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  1. Banned

    I am very sorry if any moderator read that I have said the are stupid. For me I dont like the invasions because I am afraid of beeing killed. Are soon 72 years old and afraid to die because I am sick/ill I have many days not played EL because of all invaders monsters and now you have stopped to play even vhen there is no imvasion. Please forgive me help me back to play EL. The playing is all I have to do days with no invasions . I realy regret what I have said and want to be back in EL. El is a play I really like invasionfree days. Plaese take me back And have a nice Eastern. I dont know if I can have when I cant play EL. My regards to all how have done this nice play EL. I have to use a dictionare for help to write this. Plase help me back. And once again have a good Eastern and help me to be back.
  2. why

    Why plaing EL. El is a play you got banned from even if you dong know you have done anyting. Sowhy play EL. There is many aothers free play
  3. Banned

    I just found out that I am banned . I dont know why. Can anyone tell me. It only says yoy IP is banned. Perhaps it is that I have said I dont like the stupid invasions. It is for this I will say. You can have you EL. I will find other play to go to. I know many having left EL and wants me to do so. And know it seems that you want so. It this a way from you to have people to play EL. In that case keep doing so and there will be very few players