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  1. reboot only real problem i see in your rant is....there were countries that interfered with our rebelion. french ring a bell? if they hadnt have helped then we would be merely defined as a rebelion.

    I meant if they had fought against us instead. (disregarding the reasons they helped us)


    as well as the lines comment...i am not sure what history book you were indoctrinated with but damn thats stupid. back then war was considered a gentlemens game and the ranks would line up and fire volleys at each other.while this was going on of course they would attempt to outflank each other.this happened all the way through out the civil war as well. i should know. my great great grandfather was an officer in the CSA. he mentioned in his journal the brave look in his mens eyes after they fired a volley and could see the fedral ranks taking aim.

    Then my history teacher lied, not surprising, as she hated me because I didnt share her views of "AMERICA, THE INFALLABLE."

      oh ya i also see alot of hipocracy in cristianity. like how alot wear these WWJD? bracelets and then say that gays should not have the right to be legally recognized in their marriage.well they also equate jesus with god right? it seems god is rather benevolent and has given us nukes and all these other wonderful playthings and simply has let us figure it out for ourselves. well if god is benevolent enough to give us nukes and we are asking WWJD? (or what would jesus/god do?) then dont you believe that god/jesus would just leave them be and allow them to suffer the consequences of their own actions?


    btw- i was raised cristian and am currently agnostic due to the ideal that you cannot make an informed and intelligent decision without knowing all of the choices and what they stand for.


    See: Political Correctness


  2. I find it amusing that I have no posted in this topic for over a week and people are still picking apart my words and stepping on them  :P


    I find it amusing that you continue to post when your signature clearly states you do not.


  3. Ok fellow oldbies.

    I created an account and filled out the RP story thing, my username is Toki.


    if your wondering why its that.. you will see later on if i join, the name has a meaning. :huh:


    umm can I get a list of everyone's aliases?

    send it to my email i dont check el forum often.


  4. Right im gonna need proof of that one.

    1. Sent billions in aid to african aids campaigns.

    2. Whether you believe in a global terror network or not his efforts have saved thousands, if not millions of lives.

    3. He kept liberia out of civil war by sending a platoon of marines to intervene, I mean the place was a civil rights nightmare that noone but bush volunteered to clean up.

    4. He crippled the taliban terrorist network, who is not just responsible for crimes against the united states but many other countries, including communist china.

    5. He destroyed the Hussein administration and installed a democratic govt in Iraq. And I know from a plausible source (my recruiter) that there is less conflict in iraq then the media want's you to believe, I have spoken with soldiers who went there, and they all said that the citizens are GRATEFULL not filled with hatred like everyone thinks. I even saw pictures of little kids hugging the soldiers, and parents crying in joy... yeah that sounds like hate to me. And I fully plan to serve my time in iraq when they send me there.

    6. He spoke out against Trent Lott's divisive Thurmond comment.

    7. He is the only president who Openly has allowed stem cell research to be done, this may nt sit well with some people but it allows for the discovery of cures for hundreds of diseases.


    Yay i can still rant on el :P

    let see here,

    1.Billions of our money. Why does The United States of America â„¢ think that it is the world's police? We dont need to send other countries money, Fuck we hardly have enough for ourselves, while americans die every day im sure glad I saved some little shit in another country that will grow up to hate me because of what my country did in bringing "democracy" to their country, see military troops imposing OUR form of government on them, who the hell said ours is right anyway? we hate communists so much yet we spread out beliefs just as they did, and our ancestors did in the crusades so long ago.


    2. oh yes. maybe the report "BIN LADEN PLANS TO ATTACK WTC ON SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001" was a bit too vague.


    3. Wars and Revolutions happen for a reason. What if we helped the wrong side and ended up letting evil win. No one can see the future(but me. :cry: ), but damn think about this; what if during the war for america's independence, other countries interfered? we would be toast. because america only won because we used inovative war tactics, (aka not standing in lines) if they had much more people it wouldnt have mattered."Clean Up"??!?! WTF DO YOU THINK THIS IS, HOUSEWORK? These are people you are talking about fuck, we came in there and did what we always did, imposed OUR system of beliefs upon them regardless of their wants or needs. Exactly when did The Lord tell us that our way was right? In fact it totally isnt, Jesus teaches to love each other and spread the word peacefully and live peacefully, Not force others.

    and yes I said jesus and The Lord. To Hell with Political Correctness, I am not going to care about what anyone else's religion is, because if they don't like it, ignore it you babies.


    4.More like he made the taliban a media scapegoat. most of the members left and joined other Terroristâ„¢ organizations im sure. Then again so many people hate the US now its just a matter of time before they make us their scape goat.


    5.Yellow. Journalisim. Please like they didnt get people to pose for that shit, it annoys me at people's blind loyalty to bush at times. Bush went to war with iraq NOT,

    for WMDâ„¢ because, there wasn't any.

