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  1. do you often crash on #cls?

    sorry, not my intent. I should have pm'ed you. No fix has worked.
  2. Screenshots needed for the website

    Here is one for ya, just a simple find.
  3. Apprentice shops

    one word......SPAM Good point, how about a channel for this.
  4. Apprentice shops

    I think this is a great idea. How about a special place for then NPC to be placed, kind of like the Alc school in WS (not that place persay), but a school or shop like setting (to give the roleplayers their fix). An anouncement could go out over the #ig "a student needs training in ___" to all the guilds. Those who want to send someone over can. If a non guild person wants some one to work with, they can just wait by the npc.
  5. Some variations on the Fur Cloak perhaps

    I'm fairly sure this has been addressed before, but if either one of you want to deisgn the new cloaks and then code them for the game I am sure they will hop right to it and put them in the game. Search is your friend.
  6. Poison Spell

    Yeah? And what happens if 10 people poison one person? Entropy I must say that one of the best things you ever did was make a spell's effect based on level, this provides an encentive for people to atain high levels of magic. It puts some teeth in to being a magic user. Rather than think of what the "abuse" could be, lets look for a defense against this. How about protection from magic spell, granted it isn't used yet, but it's an idea. The protection spell could add a % of failure to the spell having any effect based on level. Another idea is antidote could have a duration of effect, rather than just instant. Someone could take an antidote potions before a battle, that would provide protection for a given amount of time. If the battle last longer than the effect, then they are in danger again and need another or to flee.
  7. The Update

    Very good. thank you.
  8. Vote on what more spawns you need

    The last few time I have gone to grubani for books, I have seen flufs and trolls and cyclops all wandering around with nobody, I repeat nobody, fighing them. I guess these arn't good enough if they are not on a pk map. I am with Zanadu, the invasions in votd mean nothing to me, I can't fight those monsters so I just hang mostly on c2 and keep clear of votd. Oh, btw I did not vote, because with c1 and c2 I can allways find someplace to kill something.
  9. ELE Price!

    When ele was used only for summoning, I could not give my ele away. No one wanted it I offered it on the market channel many times. I finely had to sell it to a bot for much less than they are worth. It is nice that the price is going up and there is a demand for them.
  10. Ants

    That's the idea, spiders should poison you, maybe even paralize you for a time. Yes, we all know this stuff needs to be coaded, I would help if I knew how, but by the time I learn to code, the game would be finished on it's 3rd release.
  11. Ants

    I did search, but all the entries I saw delt with our current nests of ant bots. How about some ants, along the same lines as large spiders. They attack in groups, multiple combat, no ignore, maybe stick close to a cave, aka. hive and a faster re-spawn. Also, lets make them easier, maybe 15 a/d killable, 1 on 1, but if they attack in a group they are much more dangerous. Something that when you see 10 of these bearing down on you, you pee your pants and run.
  12. In college I was in fencing, yes gloves are a very important part of your armor. I still carry a scar on my knuckle from fighting without gloves on.
  13. Music :D

    A Bard if you will.
  14. 2 players, 1 connection

    In my guild is a husband and wife, they play just fine together. They did say that the mods have asked them a few questions, but have had no problems. Just do as Ent said and it should be ok.
  15. C2 Beam

    I agree, maybe once you pass say, level 8, no more beam me up. We have rings, it would make ip rings worth something, the crafters would love it dearly. Scotty would not have to take his cat to the vet anymore.