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  1. food in mines

    i dont think you guys understand what entropy means by the newbie crack . Everyone knows that entropy is trying to shift to a playerbased economy. adding another standing resource takes away a possible way for a newb to get "rich"(lol). yes its more trouble.. and from one harv to another i get what you mean i dont want to waste ANY time from making money. But then again.. its not polite to only think of yourself
  2. monsters spawns

    seeing as soo many people kill rabbits and deers for summoning.. plus rabbits are owned in 1 hit.. spawn rate needs to go up a bit on all creatures. needs to be ALOT more bunnies out there.(are'nt bunnies famous for...numbers) as for deer .. just add more lol.. the population of deer needs to keep in cojunction with the number of people online so that when there is 100 on its MUCH faster than with 40 yes.. we need more goblins 2. almost forgot about those green skinned bstrds...(i got 1 gold from one once.. :shock: )
  3. Magic Carpet, and other item ideas!

    hmm alotho a minimap has been dicussed before a MUCH more simplyfied version would be appropriate such as a little circle in top right corner showing your loacation on the map THE image on the map would simplay be a zoomed in version of the regular map. (this would inclen some of us to fix some maps :cough::cough:portland: cough: and would display all shops,roads, and natural features(like green indicating woods or earth color for mountain,tan for desert,blue for water, and grey for stone(or villages). items.. hmm 1~.ring/medallion of perhaps speed?(increased movement rate,higher escape from fights probability) 2~.I like the tent idea alot... (buy one, set up camp to restore health and magic energy)But has a onetime use only. and isnt cheap. upon setting it up you could still talk in channels but screen is black. press a key and wake up.(make them expensive say 10k a pop so mages and summoners will be more inclined to buy pots.) 3~.this ones more of what i would love to see. a cape of hover.(limited)function-allows you to hover a few inches off the ground with your legs hanging limp(when not moving) upon moving you thrust foward and the cape begins to ripple and legs and arms fall behind the body. >->-o <----- like so an appropriate example of this would be the vampire guy in chrono trigger... if youve ever seen him another example would be like in flight DBZ but instead of simply hanging in the air(very unrealistic) you would hover. Advantages- speed is twice that of ring/medallion of speed. make 3rd one VERY expensive and possably make them compleate a very hard quest to earn this cape(also have a lv 20 req in every regular skill like magic... manu.. harv... combat.. all those types. this would help in creating a MAJOR goal in El.) hope you like.. i really wish #3 was in my inv right now
  4. Food State - balancing suggestion

    Hmm entropy.. you sure do love player based economies dont you just for example i will bring up the NEGATIVE effects of a player based econ. 1.prices-They ARE never stable. and if any kind of rariety is introduced Bam, up goes inflation.(sigh more rs relations- the party hat for example) 2. people-people wont always be on at the same times... if you buy all your resources in bulk from say 2 people then what if they dont come on for awile (LONG WHILE) say grounding, bills, loss of interest in game... then this forces your to persue other options in your purchasing. this could lead to broken friendships... or a loss of valuable training time. (note)the loss of time refers to HIGH lv items and products that are rarer and impossible to get from general newb population. 3. taking food out of shops. i personally think this is a very BAD idea. people like I dont have time to beam up and buy 20 fruits then walk all the way back to the quartz mines. sure you could use rings.. but that in the end is much more wasting money than saving time. ~~~~~~~~~~~ thats my thought on the player based economy.. don't EVER introduce a rare that only a few people can get at a certain time, like holiday drops. I dont want to see another economy trashed to heck permanently. ~~ as for the food lv thing with mining. :wink: we had a discussion of that on ch4 entropy Rofl.... you know my feelings about it. i dont really like it but i will have to deal with it lol.. there should be more bonuses for keeping health near max also. like say top 13 points will give always recive the mineral/ore/flower/cactus. im done ranting.
  5. Player houses.

    Igame houses. lol. good ideas all. BUT i have an idea since alot of houses would LAG us up so bad i propose this. have say a dock near a populated location... i propose make a dock in north wsc.. that would be very nice and have a boat waiting there. its banner would be a pic of a house and it would check your username for a house. if you didtn have one it would give you option of buying one or asking another person for permission to enter thier house.(guilds anyone) now the only options left are customizability and pricing. on the custom.. you will design your own 16x16 map to be your maximum acreage of land and will hand make your own map.(yes heightmapping and all.((MUST comply to all pre-map making rules)) and submit to select group of people. OR if you are an idiot. (a rich idiot i might add lol) you could buy a prefab house. there would be say a few classes(harvester,fighter,mage/summoner,town((town would be for say pots and guys who need a bit of all)).) once again 16x16. there would of course be a house with a chest(storage) in it. but whats most important is the area around it. fighter would have alot of npcs.. harv would have flowers.. cactus.. metals. mage/summoner would have only the lower animals used for summoning on the mage part.. would have a shop...(sorry thats all thats there really:P) now pricing. it would have to be HIGH as mess to limit pop number of houses. i dont mean say 200k. no no no much higher. b/c think about it i could work up 200k in what say 2 days at most?(harv silver) id say about 1 mil for pre fab and 1 mil- 20k for custom. now i know what youre saying.. REBOOT YOUR F***ING CRAZY THATS TOO MUCH!! 1st of all im not crazy. 2nd when you think about it it would be what a LONG and i mean LONG week of work to buy a house.(at 200k every 1.5 days) b/c i mean think about it the tit sword is higher than this.(base cost) anyway thats my thoughts. cya
  6. Magic

    hmm i also thought of having spells level up as you advance in skills. the change could be more simplified if it was at a steady rate (every 5 lvs=x3 effect) as for staffs... they could do the thing...oh fc it i'll say it they could be infinite as rs(AHH MY EARS BURN!!! :evil: ) which would be GREAT. this however may not be practical.. the top 3 lving spells only use 1 type of essence each (heal,shield,restoration) so it might be better if it halved the req. energy cost for the spell ( :shock: )this would make it much easier for us mages. as for something on my mind... how about mage armour? seems practical. it could even have a function like escape or a teleport spell. if we used this i would suggest this skills req. Regular mage armour.-lv 10 (no effect) ~ Mages armour of escape.-lv 15 (allows one escape cast per minute) ~ Mages armour of remote teleport-lv 15 (casts teleport to range every 15 seconds) ~ Mages armour of Stone.-lv20 (teleport to white stone city once every 3 minutes) ~ (all major towns, places are available with thier own matching armours) this means that i dont feel like naming dp..port.. yada yada. ~ Mages Armour of Life.-lv 21 (casts restoration every 3 seconds.requires 2 health essences) ~ Mages Armour of Space and Time.-lv 24 (casts teleport to portals room once every 5 minutes) :also: could also cast tele to range unlimited times? sounds good to me ~ Grand Wizards Armour of Immunity.-lv 30 grants PERMANENT immunnity from spells when worn ~ hope you like my ideas.