    Bush did go to war with iraq because,

    1.His father had a little encounter with mr. hussain in his term, and don't think for a second that didn't rub off on bush after his father tried and failed to do away with him.

    2.oil. stfu and learn, the world lives by the imagined value of a substance, gold is a perfect example really, I think its an ugly metal and I don't see how it can really be valued. Oh, your army recruiter told you that did he? Im sure no one above him told him to say that, because I'VE NEVER SEEN THE MILITARY LIE. OMG. :huh:


    6. Who the hell cares? Not Only have I not heard about that, it also seems retarded because someone felt the need to pull out a dictionary to make that sentence.


    7. Probably because , oh I dunno.. Maybe because stem cell research is a very new technology? You make it sound like It has been around for a long time.

    this may nt sit well with some people but it allows for the discovery of cures for hundreds of diseases.

    There are so many things wrong in that sentence, even excluding grammar.

    First off, Stem Cells are there for a reason, to be used in the creation in a child, not to be used for scientific experiments. No this is not all I have because that comment alone is pretty weak ;). Disease, War, and Greed are there for a reason, not only because two of those are entirely man's fault, but because of the (yes sad) benefit they have.

    Ok, let's say we now have a world free of disease, hunger, and strife. What happens next? Let's assume we don't blow ourselves up for the hell of it shall we? Not only will people live MUCH MUCH longer, maybe into 150's and on (hey no disease, no wars to cause emotional chaos procuring short life) What Do We Have?

    Over Population

    yes. overpopulation, the earth is only so big and without anything to stop a species from growing it WILL grow at an extremly fast rate, anyone who remembers high school biology knows this, for those that don't, I don't have time to explain it.

    Then what? People will all starve and die, disease will come from dead corpses, man will strike another man for food or money to get food or other freedoms.

    Then war, disease, and strife return.

    You CAN NOT (emphasis on NOT) EVER Eliminate them. EVER. They are basic components of the human character and CAN NOT BE REMOVED.

    So that being said, researching stem cells to prevent or kill disease is a waste of time.


    Besides, Everyone Will Die anyway,

    Just a matter of time.

    Time.. that's what it all comes down too.. what it all needs and revolves around..

    without time there is nothing. No-

    (time stops)

    If only it ended like that, I wish it would. Suddenly Stop. Nothing going wrong anymore, everyone instantly free of burdens and sent to heaven, and wrongdoers sent to the pit..

    The apocolypse will be the happiest moment in everyone's life once they understand.


  5. remember, joining *CO* has its benefits and its downsides. here are a few:


    1.being the guild's potion boy for weeks

    2."hey. new guy. come here. ; *you have been booted from *CO* *;"wtf.. AHHHH! *new guy has left the building of life*; *you were accepted into *CO* * "wtf?!" "hah. new guy got owned."

    3. being able to understand #2


    1.being with the best group of oldies evar! TEH CORN IS TEH EVIL!

    2.badass tag :huh:

    3.a secret.. nvm :cry:

  6. Lol you two still bickering :P.


    OtherLife is goin along great for me.. I am teh mapmaker o.O


    First map is a Labarinth below KF, working on a few secret places too :)


    Learner and Aelric really seem to love the project... I do too.



    That dark shadow idea was good, but OL is going to be completely like that.. harder and darker, you'd love it tummy :hug:



    :don: :leo: :miky:

    and the most powerful


  7. Ive had something like this, but much weirder. First, before i post it, is it ever been heard of to have seen something yet to happen in a dream? Also, is being able to be injured in a dream, but still feel the pain when you wake up a form of sleep paralisis?



    But Time and Fate will find a way to make it come true. It always does.


    (if not here then maybe in the afterlife..)


    BTW wth is the point of these smilies?

    :medieval::mace::bow_arrow: :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe: :axeman_rune:


    No purpose at all

  8. The only things noticible from my dreams/sleep is this:

    1.Every time I wake up, whether it was a nightmare or not, I always breath in deeply and fast whenever I wake up.

    2.Alot of the dreams I remember Turn out to be real, I once had a dream about these black stones that had a specific power within them, i had telekenesis and time, it wasnt in the dream, but when i woke up they were remembered to me as the "knowledge stones". I then looked them up on google..




    Found this. and that isnt the only time ive had things like that happen.

    I also once woke up midway through falling off my bed and landed on my hands and feet, spiderman style.


  9. I loved the game at first until it came to a training dogfight mission, when it neded up just like all other dogfights, which means two crafts flying around themselves.


    And I can't find me joystick, and playing on keyboard sucks.


