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  1. 1.7.0 Map Bugs

    I was exploring Tirnym (not the ruins, the city) and entered a house called the Tirnym Depository. It is, if i remember correctly, the most north house of the map, near a wooden bar with skulls on it. You can enter it, but you can't leave. I guess that's a bug.
  2. macroing

    Thank you entropy for giving a clue what's about (this is blaa, not aldar, blaa doesn't have an el forum account) As if we knew we downloaded the official client from the official site. I think there is something wrong with that computer, we got it 2 weeks ago (is that the time the macroing began?) We sometimes switch computers, because the one is better than the other. That explains why we never had problems before and now we have. I will deinstall the EL version of that computer, install a new version, make a test account and hope everything will go well again. If not, then i really dont understand it anymore and will ask you for advice. maybe aldar has something else he wants to say, but he is not home atm. hope to see you all in game soon Blaa (hoping it's not illegal to post on the forum with her BF's account)
  3. macroing

    but that actually means that I will never be able to play eternal lands anymore. if I ring so many bells while I am just normally playing, that is with a mouse clicking all the time, not doing anything automated, next time I would make bars you would think I'd be macroing again, maybe even next time I logged in and just walked around. If it's the thing that you cant believe that I got so much xp within that small amount of time, ask Justmental and Sylvebarbe. They gave me the ingredients for the bars plus the food, I make the products for them and give them back. Last time I checked there's nothing wrong with that. It really hurts, but since I have no idea how to change something, so that those macroing bells won't call anymore. I can NOT do anything better. I've had a night's rest by now and more calm down right now. But there are things that still bug me even next to being wrongfully accused. Why did Radu take time to speak with me and did he cut off Blaa right away? She was not expecting anything, she was suddenly just booted. That's just crude. Next thing is, and I will paste here my chat log with Radu, why do I get this nasty feeling that Radu really enjoyed the cat and mouse play, while being the cat? Saying there's no way out, no way of proving my innocense and still keeping me in the game for 8.5 more minutes looks to me like sadism or tyranny. If you say that is not sadism, you have to agree with me that it is cutting someone's head off with the bluntest axe you could find. I think I don't deserve that. Please give me an idea how in the world I could change our computers or how I could prove our innocense. I ask you to reconcider this ban, because we didn't do anything wrong. P.S. Since there must be something wrong with your software, I am actually willing to help you guys finding where this could have gone wrong
  4. macroing

    Hi Me (Aldar) and my girlfriend (Blaa) both just have been banned. He said for both macroing and having an illegal client. Not for interacting with our characters, because we haven't. Even Radu admitted that. Firstly I downloaded the client via the official link. Used the patch on the actual EL site. I'd say that can't be it. About the macroing part, I >think< macroing is that you have a program running to do things faster or to auto level or something. I am a darn food engineer, not a computer engineer. I can't code for a bit. So I don't have the slightest idea where Radu thinks it's possible to see that i was macroing, because I just plainly wasn't. Therefore I'd like to be unbanned and as fast as possible Nextly I'd like your own software to be updated radu, because it does not work correctly, or to get this misunderstanding or looking wrongly by you or whatever went wrong on your side out of our way. I like to play this game fair. You can ask my guildies about that: never scammed, never bagjumped, never anything bad. If there would be a way to convince anyone about my innocence, i would use it. If there is, say so. Greetings, Aldar and Blaa
  5. Energy Problems

    it would be nice for players that disconnect while fighting that they beam, but it would be so easily misusable. see that you are going to lose a fight, you cant flee and have no dis rings. oh well, then i'll just press the reset button on my computer. so you have to ask yourself, what is more important, people getting frustrated by their power company or trying to avoid misuse?
  6. Update problems

    Hey darkundy (send my regards to the rest of dao, I'll be back in february, now playing for an hour at my parent's home) I had the same problems, but a different video driver. What helped for me were the two next things: 1. update your video drivers to the newest ones you can find. usually googling on the brand and type and the word driver gets you to the place 2. i found two el.ini files on my computer. one in the my documents map, one in the map where i installed eternal lands. i changed both el.ini 's. the line you have to change is #data_dir = "C:\my documents\Eternal Lands" or something like that to #data_dir = "D:\Eternal Lands" or the other directory you installed it. now i changed both ini's, everything works here. good luck Aldar
  7. unannounced invasion

