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  1. Depletable Resources Poll

    Some of us spend too much time on EL because it is fun and relaxing. Might be better for us to go read a book or something. Those who feel depletable resources will frustrate them and make EL less fun and relaxing should go to the library.
  2. Yes you may use me. I am shamara in game and also in forums. I am female and not pregnant in real life.
  3. Are you an EL oldbie?

    I started playing in September of 2005 so just short of 3 years. Remember the fuss and feathers when cooldown was introduced, but big crash was before my time....not something I really mind having missed.
  4. The sky is falling!

    Yeehaw!!! With distance and reflection distance both set to 40 I can see sky. Thanks Roja! And you guys have a safe and good trip.
  5. The sky is falling!

    I can run in isometric view but when I turn it off it looks like this: http://img90.imageshack.us/my.php?image=skytooclosezd6.jpg It doesn't seem to matter whether I have sky, clouds, etc. checked or unchecked.
  6. Invitation to Zia and EvilJoe's wedding

    Wow......what a pretty wedding. I love the clothing colors for the wedding party! Sorry I couldn't be there but congratulations anyway you two!!
  7. Gods of Eternal Lands

    It will be very interesting to see how the new gods fit into game play patterns....some nice suggestions for more effects from gods......seems like gods would have as much impact as stars (astrology) on lives of players. And yes to having gods who show up in game
  8. which linux to use for el?

    I use Linux Mepis because it works well with my Nvidia graphics and was easy for my newb level Linux ability.
  9. perks

    I have no perks.....reset at OA 90 to get rid of the ones I took as a Newb and don't plan to get any sort of perk again.
  10. God Staffs

  11. Until we meet again my beloved Katryel

    Jamin I am so sorry. My heart is breaking for you.....like you I believe we will meet those we love on the other side...how could it be perfect there otherwise? But it is such a far place from here and a long road till we get there. You have wonderful memories with Rachel and a beautiful little girl and I know right now none of that is probably enough. You also have many friends in the gaming world who are sending you as much good energy as they can and will be happy to see you again if you ever feel like joining us. Thank you so much for taking time to let us know about Katryel.
  12. Help me move!

    Hehehe. You don't live in Boring do you? Nah that is more east than middle.
  13. Help me move!

    Portland, Oregon is a very pretty city and you can see beautiful Mt Hood from almost anywhere. It rains quite a bit there but rarely gets below 0 farenheit. The Columbia Gorge,east of city, is one of the least know natural wonders in the USA, I think, with towering basalt cliffs and cascading waterfalls. Eugene, further south in the Willamette Valley, is another Oregon city you might consider. I no longer live in Oregon but grew up there and still consider it one of the finest states in the union.
  14. How to disagree

    Very nice essay Erma......and so pertinent to the postings we often see on forums.
  15. Peace Day?

    I wait and wait for a Peace Day so I can safely harvest hydro ore. Once your overall gets up into the 100's in EL a new pick point only comes around every few months and there are some things requiring nexus I would like to be able to do a little sooner than in 3 or 4 years. But I could just carry a rostie and go other times or I can sell things and buy the hydro ore. Or maybe for simplicity I could just find somebody willing to trade some hydro ore for a rostogol stone. You see all this talk about Peace Day is making me think. I happen to believe that making people think is a good thing, so feel this thread is of value. Yes it is a bit misleading to describe Peace Day as one in which we may cause no harm. Probably the description should be changed and that bit left out now that there are mines. EL will always be my internet MMORPG home. Twas the first I ever played and I have met some wonderful people here. You notice I said "my" home. That is the misconception that is causing problems here. We all get to feeling it is in some way "our" game........but it is not. It is Radu's game and brilliantly designed or none of us would be here. So if he has decided that there will be no safety for quiet harvesters and mixers we are just going to have to put up with it........or go play another game or do something in real life. In the world of EL, Radu is indeed teh god (though I am sure I do not completely agree with his notion of the nature of god, since he models a kind of cranky and evil deity). In that context having backdoor ways to kill people on what is supposed to be a "peace" day is perfectly consistent, as is a man eating leopard lurking in dark places. It is indeed a challenge to remain a player of peace and honor in such an environment. So far the beauties of EL outweigh it's uglier parts for me, and that includes the attitudes of people. If someone thinks they can build a better world than Radu has, one where honor and kindness are higher values than rape and pillage and rewarded accordingly.....then please let me know where I can download that game when you have it completed. EL has been designed more according to the way real life is and in real life people get blown up, robbed and disappointed. If you think peace days or treaties work in the real world, I am sure there are some grieving Palestinian and Israeli families who would disagree with you. Hmmm I didn't mean to write so much here. I love to see discussion of ideas and Jez's post sure stirred up people's brains. To me that is one of the great things about the EL community.....that regardless of flames or idiotic remarks.....people talk about ideas. People from all over the world discussing ideas together......just regular people who live ordinary lives. Some of you are the ages of my grandchildren (and Radu you are only a few years older than the eldest of them ). When I was your age something like this was no more than a dream. You and your exchange of ideas are more powerful than you imagine. I think talking together you will find a way to solve the very big problems our planet and our human community is facing. So thank you to Radu and Roja and all others who make places to share ideas. Maybe someday ideas will develop that allow there to be more real peace days ........... everywhere.