    Lol dogfighting is a very small part of allegiance, some are very good at it :blink:


    you can use your mouse aswell, which is what 50% or so people use, while in game, push



    and mouse will be enabled.

    btw the default key config sucks anyway :P

  10. What does the greek thingy in your avatar mean? cheisato?


    It is a windows font called "symbol"

    It is Chisato, the name of a girl in a hentai game called X-change 2, which at the time i got that avatar, and last visited these boards regularily, was my favorite hentai game.


    Now it is a game called Brave Soul.



    You ask I answer :P:confused:

  11. hehehe, fun to read all your stories guys ;)


    Well I don't know if this will surprise you, and it's slightly off topic but...Entropy wanted to make a game, a mmorpg even. I thought he was crazy and can never do it, so I didn't really want to help him and model stupid things like houses..lol... I had just begun experimenting with 3D, and was making some cool characters from some books I love, and obviously I found that more interesting than making houses for a game that would never work--I thought you like needed a huge team of experienced people or something, boy was I wrong  :D


    But he conned me into making a few objects for him...ok ok I said, I'll maybe help him for 2hrs/day. He kept working at it, and about 3 months later he had a working map editor. I thought..cool! I can place the objects around here...he is getting somewhere afterall...."Ok ent, I'll work half a day at making some more objs for you, but I still want to make my stuff too so I won't help too much" ...hehe....well, we finally got to the point where we had some real working playable characters, was able to log onto his server and walk around together in a map...I was hooked after that! I coudln't believe that he had made it that far with the programming.

    After that, I took it much more seriously, and I fell in love with making this game. It's my life's work if there is any B)





    Well lets see. I believe I was looking for another MMORPG because I had just quit runescape because of 98% population of asshats, I went to google and typed in:

    Free mmorpg -month -year Beta

    I believe typing the word beta brought me here most likely, as all the mmorpg review sites rated el so low. (stupid idiots)


    Oh, those of you who would like to hear entropy's side, go here, it is quite informative.



    Cant fidn the name entropy anywhere? here is his AKA:

    About the Author


    This article was written by Radu Privantu, lead programmer and project leader for Eternal Lands www.eternal-lands.com, a free, open source client MMORPG. I can be contacted at chaos_rift at yahoo dot com

  12. Greets,


    Let me start off and tell you that allegiance is a teamwork oriented game and this is the PERFECT GAME for those tired of the mmorpg grind, you dont have levels, you dont have stats, your skill is determined by YOU not by a damn number in a box.

    Out of all the space sims out there this is the best free one. (I have not played eve and starcraft cannot be compared to anything :()




    Here are the main Features of allegiance,


    *They have people who have played it for 5 YEARS


    *totally 3d space strategy action game.


    *Free. As If Id pay for a game.


    *9 totally different factions to play as, and growing.


    *4 game cores, each balanced (or inbalanced) in its own way.


    *A newbie training program of 6 weeks, the @Cadet program tag is added to your name, makes vets more nice to you :P


    General Structure,

    One player is the commander and controlls all the money donated by pilots, harvested by miners, or collected otherwise. The commander's position is much like playing starcraft really, you find an appropriate asteriod and build a building on it.


    5 types of craft,

    *less used and rare garrison tech, this is your starting tech and can be strong with good teamwork


    *Expansion, mass killing of enemy forces in short range, aka. whoring


    *Supremacy, mass killing of enemy forces with longer range, with missles. aka. whoring.


    *Tactical (my fav), use your skill and wit with stealth fighters, attack without being attacked.


    *Shipyard, Use the might of monstorous capital ships to create the strongest army.


    (each one is different each game, whatever the commander decides which tech path to follow, sometimes combinations.)


    The game is very balanced, and is constantly being worked on.



    Originally a micro$oft game, they dropped it for some reason, then its source was released to the public and it survives with a slowly growing player base.


    What you need (reccomended)

    Connection, ha. thought we dial up folks were out of luck eh? nope. we can join almost any game and get very little if any lag, allegiance was DESIGNED for dial up so no problems there 8)


    Joystick or mouse,

    either works, I prefer a mouse.. flying witrh your keyboard only is foolish :/


    A love of space games, you have to like flying around in space, hunting your enemy, and even running for your life occasionally, if you like slow games this isnt for you.


    Come Join Me On Allegiance, Callsign: Rebootedrock@SRM (Slipshod Reasearch and Medication,Mining.. think the *CO* of allegiance :P )


    Here is their website.


    to download the game and access the forums you must make an account, doesnt take too long though.. and hey if you end up playing this game for years to come isnt it worth it?



  13. Made my elf, stuck around for the community, joined a guild, became a nh, lost nh, became nh, lost nh, became nh, lost nh,(Entropy is evil.) joined [tm], quit el, came back, made maps, joined *CO*, quit el, now here we are.


    No reason for a sob story, I have my friends and I enjoy talking with them.