    Thank you tiruncollimdus for having -maybe not the first, but at least the first with enough arguements- the first real good reply to my post. I agree with you that I shouldnt whine when I lost lots of valuable items. I lost just a small item, worth 2.5k. I dont whine about that. It's in the game. What I wanted to accomplish is, that people leading the invasions should think just a little more how they lead them. I think (even without this thread) that accomplishment has been reached. People have been started to think about it, and that was my goal. Still I would like to have the opportunity, even if it were for five seconds, to #beam away from a populated area. I think it is not that much effort to let the monsters spawn just 5 seconds away from a populated area and then give a warning. All fighters happy, all non-fighters happy. <edit> is it just me or does the el clock run 5 minutes past? </edit>
  8. unannounced invasion

    ehm, if you wouldve read the start of the topic, you couldve seen that i lost an exc cloak usually i dont mix with my exc cloak on, do you? and still, i heard that a lot of people around me went dead. if you affect that many players in a negative way, you're doing something wrong. i don't blame others for my bad luck or mistakes, i do for doing things before they are thought about a second time.
  9. unannounced invasion

    that was one second AFTER the feros popped in the sqare next to me, some warning. that doesn't mean it's wrong, at least imho...
  10. unannounced invasion

    exactly, if they wouldnt have popped right next to storage, i would have had the possibility to #beam, for the least...
  11. unannounced invasion

    i wasn't afk. and after anitora you'd expect idaloran first, if there's a "route" they follow
  12. unannounced invasion

    how am i supposed to know that probably the only safe place to be is IP at that moment? didn't know about the mm though...
  13. unannounced invasion

    Hello. I hope this is the good place to post this. If not, I don't mind this topic being moved. Today there were some invasions. High level monsters, mentioned for high a/d level players. I was very unlucky to be at the exact place where the first invasion was. At EVTR storage suddenly popped 10 or so (didnt even get the chance to count them) feros. I was slashed within two seconds and lost a excavator's cloak. That is not a problem for me, i'm rich enough to buy a new one. My problem is that i had only few hundreds of a second to respond to that. I was not AFK, I was doing my thing and suddenly POOF. dead. My choice is not to be a fighter kind of character. I presume that the EL board supports people creating characters with an own... well.. "character". I don't like the fighting part of the game. I'm sorry for that, that's noone's fault, I don't like the fighting part of most games. I think that should be my choice. However this choice is reduced to a low level by putting unannounced aggressive monsters right next to me. I worked hard at something i don't like very much to reach level 26 defense. Now I can walk around in most maps without being attacked. When I need to be in a map with high level monsters, I put my MM cape on. I don't come to maps in which is PK'ed or where are monsters that ignore the MM. This way I work around the fighting part of the game and still I have the pleasure of enjoying the non fighting part. Therefore I am NOT amused by the invasion. If I would have been warned even half a minute before the invasion, I could have run out of the map, put on my MM, even beamed out. Now I did not have this chance. This hinders me in being the character I would like to be. I think that is not the meaning of the board, hindering characters in what they would like to be. It takes a part of the fun of this game away for me. That's why I think something should be changed. Let the invasion be in areas native to high level monsters or announce it a few seconds before or think of something else. I could already imagine why it is forbidden to summon giants in Isla Prima, now I can understand it even more. Hopefully my grief is understood, Regards, Aldar.
  14. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    For starters, i voted yes, only economically Me and my girlfriend have only one computer, but both an own account. Already more people stated before that they would love to trade with their relatives or friends. It is the same for me. For many reasons that are already stated I would however hate it if people would get hundreds of alts working for eachother. I think however that it is very well possible to control the amount of alts one has. For instance, filling in a form that should be checked by an admin or something that is required to interact with eachother could control the amount of chars. Also making a rule that a maximum of 2 (or 3) accounts per ip are allowed to interact should control a part. I have no notice how it should be controlled. If it would be impossible to control, then I would vote "no" still. Also if it would bring heaps of extra work to admins, I'd say "never mind then" I mean, I'm used to not interacting with my girlfriends char, so I wouldn't be bothered if multi-ing would stay forbidden...
  15. Hi I always play EL via the university network. I think lately some network manager noticed that and made it impossible to connect to the internet with the EL client. At home my client works normally, so that's not it. Anyone an idea what they might have done? I think they prohibited internet traffic via the port EL is trying to connect (ok, laugh at me if im not making sense, im not that good at network backgrounds) or something like that. Of course i want to keep playing on the university, otherwise i wouldnt be writing this message So if you have an idea what i should do, or manually change the port the client is using, please answer. Thanks, Aldar