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  1. EL 1.9.2 RC1

    I was unable to login 3 times, when i did manage to log in I had 0 fps then it froze up. Had to resort back to old version updated my graphics drivers but was still the same
  2. Connection Issue

    Yeah I noticed that aswell, but didnt think much of it
  3. Connection Issue

    Dont know what the problem is here, I was connected and everything was fine about 20 mins ago and the BANG, LordScrooge was eaten by a Grue. I can no longer connect to the server Any help would be appreciated ??? Thanks
  4. Selling gellie removal

  5. 50k Tit ore for sale

    as the title says Ive got 50k tit ore for sale at 2.2gc each leave a post or catch me ingame (lordscooge) Thanks for looking
  6. Tit ore, SR's and Matter congloms

    As the title says Ive got for sale : 50 x Matter conglomerates - Sold 20k Titanium Ore 2.5 gc each 2k Spirit restoration Pots 14gc each Book of iron sword of fire - offers please Book of crafting Potion - Offers please Book of steel axe construction - Offers Book of Iron axe construction - Offers Leave offers here or PM me ingame (Lordscrooge)
  7. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    I say no
  8. Selling 15 K bones+MM cape

    ill take the bones if u still have them please
  9. _dracul_

    I had the same problem, he was accepted in our guild, i then recived a pm off a friend about this post so i kicked him, He tryed pleading his innocence as a b/jer but as per our guild rules we dont hold any prisoners with this type of affair. he kept on saying it was my loss and after a while i got sick of it (about 20 PMs later) so i added to #ignore. I personaly dont think he would be an asset to any honourable guild
  10. 40k Health Ess

    Auction Ended thanks ppl Ok darko PM me ingame please
  11. books

    selling 2 books of iron sword of fire 4 books of steel axe construction offers please (individual sales only)
  12. 40k Health Ess

    not sold yet still 1 day left on auction
  13. 40k Health Ess

    we have for auction 40k HEs, starting price of 6gc each (240k) PM me ingame (lordscrooge) or leave a post I will run the auction for 2 days Happy bidding
  14. Pre RC 3

    Im unable to even log in with this patch, It just shuts down as soon as i click Log In
  15. Alchemy Shop #3

    ok ill start these orders now