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  1. Harry Potter, El Style!

    Roja, whatever happened to a comics/archive section of the forum? This is teh classic! XD
  2. It takes forever

    I sw3r to gawd that 3v3ry 0n3 0f me postses are profoundly and intellectually stimulating wiht a dep inner msg, i respct th 3ngl1sh language!1!
  3. VOTD Tavern completely covered by fire

    MoonShadow Troll Group: Admin Posts: 846 Member No.: 13 Joined: 21-November 03 haha Nice use of the f9 key, set people on fire, its much more funny.

    It sucks. Period.

    if its a picture of cloud then I hate you ^_^
  6. Lord Of The Rings

    Caughtz0r. Sayonara.
  7. To try to adopt or not...

    You dont want to hear what I would say, it would be sure to offend everyone on the forum and we have to be PC on here don't we? So pursue knowledge and form your own opinion. Read some books about parenthood and/or adoption, they might help. Sayonara.
  8. Lord Of The Rings

    -_-' ',,' ~ very nice jen, maybe you could do gandalf's sometime soon? I wonder what the hat is for.. Sayonara.
  9. How were your first days of EL ?

    my first day, I remember thinking "Oh my god, the camera is just like runescape."(much before zoom) I think It was sometime in december I joined, I remember when I was still a noobie when the el birthday came, I WALKED from lakeside to wsc, took forever XD I would post a chatlog but I deleted it at some point because when I opened it, it caused my computer to lag BADLY, must have been huge. My first days, I was helped by someone named Gorim, he came back sometime when I had nh to give his items, havent heard from him since. I also remember the first time I saw Ent XD, I lost a book for a quest and he poofed to me and gave me a new one, I was like amazed you could teleport like that . I dont remember when I met learner, but I do remember seeing him at a manhunt for me, i was at wsc near a little canal, and had tele to range ready, he poofed at me and I teleported, he was wondering how a newb could do that and thought I was hacking for 13 mins . Good times. Sayonara.
  10. Greetings from Conquer Online

    Conquer was too much of a power leveling game to me.. Allegiance seems good though Good luck with the teh *CO* guild
  11. Ok, Why.

    I would like an explanation as to why I am banned. I would also like to know how, as that I havent logged into el for more than an hour in a month, that I could be banned. FYI:current IP is Sayonara. (oh and if any of you tries to hack me.. let's just say it isnt reccomended.)
  12. In the mood for a 3d space sim?

    Not to sound like everyone else who comes here and preaches the virtues of another game, I had to let you guys know about this . http://www.freeallegiance.org/ Is a free, 3d space game. I say game instead of the usual tag of MMORPG, Shooter, Strategy, Because it is unlike any other space game I have seen. I suppose a close description would be starcraft 2.0, but you are the role of a pilot. In each game there is a player (usually a vet) called the commander who builds and.. commands other units towards objectives and goals.The rest of the players are the pilots, now as a pilot, you can do mannnny things.. for example, you could start off scouting early, dogfight midway, or be a turret gunner on attack runs, or even nanite the attack run (Nanite is a weapon of the scout, heals target) There is still alot I don't understand, as it is a massive game I dont know how many races there are exactly, around 6 I believe, each is different of course. There is a small community (!), 8 guilds(at the moment), FREE(those who know me know I dont pay for games ), and a very team oriented gameplay. Anyway, I'm done preaching about it. Go try it out if you have some spare time (P.S. in game name.. rebootedrock )<-- duh.. Sayonara.
  13. In the mood for a 3d space sim?

    The shorcut on your desktop is the gameplay security system, without it running you wont connect to the main server. The one in the folder is the actual .exe They are integrating them soon so alot of problems like that will be fixed.
  14. In the mood for a 3d space sim?

    Oh, I found out that it actually called by them "abandonware" It was originally made by microsoft and sold in stores, apparently this failed, so they cut the project (like earth and beyond..) soon after they released the source code. Now it is kept alive by the players and the community. and another thing, a typical game lasts anywhere between 30 mins to 3 hours.
  15. Why to use Mac

    I have seen a mac 3 times in my life. In my old history class room, In an alternate computer lab-for the "special" kids, and at a church I once went to. Mac computers are on the downfall, their main profit is by the iPod now
  16. In the mood for a 3d space sim?

    It isnt actually made by microsoft-bill gates, its made by a smaller company called Microsoft Games. And yeah, there are a few bugs.. especially if you are using a proxy, but can be worked around, and the next release will be much more stable. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you guys/girls know, its worth checking out Sayonara.
  17. In the mood for a 3d space sim?

    I am on dial up and i get no lag
  18. Word association

    COPS (the show)
  19. Selling guild maps

    Thats why the co guild cave is pk, so we can kill people like that. Duh. Sayonara.

    this is verry simple to fix, just have it so once you get lv 40 and the money, you have to invite 10 people that are online, and after every one of them accepts, we will not have any more guilds with 1 person in it that says *****'s Guild! The guild for ****** only!1 Where *** is a name. Sayonara.
  21. Server messages

    Changign it would be an insult to the face of humanity and would futher disgrace the already crumbling ground of mmorpg's thereby causing mass suicide in areas of the usa. In short:Change it and I will kill you all slowly. Have a Nice Day!
  22. New Avatar

    If you know who this is, put her name and what game she is from (if nobody knows, i'll update her later with her name written below her) I want to see how many people play the same things I do. XD She is definatly my favorite character from that game... (may the suspense torture j00) Sayonara
  23. New Avatar

    You win 5 hentai credits Chisato is the lovely scientist in x-change 2 who turns you back into a guy (If you play the game right anyway ) I made a character called Chisato and played el for a few days, only roja, anastasia, platyna figured me out, Even Hazor was blind to it ). If you don't know what I just said, don't ask. Odds are you won't like it/won't buy it/aren't old enough(like I am. roflmao) (heh im a software pirate, Arr!) Sayonara
  24. Word association

    Anarchy. (which rules!)