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  1. Help me name my cat!

    Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! A lot of them really made me laugh Now it is time for me to announce the official winner (drum roll please...) Congratulations to... Shamara! We will indeed be naming her Optimus Prime, with Primie for short You not only gave a great suggestion, you also saved our marriage Let me know when and where you'd like to pick up your prize!
  2. Real Life Imitating EL

    lmao! That awesome! I'll suggest to my company that they update their equipment to meet these new standards, Mugwump!
  3. Help me name my cat!

    hehehe... I think a lot of you missed the gender of this kitty SHE will not be called Bob or Felix, or ... dare I say it... will Alby kill me... Optimus Prime (although I'm sure thats what we'll call her in #gm).
  4. Help me name my cat!

    I liked it, Jez
  5. Help me name my cat!

    Oh, I'm not promising to USE the winning one, just which ever name I like the best will get the prize Optimus Prime has been getting a lot of support from PINK members and others so I dunno if I can keep Alby from calling her that
  6. Help me name my cat!

    These are all really great, folks! Keep em coming, she comes home on Wednesday, so that's when I'll end the contest
  7. Help me name my cat!

  8. Help me name my cat!

  9. Help me name my cat!

    Suck up!
  10. Help me name my cat!

    With a side note that "Fluffy" was Gerbildart's suggestion
  11. Help me name my cat!

    This week I am taking home a beautiful new kitty! She is about 7 months old and here is her picture: You can't really tell there, but she has the coolest bright orange eyes! Anyway, I am not so good at naming things (just look at MY name ), and Albazz wants to name her Optimus Prime... so I'm asking for the EL community's help on this one. Post your name suggestions here, and the one I like the best will get a prize! What is the prize, you ask? (greedy lil...) Lets say... 25 Rings of Sedicolis and 25 A/D Indicators ok... GO!
  12. Real Life Imitating EL

    The geologist and concerned person in me just can't not comment on the radon thing! I know this is a silly thread, but take notice anyway! If you live in a house with a basement (or a main floor ) in, or on top of bedrock like granite, or anything you think looks like granite, you should be getting your basement tested for radon. If you have a problem with radon, it is easily fixed with better air circulation!
  13. ignoring people on pk server

    I used to play the pk server. Mostly I stopped cuz there weren't enough fun people to play with. But the number of extremely immature people talking, not trash but total crap, to me certainly didn't help. I have a tendency to take such things personally, so I decided I wasn't really cut out for the pk server. Its a shame, because I do really like the added element of risk and excitement over there, in fact I like everything about it BUT the extreme immaturity of the most vocal players. I think that a lot of experienced main server players would really like it too, but be turned off for the same reason I was. The immature trash talkers (as opposed to the mature trash talkers ) are killing the PK server all by themselves by being the biggest possible idiots they can. And why... just cuz... they can. Sure, I could have #ignored all those people, but I can't ignore the entire atmosphere of the pk server, which has been infected with this kind of extreme immaturity. Good luck to everyone still playing there!
  14. My nvidia support saga

    HP Pavilion dv8000 (EX177AV) Microsoft Windows XP Professional version 5.1.2600 Genuine IntelĀ® CPU, T2600 @ 2.16GHz version x86 Family 6 Model 14 Stepping 8 current speed 2160 MHz cache size 2048 KB memory Maximum capacity 2.00 GB Installed memory 2.00 GB Memory Slot 1 1.00 GB Memory Slot 2 1.00 GB hard drive total capacity: 92.15 GB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 Now you know as much as me, prolly more
  15. My nvidia support saga

    Next Episode... NVIDIA's reponse is to pass the buck! Coming soon, will I be able to get HP to explain why they haven't updated the driver? Will I even be able to contact them?? Stay tuned...