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  1. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    I just tested the Linux general installer and everything works OK here. I agree with the comment regarding the mono spaced font for the console, maybe it would be worth it to separate the console font from the other ones to have the option to set mono spaced font only for the console?
  2. Sound extension snapshot

    Some nice ones in there
  3. New development version of the Android client

    Really nice. Great work! How is the default resolution chosen? I love the new camera controls. Is there a way to control the sensitivity of the camera?
  4. New development version of the Android client

    Can we use this on the main server or only test for the moment?
  5. Protocol Messages GET_3D_OBJ_LIST & GET_3D_OBJ_LIST

    First of all thanks for your answer When you say flag you mean the banners to change maps? Would you have some examples of quests that use this functionality? If not appropriate to share in the open discussion could you send me some details in PM? Thanks.
  6. Hello, while going through the client code I saw the protocol messages GET_3D_OBJ_LIST & GET_3D_OBJ_LIST and I was wondering if these are being used at the moment by the current version of the server. Would anyone know if there are situations where the server is sending these protocol messages today? I assume if they are used, it would be to place objects on the map for specific quests, or in game events. There might be some possible new usages for these messages and I my mind went to agriculture right away. It could probably be basic stuff like the fields we already see in the game (vegetables, corn, flowers, etc...). It could add an interesting skill to the game without "much" work needed on both the server and the client. P.S.. Is there any other place where these "more technical" question should be discussed? Thank you. Cheers, ladrilho
  7. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    I'm learning a lot from these.
  8. Map Editor - Video Tutorial Series

    This is awesome. Thank you and keep up the good work. 🙂
  9. Thanks, it works great.
  10. Small improvement/suggestion: Would it be possible to display the selected font when you open the options? When we open the chat tab we have to scroll in each one of the different selections to find out which font is selected there.
  11. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    You can do a git pull again, and then make clean. And if that still does not work, delete the .deps folder.
  12. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    I found a small issue. With TTF enabled, in the Manufacture window, if you decrease the window size the plus (+) button for the recipes is not being displayed. The remaining of the window looks OK.
  13. Compiling Linux Client 6-28-2020

    Wow, i did not have this enabled... this makes a huge difference. Much better now. Thank you
  14. ladrilho's Potions Shop

    Ah, yes... When you want something done properly you either give all the instructions or you need to do it yourself, I tell you. We have updated our pricing table and I gave small warning to the staff to pay closer attention what they do. It will be a pleasure to do business with you.
  15. Clear. And it works like a charm here. Thank you.