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  1. Summoning Arena suggestion

    But at what point does it save you money? Like what creatures do you have to summon for it be worth it? Take for sake of example red snakes, I only did a small amount 40. Wandering around VotD I got: ~55gc from rabbits ~50 meat (rabbits, deer, beaver, wolves) ~10-15 rabbit kills ~1-5 beaver kills ~1-5 wolf kills ~5-10 deer kills All those drops are worth more than say the 3 SRs I would have saved.
  2. Personally, I find that summoning arenas as they are pretty much useless. Well it is nice that there is a designated area you can spam away summons and have no problems, there really is no incentive to go to one. I am not sure if its a programming challenge or just the way the game is, but getting the mana bonus when the current summoning system has "required" mana levels really doesn't help you out that much.For the amount you save in mana potions and the time it takes to walk to the arena it simply isn't worth it. For example, why would I go to the arena for rabbits/rats/beavers when I can just go to IP rat cave? Why would I go to the arena for snakes/foxes/boars when I can go to VotD/DP/other good location? I am only a noobie summoner so maybe I am terribly wrong here, but for summoning any creatures for levels 0-30 there is no need for the arena. After that there is a primary focus on stones. So why not axe the mana bonus and give another bonus like double exp?
  3. Random blue screening?

    Still having the issue. Only EL causes this problem, other games (way more cpu/gpu intensive) don't cause this problem. Should I upgrade to Windows 7 from Vista? Or is there even less support for EL on 7 than vista?
  4. Transparent icons for all items instead of black background would be nice.
  5. I know they aren't supposed to look amazing, but squeezing new life and detail in to the default character clothing would be nice.
  6. Reasonable Pricing

    Wow sorry everybody! Totally stopped checking the market forum. Yep all that is fine. I even have a bit more thread and tree mushroom to throw in since I took so long to reply. = 3,6K Unless Luminii is cool with buying everything except the cyclops fighting, the sale will go to him since he has higher overall bids.
  7. Quest log

    But still does not have active or completed quests. You can add such things and more yourself using the "add" entry option. Yeah but since its stored locally, I have no idea what quests I started or finished in the past. I mean I go back to the starting NPC see if I can take a quest but sometimes I won't know if I have started the quest already without completing. I am not complaining about daily quests or god quests because the notepad/quest log features suit these perfectly, its just for the long involved quests where you don't know what stage you are currently at.
  8. Quest log

    But still does not have active or completed quests.
  9. Quest log

    6 years later and I still think the suggestion is as valid.
  10. The Eternal Lands Youtube Channel!

    It's a really nice gesture and all. But the channel name is very misleading. The game is called Eternal Lands, not EternaI Lands, I understand you did because it looks similar but its going to cause a lot of confusion.
  11. Random blue screening?

    Thank you, but this hasn't stopped the issue.
  12. Random blue screening?

    Bump for ideas and update. Aside from BSoD it occasionally just makes my whole screen black, which I can't fix without manual restart, but I know at least some processes are running since music will continue to play fine. I tried some other stuff and I think its also safe to say its not on my end due to fragmented files/ spyware / malware / virus. So I am thinking that my current driver isn't compatible with EL or there is some EL setting somehow conflicting.
  13. Animation for shapeshifting

    I think even the level up effects or something similar in a different color would even look great.
  14. Reasonable Pricing

    Selling: 9k Tree Mushroom - 1kgc 1k Gold Ore - offer 333 Thread - 500gc (rate comes down to 1.5 each) 108 Bone Powder - offer 89 Vials - offer 1 Enriched Fire Essence - offer sold Book Of Iron Broad Sword of Fire - offer sold Book Of Puma Summoning - offer sold Sun Medallion Build x2 - offer sold Book Of Steel Axe Construction - offer sold Book Of Cyclops Fighting - offer sold Buying: Raccoon Furs Skunks Furs Red and Green Snake Skins Supply Trading: Note supply trades can only be done at VotD Storage. Bulk orders (more than 1k) need time to harvest I will take 1 sulfur and give you 2 red roses and 2 snapdragons. I will take 1 silver ore and give you 4 sunflowers.