand a chance in hell to catch up to them, and I dont think thats very positive. It would level the playing field wich I think would be great. But I dont really see how it would favor some people over others if there was a char swipe. Why is it more unfair for you who mix, than it would be for a pure fighter? Does he/she not need to train back his lvls just the same as you do? And I really dont follow your logic regarding the gaining of PP. You say that if I dont have enough PP for nexus its because I focus too much on one skill (a/d). If I do, I will have a lot more PPs that you will ever get if you choose to sit and mix afaik. Prove me wrong if I am, but what can you do per hour in exp that a figher couldnt get training mobs?
  6. I think Norad has a good point. To think EL is a classless game is imo just wrong. Sure, it is classless in the sense that you can do everything, but you cant do it all well. If the game is truly classless, why do people ask for tanks, archers, fighters and so on for doing certain things in game? Using the fact that you played the game for half a decade or more to prove your point that you can train "high lvl" mobs is also a bit skewed imo. It doesnt really take all that many PPs to train feros or FT. I beleive that EL would be a much better game if there were things like soft resets implemented for a gc fee, or something similar, that let you swap around your pps according to what you feel like doing that day, week or that evening. I really dont see why it is desireable to keep people locked in on a certain path, and the only way for them to get off that path is to loose all your OA´s. And to say that a pure fighter will have less OA´s then a mixer is also striking me as very odd. Unless I am mistaken, fighting mobs for one hour, has always given me more exp than mixing FE, branch harvesting, mine making, even S2E making! If the same amount of time spent on mixing, was spent on fighting, dont tell me you´d have more OA´s from sitting in storage. Also, a char swipe would be cool.
  7. birthday of LLL

    Ohh hide and seek!! Just what we need! And oh yeah, Happy Birthday!
  8. EL Contests

    Who doesnt remember Pipers awesome clues when he was hiding. I see a tree, come find me! or I see something green, where am I! But yeah, contests were fun, the prices dont have to be full dragon set armor or tit serpent sword It used to be for fun!
  9. EL Contests

    I have recently returned to EL and a lot of stuff is different from when I last played. One thing that i find to be rather disapointing, is the lack of contests ran by the Almighty creator of these lands. Radu used to run some great contests with pretty good awards and a lot of people took part in the. But it is my understanding that its been years!! since this happened. So what happened?? So, Mr Radu, why dont you run them anymore? And is it likely that youll do some in the near future?
  10. Zarariel

    Hey Zara! Its completely safe to log back in, im here now. Just started playing again like a week ago, pop on and say hey As far as the game goes, there are blue dragons now! And instances and lots of other stuff i have no idea what really is yet. Good to see ya still out there. Take care Albazz
  11. WTB Will removal stones

    Hey Im looking for several Will removal stones, drop me a note here, Pm, or in game please!
  12. GODZ and Warlords (wWw) merge to form GoW

    I'd like to be browntagged, just me, not the guild. Hope we can work this out. Good luck and "Godz" speed and all that. But it has to be said.. Bwaaaak BWaaaak!!!
  13. Dragon Great Swords

    I really didn't want to, but then you had to go and ask so nicely. In general, i'm against the so called "l33t" weapons and armor, yes id like black dragon armor, but only for show. This hasn't contributed to the game in a positive way in my opinion. Except characters look prettier now. I thought you had a desperate hope of reviving PK Korrode, making the entry even harder seems like a bad idea. If this evil plan of yours is to remove dragon scales, make it mixable with some FE's and voila, you have some pretty fireworks.
  14. Dragon Great Swords

    If i had a vote, I would vote no.