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  1. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    Andi_R0X - Yes but i agree with handyman, we need it to be confirmed that really new players join the server, not only new chars
  2. Buying will & vitality removal stones

  3. awesome Germans !

    hab vor kurzen wieder bissl angefangen
  4. i am buying 2 vitality and 1 will removal stone vit : 20k ; will 50k plz contact me here or in game
  5. will removal stone

  6. awesome Germans !

    Grüße aus niederbayrisch-Miami mir gehts gut, findest echt dass es sich stark verändert hat? auf welchem stand bist/ warst du?
  7. Titanium Serpent sword of Thermal

    so who won?
  8. Selling my Storage

    i buy the steel greaves catch me in game
  9. awesome Germans !

    3 bier aber gefühlte 3,5 promille zwecks siegesrausch oder wie man da sagt
  10. awesome Germans !

  11. Who do you think will win Euro 08?

    OMG what a game. We really played bad but in the end only the result counts. And that says that we will go to vienna on sunday!! And so will I only couple of hours (~3 i think) from here. ole oleeee hoping for my spanish friends as enemies 91 min. Phillip Lahm Toooooooooooor ! ! ! and wtf was with the connection?? we all went crazy but honestly, didnt think it will be like this, very exciting all the time and really strong turkeys (jaja die truthähne ) i prefer döner as well btw oh well just got home, good night
  12. awesome Germans !

    so bin ma ne woche afk, urlaub in lloret de mar bis die tage
  13. Storage sale, and Buying things too

    i take 1 cutlass, 1 orc slayer and 1 jagged saber if u still have it